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21 Feb 2012

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Galactic Conflict: Prologue,

#2 of Galactic Conflict

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Wow, I just wrote this in two hours. This is yet another rambling from the depths of my mind. A story of death and war, and what possibly awaits us on the other side.....


(Author's Note)

Radio Contact


-Computer Writing, or on Screen Text-

|| * * * | | | * * * || = End Chapter

* * * = Scene Change 

// // = Major Scene/Time Change


War is Hell:


Screams. Explosions. Shouting, gunshots. Still I couldn't see. Someone's shaking me.


Why are they shaking me? 

Wait. They're shouting at me. Open my eyes? That would explain why I can't see. 

My eyes snapped open, and I saw a grey-wolf anthropomorphic standing over me. He's dressed in military armor. It's one of those new advanced-warfare model's. 

Odd. I thought only officers and Special Operations forces got those. 

"Damn you! Get up off your furry ass!" He grabbed me by the straps of my bag, dragging me to my feet. He slaps me upside the head, "Wake up you damned mutt!" He thrusts something into my hands. 

I look down to see a rifle. It was black, about the length of my arm, with a fore-grip near the end of the muzzle. The clip sat just ahead of the trigger, with a simple eject system. The grip has a place for my thumb to fit comfortably and naturally into, and the nature of holding a rifle came to me naturally. 

"Well at least you can still hold a rifle," he turns around. "That's the first bit of good news since this shitstorm started three hours ago." He leaned over and spat on the concrete ground. 

For the first time, I get a good look at what's going on. Over the captain's shoulder, I can see as a city burns. The high-rises filled with holes, so that the superstructure was exposed. 

I could feel my eyes go wide as I took a step towards the railing that separated me from a long fall down. The rifle hangs limply in my left hand, it's almost nonexistent weight no trouble. 

 I'm speechless as I watch the smoke from the fires rise into the sky. Emotions roil through me, and I fall to my knees in shock. 

"Now don't faint on me, you goddamned fuck!" The captain grabs me again, heaving my sight away from the horrors in the city. He looks me in the eyes, his deep brown eyes staring into mine. "Listen up. I don't know what battalion you were, what you did before, or anything. You are a PFC of the Earth Federation Army. You hear me?" He gave me another shake, "That means, you listen to me, shoot when I tell you to. You sleep when I tell you to, and you don't get to luxury of going into shock. Not until your tour is done or you're dead!" 

He released me, looking at me expectantly. I could only nod slowly. That was all he needed. "Good. Now," he bent over, and started patting down a dead brown-wolf, dressed in military clothing like me. He picked up a black pistol, that looked at lot like the old Colt .45, 1911. He threw it to me, "here's a pistol," he threw a couple of clips to me, "and some ammo. Scavenge what you can from the dead, you have three minutes." 

He got up, slinging his rifle from off his back. Walking away, he left me to take what I could off the dead. Patting down the poor sod, I found a couple of rifle clips and another pistol clip. I slipped the rifle clips into the pockets on my straps and the pistol clips into some of the ones at my waist. 

My legs shook a bit as I stood up, but I refused to fall prey to the desire to fall down. I tucked the rifle under my right shoulder, grasping the fore-grip with my left hand, while my right thumb fit into place, my trigger finger hovering on the outside of the trigger-guard. 

"You ready Grunt?" The captain asked, in his gruff voice. At my nod, he grunted and walked off.  

I scrambled to follow him, the exposed metal in my boots scraping against the ground. Falling into step just behind him, my head swiveled back and forth as we walked through the ruins of a once great building. We walked through the ruins of the courtyard for several minutes, scrambling to climb over the collapsed pieces of roof and pillars that were scattered over the area. 

Suddenly, three shots rang out, causing both of us to dive for cover. "SHIT!" The captain fires several shots blindly around the corner. "Cover fire, Grunt! Cover fire!" I gave three deep pants, before leaning around, aiming, and firing. I cringe when I hear a grunt from the general area where I had shot, but push that thought out of my mind. 

"Move! Move! Move!" Without thinking, I jump over the little cover I had, wincing as three more of the green bolts fly by my head. Yelling a battle roar, I charge head long into the oncoming fire. Shots ring out from my rifle as it fires on full-auto. It suddenly clicks empty, and I throw it away, drawing the pistol and started firing.  

