21 Feb 2012

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Yoshi Reference Sheet

An old drawing from 2010.

A another of my original characters.

Name: Yoshi
Gender: Male
Age: 3

Yoshi is the main Hero. He has a Mother named Aniu and a Father named Fear and a brother name Blood. Also he has a girlfriend named Angel.

Yoshi is nice, calm, and is shyful sometimes, but only when he is around his girlfriend Angel. Yoshi likes to help people and animals when their is troubles, problems, and for his girlfriend situation. As a young pup he got separated from his Mom and brother when his wilderness was being gulped by flames of fire. His mother protects them. Until his father comes and attack his family. Losing his Mom and brother. Yoshi has no other choice but has to leave his family and the wilderness behind to escape.

Also the scarf around his neck was given to him as a gift by someone he meets in a small village.

A another short story about Yoshi. More original characters will be uploaded soon.

Yoshi © Me

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