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Another Way/Changing Paths Chapter 14: All bets are on!

#14 of Another way/Changing paths...

Houston we have more story!

Another Way/Changing Paths

Chapter 14: All bets are on!


"So, can I ask you how you got such powerful Pokémon?" I asked becoming very wary of this girl.

She took a moment to speak, finally when she did, she said, "I've had this Pokémon for a while now..." She hesitated for a split second; I could tell that she was contemplating on whether or not she should tell me. "I've had it since my parents died in the fire..." I knew that she probably didn't want to talk about it, but my curiosity was far to peaked to stop her. And from the looks of it Brandon was as well.

I could feel that the atmosphere around us was beginning to change to a darkening one as we waited for her to continue. I looked up and saw the nurse Joy walk into the room from the back where the gym leader trio were. She didn't have panicked look on her face or anything that show concerned. So I assume that everything was okay.

"One day I paid a visit to my parents' gravesite. As the usual I placed some flowers and said a prayer." She turned her gaze over to Brandon. She was still holding his hands, now was beginning to squeeze tighter on them. "I heard a voice coming from behind me." She tilted her head in the direction of her Pokéballs that were on her belt.

I gave a slight nod for her to continue.

"I could feel a Pokéball lift off of my belt and land behind one of the gravestones. I went to investigate what had happened, but when I got over there my Pokéball said that it was in the middle of capturing something." She sighed slightly.

"I assume it was the Victini then?" I said.

She nodded, "Once it was done I picked it up and released it. When I saw what it was I didn't think too much of it, just another Pokémon that may have wanted to tag along that was psychic.  Though now I know that there was something more to it than that."

Brandon looked at me again and shook his head slightly. I guess he could tell I that was going to interject and say something, but seeing him doing that made me keep my mouth closed. I just made a 'go ahead' jester for her to continue.

 She nodded once again then continued, "It told me 'I find you very interesting...and you've been through a lot of pain. For what it's worth I'll lend you my strength.' After it said that it's been a part of my team ever since. Its powers are incredible and have seen me through a lot of victories. Just sometimes I notice it's been getting out of my Pokéball without my knowing."

"How do you not know when a Pokémon escapes its Pokéball on your belt?" Brandon was the one to speak up this time. He sounds a little more anxious than before.

Kelly let go of his hands and placed her hands in her lap and then stared down at them while saying, "Unfortunately for a Pokémon of its caliber, sneaking out of its master's ball wouldn't be that hard to do. Not only that it's one of the strongest psychics in the world, changing my thought patterns so that thinking it should be out when it really shouldn't would be no problem for it either."

Now becoming fed up with hearing things that sound like excuses I blurted out, "Kelly three men and their Pokémon was seriously hurt!" I exclaimed. "From what I can tell this has happened more than once. Do you honestly think, having something like that around where it can harm you, or control you at any given time is a good thing?"

"You don't understand!" She countered. "When I have this Pokémon with me I won't lose! Thanks to this Pokémon I've been places people could only dream of! Even if it winds up controlling me in the end...I'll live my life for me to the fullest."

Brandon and I both took our eyes off of her and looked towards each other with utter confusion. Was Kelly seriously that desperate to win and make something of herself, even if that meant losing herself in process. Brandon continued to look at me as if searching for an answer that I wasn't even sure of myself. I don't know what I could tell a person who thinks like this.

"Hey Kelly, you know what?" Brandon said calmly.

"What's that?"

"Brian you might want to walk away..." He said giving me a shooing motion.

At first I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but was completely caught off guard by his sudden reaction. Before I was able to turn around I saw him reach out and grab her by the hands and pull her into a deep kiss.  

"Ugh! You could tell me beforehand!" I said in disgust. Using my hands to shield my face to cover up my eyes of the sight from the deep passionate affection between the two of them shared on the couch.

"Kelly...I don't know what's going on with you, but all I know is that I don't want you to lose yourself. I think I'll miss you too much." He said with a serious look on his face. He still gripped her hands as he added, "And believe it or not I think that guy right there would feel the same."

I simply crossed my arms and turned my head away. A blush began to grow on my face, hopefully she didn't see it. Though I'm sure I could hear some giggling, but I didn't pay any mind to it. In all honesty I didn't want to see her lose herself any more than Brandon did; it just wasn't my place to tell her that. That or simply I didn't want to. I thought it would be best to just leave the subject alone so that she calm down. I knew that if I were given the opportunity to possess a powerful Pokémon such as that I would take it in a heartbeat.  

"But could you answer me one thing though?" I said still keeping my face turned away from the two of them.

I began to hear some whimpering coming from the couch; this caused me to look over. I saw that it was Kelly who was beginning to cry. She held her hands up to her face and started wiping away the tears that were forming and falling.

