21 Feb 2012

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Posted 21 Feb 2012 00:44
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Twincest Update, Copic Idea, Drinks

After an eventful weekend, page 14 isn't as far as I'd like it to be, but I've finally got it all laid out, and now it's only a matter of inking and colouring, which is much easier for me than the initial creation stage of each page. I think I'm doing a pretty good job with my first time drawing cunnilingus in a sequence of drawings, too. These parts without much dialogue are so much more fun to do.

As for my Copic idea. I've been taking a look at all my Copics, of which I've managed collect quite a lot now, and realized there are a lot that I don't really use much, if at all. Mostly the very dark and bold colours I tend to shy away from. But it's a shame to do so, and I'd like to give them a chance to shine in my art. Then I happened across an artist who was doing monochromatic drawings, and decided that would be a great way to get to know all my markers.

I'm going to do a monochromatic drawing for each and every one of my Copics, possibly in some kind of colour order, but we'll see. I thought it might also be a fun commission idea, too. I'd post a picture with a sample blotch of all my Copic colours, and people could pick which colour they'd like for a picture. They'd be single character, and would cost only a little more than an inked sketch, since it'd only be one colour on the otherwise white drawing. I'll think more about the details of this when the time comes, as it's not something I'm going to do for a while. Especially since I still have two Auction Commission pictures left on my plate from oh so long ago. I wouldn't dream of picking up more before making good on those!

Lastly, here is a random list of some of my most loved types of drinks, at the moment.

Tea: Green tea/white tea blend, warm but not hot

Coffee: Dunkin' Donuts hazelnut coffee, made slightly weak, with a touch of hot chocolate powder, sugar, a tiny drop of hazelnut creamer, and vanilla soy milk

Alcoholic: Girl Scout Cookie

ArcticWolf451 2 years ago 0
Green tea is the bomb. I literally drink it every morning, which ends up staining my teeth in the long run and my dentist always asks me if I'm from England since they're apparently big on their tea over there. :3
Auss!e 2 years ago 0
"I'm Arctic, and I live in the south. I wish I could enjoy Hazelnut coffee from Dunkin Donuts!" >:3
(he actually texted that to me yesterday)
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago 0
No didn't, I texted you the pic of that squirell I pegged in the face with my .22.
A1C havenofimage 2 years ago 0
Ooo, sounds like a challenge. I know how an art marker collection can build up exponetialy (I have more than I know what to do with myself). Would be an interesting project though.

Can't wait to see more of Twincest, or any of your artwork for that matter.

Tea: Irish breakfast, hot, cream and two sugar cubes.

Coffee: Caribou Mahogany blend, black

Alcoholic: dry Henrick's gin martini, up
faith the fox cub 2 years ago 0
A1C havenofimage 2 years ago 0
By the way, could you link the artist who had the monochrome work? I'd be interested in seeing it.
Auss!e 2 years ago 0
I LOVE DD hazelnut. But yeah, I have PrimsaColor markers. I haven't opened them yet because I'm waiting to get a bigger pack. They're expensive, but cheaper than a nice tablet sadly >>
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago 0
The sad thing is science thinks your kind is extinct.
Auss!e 2 years ago 0
let's do this every time one of us sees a comment from the other.
ArcticWolf451 2 years ago 0
Good idea.'d you get on SF from your phone at school?