21 Feb 2012

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Posted 21 Feb 2012 05:27
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hammertime joke

If Gwen figures out you have a crush on her girl, she decides to show you a "crush" of a different kind. With a big disproportionate hammer thing.

I made a hammer! I kinda fucked it up a bit so it looks like a big blunt on a stick, but I made it, and damnit I like it. Exporting little things as .obg files between blender and daz works well, so I'm probably going to pepper my renders with such things here and there. At least if I wind up stuck needing props I can just elbow grease myself some :p It's good practice too :) Other than that, just posing practice. I don't do very much "holding an object with two hands" poses much, so I figured I'd try to fix that.

Also, why does everyone who uses the same model base I do never work with expressions? Everything I see out there has them using either the default expression, or they are making a " :I " face with the eyelids half closed. The model is capable of a wider range of expressions than that!

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Alabaster Diamond 2 years ago 0
This reminds me so much of Amy Rose.
fefifauxpas 2 years ago 0
I hadn't even thought of Amy here, but I can see it now I guess :p
RedFox6 2 years ago 0
I was thinking Dragon Pink, myself.