"Why are you crying?" Brandon asked.

"I so happy I decided to come along with the two of you. I...I never want to be alone anymore." She said with a smile on her face. "What was it that you wanted to know?"

"What happened in the gym? I mean you completely had those guys KO'd."

"Oh, well see when I left you guys in the woods..." She looked up to me with a nervous smile and added, "sorry bout that...anyway I made my way over to the gym and challenged the gym leader." She stood up from the couch and took a nice long stretch. Upon coming down from the stretch she said, "Well at first only one of the three wanted to challenge me, but something inside of me told me to take on all three." Balling up her right hand and slamming it into her left she continued, "Well I did and used Victini and basically the rest is history."

Shaking my head with a sigh I could see that the nurse was making her way towards us. All three of us turned our attention towards her. She carried a nervous look on her. "May I ask what happened?" We all looked at each other and at the same time took a deep sigh.

After ten minutes of explanations' the nurse could do nothing, but look at us with wide eyes and nod in agreement. Luckily nobody was killed or this would have much harder to explain. We told her everything that was important and even the Victini, though not about Kelly being controlled by it. The nurse would most likely call the police if she'd heard that.

"I see...well accidents can happen, and having such a powerful Pokémon as that could make things a bit more intense." She said with a sigh. "After a bit of rest the Trio brothers should be back on their feet."

Kelly quickly perked up and asked, "I wonder if I get a badge for that?" I giggled slightly after hearing the question.  

"I going to go ahead and say 'no' to that sweet heart." Brandon said.

Kelly gave him a menacing scowl, but then shrugged. "I guess we'll just have to stay here for the night and continue going tomorrow."

"Okay then we'll you all be staying here for the night?" The nurse asked courteously.

I think she must have been getting use to how we operate. I could only nod in agreement. The nurse nodded and made her way towards the counter I followed suit right behind her. I noticed that the place was beginning to become crowded. I assume it's because of the scene we caused hauling all three gym leaders into the center.

Once the nurse made her way behind the counter, I just waited until she was in position before I produced my wallet. She had a smile on her face as she nodded towards me. "How long will you be staying with us?"

For some reason my mind wasn't all the way there, I think I must still be tired from earlier. "Umm...actually it's going to be a room for the three of us." I said with a yawn rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes. I guess it confirms how tired I am.

"You sure about that?" She said twirling her finger around.

I understood the jester for me to turn around. Once I did I saw Kelly and Brandon on the couch all snuggled up with each other. I sighed dejectedly and turned back to face the nurse then added, "Okay you're right two rooms then please one bed each."

With a nod she began typing on her terminal and then looked towards me with a smile. She turned her terminal towards me and showed me the price of the room. I was only paying half attention, instead just gave her my card and let out another sleepy yawn.

"You should get some rest." She said as she took my card. She swiped it on the machine and waited for a moment the machine gave a confirmation of the card being approved. She looked back to me and handed it back to me. She also handed me two room keys

I just nodded to her and smiled sheepishly, and wave to her goodbye. I turned away and started my way towards Kelly and Brandon. Brandon was the first to look up at me and say, "So where's the room?"

Shaking my head slightly I noticed that Kelly was asleep on Brandon. She must be as tired as I am right now. "Our 'room's" I said adding a lot of emphasis on the 's', "are on the first floor. Here are you guys room key."

Brandon reached up and took it out of my hand. "Okay then, are you going to bed right now?"

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"You mind doing me a favor?" He asked in a begging tone.

"Sure, but make it quick I want to get some sleep."

He tilted his head in the direction that Kelly was sleeping in then gave me an apologetic smile. All I could do was sigh at him and his predicament. Why does he want me to take Kelly to bed when he could it himself?

"I'm going to go get our, newly coupled deadly lovers." He added an extra sigh to the situation that he was now in.

"Okay fine!" I exclaimed more loudly than intended. "Sorry...but please do hurry back so we could all be rested up for tomorrow. Also becareful I'd hate to wake up to something unpleasant like last time..."

With a nod he turned back to Kelly and slowly eased her up off of him. She gave slight grunts and moans as she was being lifted off of him. Quickly I made my way around the sofa to where she was sitting. Bending over I was able to grab her around her shoulder and lifted her up. She began to grunt again, it would seem that she was half awake though because she is able to stand on her feet somewhat. I simply nodded towards Brandon as I begun to make my way towards the rooms.

(Brandon's POV)

Watching Brian and Kelly make their way towards the room the thought of Ruption and Diamond soon popped into my mind. The thoughts were mainly "what if's", but more than effective to get me moving towards the door. One of the thoughts in particular was about what Brian and I were discussing earlier with each other, and that was if Ruption got Diamond pregnant.

