Yukari Onodera
21 Feb 2012

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A Bookworm's First Love Ch.12

#2 of Yuri

I opened my eyes slowly. The girl, the heads, were gone. Did I just imagine it? I thought to myself as I stood up. I took a deep breath and  picked up the scattered papers but had a hard time since my paws were shaking. As I picked up the last paper and went to the door, I discovered it was no longer locked. I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. I did imagine it after all. I headed out of the classroom but as soon as I walked out I began to notice a sort of...change. 

The halls seemed darker, as if light hadn't touched them in years. The atmosphere was gloomy and I couldn't help feeling as if someone was watching me. I hurried to my classroom and opened the door. However, the class was empty. I looked around, confused. Has school ended already? No, that's impossible. Mark, Chris, somebody would have come looking for me. I set the papers down and headed to the front office.

"Umm, excuse me?" I said as I looked around inside. Nobody answered, it was empty. Where is everyone? I couldn't help but panic. Something wasn't right. I-I know, I'll just go home and find mom. Surely mom will be home. I reassured myself.

When I walked outside, I noticed the atmosphere in the classroom was the same out here. The streets were empty, no cars were driving by. The sky was gray. It was all quiet. What's going on?

I ran all the way home, not seeing another soul on the way. I ran up the steps and pounded on the door. "Okaa-san! Are you in there? Okaa-san!!" The door didn't open. I began finding it hard to breathe. My heart raced. I began feeling cold. I wanted Mark, I wanted him to hold me. I slowly sank down to my knees, tears streaming down my face. What's going on? I thought over and over to myself. The thought played in my head like a broken record. Suddenly I heard a creak and looked up. The door had opened!

My hopes rised up as I dashed into the living room. "Okaa-san!" I looked around frantically. "...H-hello?" Again, there was no reply. Suddenly, the door slammed shut. I whirled around but there was nobody there. 

I jumped as I heard someone laugh. It seemed to come from the backyard. Someone's outside! I ran to the backyard expecting to find my mom. However what I saw wasn't her.

It was a male fox, standing about 7 feet. He wore all black. Black shoes, pants, jacket. He was facing away from me so I couldn't see his face. He didn't seem to notice me since he was busy digging a hole with a shovel. I walked over to him wearily. I know it was against my better judgement, but he was the first fur I've seen since I woke up in the classroom. I thought maybe he could help. Yeah, or he's some burglar and he'a gonna kill me. A voice in my head said bitterly.

But I had to do something. I cleared my throat, expecting the fox to turn around. He didn't. "Umm, hello?" i tried to sound brave but my voice betrayed me. He didn't turn his head not even a flick of an ear. I moved forward and shakily tapped my paw in his shoulder. But my paw went right through him. I jumped back in fear. I looked at my paw, nothing seemed to be wrong with it. Is this a dream? I walked around him in order to get a look at his face. Again, he didn't notice me. I kept a safe distance from him just in case. As i studied his face, i couldn't help but feel as if I've seen his face before. He had a stern face, like he hadn't smiled in long time, his eyes were a dark green, focused only on his digging and not acknowledging anything else. The fur on his face was all orange except for a white stripe on his left cheek.

I jumped as he stopped digging. He threw the shovel off to the side as he breathed heavily. He turned around and headed to a table nearby where a bundle of white cloth lay on the top. He picked it up and I saw him smile to himself. A tiny paw rose from the cloth and I realized there was a baby in the bundle. The fox took the oaw and caressed it softly. "Sleep now." he whispered and the tiny paw fell back down again. Witht he baby still in his arms, he walked back the hole he had made. 

I suddenly got a bad feeling. He knelt down and placed the sleeping baby in the hole. "W-wait," he ignored me and picked up the shovel once more. "What are you doing?" I watched in shock as the fox began to shovel dirt back into the hole. "Stop!" I shouted and ran to him, trying to grab a hold of his arm but my paws went right through him. The baby woke up as dirt was being thrown at its face, it began crying. "Please stop this! You're killing her!" i didn't know how I knew the baby was a girl. I just knew.  

The baby's cries got louder but still the fox continued to bury the baby. "Please! Enough!" I pleaded to him but my efforts were in vain. He began chuckling now, then later he was laughing. He's insane. I thought to myself. If I don't stop him soon, the baby will... I didn't want to finish that thought. I gave up on his arms and tried to grab the shovel from him. But my paws slipped right through. When they did however, the fox finally stopped digging. He stopped? No. The fox stopped digging, but it wasn't because of me. The baby was screaming now. Its face all red. The fox smiled sinisterly as he slowly lifted the shovel above his head. My eyes widened in fear as I knew what he was going to do. "Wait."  the fox lifted the shovel higher, then brought it down aiming right for the baby's head.

"NO!" i screamed but it was too late. There was an crack and blood splattered everywhere, staining the grass red. My whole body trembled as I sank down to my knees. My mouth hung open in shock as I stared at the bloody mess. The fox panted a bit before shoveling dirt into the hole again. I didn't stop him, there was no point. The baby was dead. Fresh tears flooded my eyes. I brought my paws to my ears in order to block out the sound of the shovel. But I could still hear it. I gritted my teeth as I pressed my paws harder on my ears. The harder I pressed, the louder the noise got. I could hear the fox whistling to himself. Make it stop, make it stop . I thought over and over. But the noise I wanted to block out continued. I began screaming, hoping to drown out the fox's whistling. I screamed and screamed until my throat hurt. 

When ingasped for breath, I noticed everything was quiet. I opened my eyes slowly, expecting to see blood on the grass. But, it was gone, as was the fox. I looked over to the spot where the baby was and found that the hole was completely covered up. The thought that a baby was murdered there was too much. I slowly got up, aware that now someone was behind me. I took a deep breath as I turned around. I wasn't afraid, not this time.

There she was, a fox wearing a white dress, red headband in her black hair, a pair of green eyes staring back at him. 

"You..." i whispered.

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