Shots ring off the white ruble, causing the masked enemy to duck. When I jump over them the enemy position, I fire three shots, two enemies falling in a spray of purple blood. I landed, knees bracing, and I quickly ejected the spent clip. I grabbed a new one and slapped it into place.  

I turned, firing until the pistol was empty again. Once again, I ejected the empty clip and slapped a new one into place. 

I gripped the slide and pulled, chambering a new round. Looking up, I see three armored enemies charging me. I brought my pistol to bear on the one on the left, and pulled the trigger twice. Twice the pistol roared, and two spurts of purple blood spread behind the armored head. 

Swinging it to the one on the right, I fired again. Again, a spurt of blood and the body fell. 

The middle one reached me, grabbing me by the throat and held me off the ground. I gasped for breath grasping its wrist as I tried to pry him off. He brought his armored head in close, visor hiding whatever was on this creatures face. Holding me with his right tri-fingered hand, it used its left to reach under its chin.  

Pressing with a finger, the visor gave a small hiss. As it retracted, and lifted up I couldn't help but wrestle against his grasp. Two bulging, reptilian eyes stared at me, its smooth blue-tinted skin only marred by its mouth and top dorsal ridge. 

He spoke gutturally to me, leaning in close. "You defenses were weak," he turned and spat, "but you are strong." He looked at the dozen bodies laying around us, his grip still tight, "More than a dozen of my finest, killed by a single Federation grunt." He looked back at me, "I would be honored to consider you a rishk'khan, brother-in-arms in your tongue."  

He dropped me, and I fell to my knees gasping for breath. He stood, towering over me. "What do you say? Become a Cri'gail warrior-elite, join me and become more than your Federation would ever offer you." He held his hand to me. 

I gasped for air, coughing up blood. Looking up at him, I slowly stood up. I stood proud before him, looking into his eyes, despite his height advantage. "No." I made no move, but continued to stand there. 

The strange creature roared, hitting me with a clenched fist. I flew back, hitting the wall as my arms went wide beside me. Before I could slip to the ground, he charged me again, slamming me against the wall again. I could see him, despite the black-spots in my vision. I could see the rage in his eyes. 

"You dare defy me? You miserable worm!" He threw me away from him. When I hit, I rolled several times before coming to a stop. He stomped his way to me, stamping on my chest with his three-toed, armored, feet. I was thrown flat as he stood over me. "I offered you escape. A chance at life." He reached behind him, pulling an exotic pistol out. He aimed it at my head, "Instead. You shall die for the Federation you defend."  

I could do nothing, except watch. Everything went slow. The debris falling. The smoke rising in the distance. The movement of the clouds through the strangely violet sky of this world. He said something, but I could no longer hear, simply watch his mouth move. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the blood and debris covered ground, awaiting for my death.

I did not hear, but I could see the discharge through my lidded eyes. What feeling my body had left me. Everything went cold....



......and than.....





Was this heaven? 

Why was it so dark than?

If this isn't heaven, is this hell? 

If this is hell, why was the warmth comforting?


I could hear shouting. 

Why were the angles shouting?

Was it something I had done? 

Why not just keep me out, instead of trying to wake me up?

Why were they so frantic?


I was already dead. I had all the time in the world.


A slap stung my face. What?

Why the hell did it sting like that? 

I'm dead damn you! At least let the afterlife leave me to die in peace.


A white light shone bright through the darkness. So bright, I had to bring a paw up to block some of it. I took a tentative step towards the light. A figure stood in my way.


Why are you blocking my path?

The figure did not respond, simply shaking his head sadly, and pointing back the way I came.


There's no way in hell I'm going back! Let me die, please! 

I fell to my knees, begging the figure to let me pass.

He picked me up, and turned me around. He gave me a push and gestured back to the dark tunnel.

Reluctantly, I walk back into the dark. Back to existence...

back to life......


|| * * * | | | * * * ||

If you liked, thank you.

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AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
My appetite is SO wet right now... Lol, how creepy did that sound? ^-^ A very nice read, I can't wait for the next chapter!
DWraith0877 2 years ago 0
Can't wait either... pls post soon
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
*whistles* Why did I wait so long to read this? Bad move, kbar, bad move...

Damn nice beginning. Such excitement and action. You truly are an exceptional writer, dude...