The simple thought of that made me quicken my step. I think it's just because I don't want him to lose his virginity to her of all Pokémon, or because I don't to see my best friend with that witch. Pride or envy either way I need to put a stop to all this. Plus I'm sure that Brian doesn't want to see his beloved cold-hearted demon with a bloated belly. Giggling slightly at how pissed he would be, I continued my way towards the garden where we had last left them.

Heading towards the garden I hasten my step once it came into view. I could see a large number of people beginning to gather around that area. All I could do is hope that they weren't bothering my Pokémon. But as I got closer to the crowd I soon saw that everyone was a couple and they were just walking with each other through the garden. The sun had completely vanished from the sky only leaving a stretching darkness over the sky. The stars looked like pins someone poked into the night skies curtain.

Once I was in the garden, I then began to look around for the two in-love Pokémon. It didn't take me long to find the two of them. They were huddled next to each other near the pond; Ruption was lying down on his stomach with Diamond lying on top of him. They look so peaceful together sucks that I have to break them up now.

Looking around I could see a few people staring at the two of them. "They look so cute together!" One woman squeaked as she clenched closer to the guy she was with. I shook my head as I neared the two sleeping Pokémon.

"Hey you two time to go." I said trying to remain calm, but the sight of Diamond on top of my Pokémon was beginning to drive me crazy. They didn't move, "Hey get your asses up!" I yelled much more loudly than it really should have come out. I think Brian is starting to rub off on me.

People were starting to look over in my direction, from the outburst. I blushed in embarrassment, but I need to remain stern atleast till I get them moving. So I walked over to the couple, but instead of kicking him until he was awake I just sat next to them and look out over the pond. The water was still and there was an ever so slight breeze that flew through the area. Something was so relaxing and tranquil about all of this. Now I see why Ruption and Diamond didn't want to leave and just fell asleep here.

Resting my back up against Ruption I felt a slight rumble in my back. I turned slightly to see that it was Ruption looking up at me, but then fell went back to sleep when he saw that it was me. I turned back and looked over the pond to recall everything that's happened so far. Brian and I have been through a lot of shit within these last few weeks.

Taking the time to sit back and recall everything that happened so far is somewhat pleasing. Now don't get me wrong at the time that all of it was happening I was the underdog, nobody would have thought much of me. Especially when it came to me and my Pokémon I would be considered a joke to anyone I battled, and often would only be able to battle with my brother.

Often times my Pokémon would only be able to defend his Pokémon from taking damage as if they were only meant for being meat shields. Within these last few days though that my brother have been training me and all the time that I've been spending with Kelly have allowed me to become the man I am now. Because not only can I now bring out the full potential in my own Pokémon, but I'm now looking at people in a different way. I'm not the people pleaser I used to be, though I think I'm still much more compassionate than my brother.

My hand began to run down Ruption's neck, I looked down at him and couldn't help but smile at him sleeping peacefully. He out of all my Pokémon has grown the most and I couldn't be more proud of him. Not because of the power he now possess, but for never giving up on me as a trainer and keeping me safe. I can think of quite a few times he saved my ass, and have never once disobeyed an order given from me. He's like a brother to me as much as Brian is. For all that its worth I love him as 'if' he were a brother and would do anything for him.

Taking my hand off him my gaze trailed up his back and towards Diamond who was curled up into a ball on Ruption's back. I could hear faint snoring resonating from her. Her chest slowly rose and fell from inhaling and exhaling. To my surprise it was more tranquil than I thought. It almost started to put me to sleep.

My eyes didn't leave Diamond as I began to wonder about the ice Pokémon. I mean I've known her for a really long time. Back when she was an Eevee, and even then she still had that dull, monotone, nonchalant look on her face. She rarely display her emotions, only if she was in pain or hungry were the only times that Brian and I saw that she was a living being. I can't tell what kind of life she had before she met Brian, but I can see that she is much happier with him.

It all shows in her battling style: she's very confident, ruthless to either her allies or opponents, and to top it all off she is one of the strongest ice users I've ever seen. I mean she's done some wild things with her ice abilities, but to instantly freeze a water/ground type Pokémon with a single touch is beyond me. I know even with Ruption new evolved form she would over power him in some sort of clever and stylish way.

Now looking away from her and back towards the pond, I could hear the footsteps of people passing by. The crunch of the grass has always calmed me, but all in all I'm still a person who would prefer to socially interact with my own kind, but I could always do that when I'm having battles, and meeting new people. With all that has happened I love Pokémon a lot more than I did a few days ago, but still I have this urge inside me that longs for being with other human.

Then my thoughts went over to Kelly. She is a beautiful girl with a take charge and kick ass attitude. I'm not really sure what it is about this girl that just attracts me to her, but from the moment we made love for the first time I knew there was something special about her. And no it's not because she decided to have sex with me on our first time meeting each other. It was as if though I was looking at a female version of myself, we both strive to be the best in our own way. She made her mark through her Pokémon, while I on the other made them through people.

Only because of my brother and I tag teaming Pokémon skills is what got us this far in our life. But people that we've battled could tell that I was the weakest link of the two of us. So what I decided to do was taking that weakness and turning it into strength. Back then I knew that Ruption couldn't keep up with most of his opponent, but Diamond could. So I just had Ruption, be the damage sponge then while Diamond took out the opponents. She would often allow him to sustain unnecessary injuries. Which most likely lead to him resenting her most out of all the Pokémon and people that have ever met her.

But even after all of that look at the two of them now. They love each other more than I've ever seen them show anyone or anything else. To be honest I think I was just jealous of Diamond, but seeing as how she makes my 'brother' happy makes me happy. I only hope Brian feels the same, though which he should though. I mean better Ruption than some random freakishly large Pokémon mating with her. The thought of it started sending chills down my spine.

Speaking of Brian...the guy who means everything to me and my life, my thoughts began to retrace everything about him. Without him there wouldn't be no me. I needed him just as he needed me; it's crazy when I think about it because not too long ago I could have sworn that he wouldn't have needed me to make it in this world. I always thought I'd be the one who'd be relying on him and his skill as a trainer, to see me through tough times in my life. No, he's shown me that I don't need to rely on him to shine on my own. With all the training that he's been giving me lately, not only I've been able to grow as a Pokémon trainer, but as a man. For all that he has provided with me with I knew then and I know now that I couldn't have asked for a better brother.

Shaking the thoughts from my head also shook the sleepiness that was building up in my body. Slowly standing to my feet, I began to stretch out all of my limbs one by one. Turning around to look at the relaxing Pokémon I could see a small puddle of fluids' build up around the base of Ruption. With curiosity taking control of me I reached down and felt the ground below. When I pulled my hand back after sampling the liquid I rubbed my fingers together to get a feel of the texture. It was nothing, but only took me a quick second to realize what had happened.

Since Diamond is an ice-type she must have some ice covering her at all times, and with Ruption being a volcano Pokémon and all. It was only natural that the water would appear, I giggled slightly to myself from the thought of the two opposite lovers.

Taking my right hand I pushed Ruption on his side and began to shake him awake. "Come on you two it's getting late. Time for us to go and if you guys behave I'll convince Brian to let ya'll sleep outside your ball's together." I only said it to prompt a quicker response out of the two of them.

Ruption was the first to awaken with a low roar of a yawn. He slowly stood up and eased Diamond off his back, she slowly but gently tumbled from his back and into his arms as he quickly turned around and caught her. I could see her eyes beginning to flicker open, she didn't let out a yawn as she awaken, but continued to stare at Ruption as he looked down at her.

"Aww aren't you two cute..." I muttered sarcastically. "Now if you're willing to carry 'her highness' can we get a move on?" I wrapped my arms up and began tapping my foot on the ground.

Ruption looked at me and gave me a slight nod in agreement. With that we all made our why out of the garden and towards the Center. People stared at Ruption and Diamond as we walked. I could probably tell why just by the reactions on their faces. It's like they never seen two Pokémon show any affection for each other before. As we approached the Center I could hear people whispering about us, but I could care less.

It's funny not just a week ago I probably would have been trying my best to explain why it's not what it looks like. But my brother Ruption and his happiness is more important to me than what other people think. From this moment forward I'll walk my destined path with more conviction, from this moment forward I'll do my best not only for myself, but for everyone and thing I care for. From this moment forward all bets are on!

Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
nice, a very mellow chapter. Something that every good story need ^.^
It's interesting to watch how Brandon has changed over the course of the series, and in a realistic way as well.

Another good chapter, and I shall await the next one. *looks at Ruption carrying Diamond and laughs* can't wait to see where those two will go ;)
Pod155 2 years ago 0
Thank you for the kind words. From your comment I achieved what I set out to do and that's to bring a calm before the storm...

It's wonderful that you notice how Brandon has changed since the beginning. He was the one I was going to be worried the most about how he turned out.

I hope that next week's chapter will drop your jaw. See you then my friend!
darkdragon33 2 years ago 0
It's amazing how much a journey can change a person and it was nice seeing how much he's changed for the better. Cool chapter.
Pod155 2 years ago 0
Thank you very much. I believe that when a person sets out on a journey and after a while they should a few lessons and when they recollect about them it would have changed them.

Again thank you for the nice comment see you next week my friend!