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A New Beginning CHPT 4

Well here it is, Chapter four

    As the little Riolu Celty Caldera slept in her bed she could here her parents, well new parents outside of her room in the usual morning routine. Because of the work Arada was involved in, it required him to go in very early in the morning. This was also an advantage for Arada as it allowed him to come home early and spend the evening with Rachel, although now it was time to be spent with his daughter.
    "So what are you and Celty going to be doing today?" Arada asked before taking a sip of his early morning coffee being sure not to spill any on his clothes. He wore a nice black suit with a back collard shirt underneath, his pants were black and all of it was tied together with a crimson red neck tie.
    "I was just going to take her over to my parents place for a little visit today." Rachel responded as she stood at the stove making him breakfast.
    Arada gave a little chuckle, "great, not even a day of being awake, and your mother is going to spoil her rotten."
    Rachel laughed along with him, only to let him think she thought it was funny. When she placed his breakfast in front of him she gave his ear a little flick, "My mom does not spoil her grandchildren.....she just gives them sweets till they pop." She said giggling, placing a kiss on the tip of his muzzle.     
    Rachel took her seat across from Arada at the table, normally she would have a plate of food for herself and eat with him, this morning she was going to wait until Celty was up, so she only had a cup of coffee to keep her awake. The two had a small conversation, nothing specific, only discussing the news, and what each others friends were up to. It wasn't long until Arada looked at the time, "oh geez, I need to get going if I'm going to beat traffic." Standing up, he straightened his tie and walked to a small picture on the wall behind where Rachel was sitting. The picture was on hinges that left it swing open like a little door, behind it was a was a small black metal digital combination wall safe. Arada punched in the required number combination and opened the safe door, what he pulled out made Rachel stand up from her chair with a slight frown on her face. Arada had pulled out a Mk25 SIG SAUR pistol, he locked the slide back and inspected it before grabbing one of the three magazines that were in the safe and placed it in the pistol, he hit the slide release to let the slide go to its normal position and engaged the safety before placing it in the waiting holster on his hip hidden by his suit coat. He grabbed the spare magazines and placed them in their holder behind his back.
    Rachel was silent through all of this, it wasn't because she didn't like him carrying a weapon to work, she knew what risks his job brought, she was silent out of respect. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, "He was a good soldier Arada, don't ever forget that." She said in a soothing tone.
    "I know he was Rachel, and it wasn't for him.....if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have made it out of Moscow alive." looking to the back of the safe sat a wallet sized picture of Arada and an Infernape in fatigues standing back to back and looking at the camera in a tough guy pose, "thanks again Blaze." With that Arada closed the safe and locked it up and replaced the picture to cover the safe door.
    Rachel handed him his brief case and was ready to walk with to the door when they both heard the faint sound of crinkling followed by a little yawn. Celty was standing at the entrance to the hall way rubbing her left eye. Arada placed his brief case on the floor beside him and walked over to the half awake pup and picked her up giving her a little nuzzle. "Did you come to say good bye to daddy sweetie?" He asked walking back to the front door.
    Celty gave him a nuzzle back and rubbed her eye again with a yawn, and gave a little nod. She didn't know where he was going, but she was half awake and would have agreed to just about anything at that point.
    Arada laughed and gave her a little peck on the cheek before handing her off to Rachel. He picked his brief case up and kissed Rachel good bye before going out the front door and down the hall to the elevator.
    Rachel closed the door behind him and locked it, she carried Celty back to her room and grabbed a fresh diaper and other things and carried her back to hers and Arada's room where She changed the sleeping pup. When she was done she laid on the bed with her and snuggled with her, falling back to sleep.

    When Rachel awoke, she was pleased to see Celty sitting up in the bed, her tail wagging happily watching cartoons. She slowly moved her paws over to the unsuspecting pup and gave her sides a little tickle causing her to squirm and squeal happily. Celty turned around to see her mother give her a little, Celty returned the little growl as best she could before pouncing onto Rachel making them both laugh.
    The harmless ruff housing went on for a little while before Rachel looked at the clock, it was time for her to start getting Celty ready to meet her grandparents. She got off the bed and picked her up, carrying her to the bathroom to give her a bath. After that was done she took her back to the room and put a fresh diaper on her and dressed her in a nice purple long sleeve dress that went down just a little past her knees .
    When Celty was dressed and ready to go she was left to watch continue watching cartoons in the living room while Rachel got her self dressed, having already showered while Arada was getting ready for work. Before returning to the living room she went into Celty's room and and grabbed a couple of diapers, wipes and powder, knowing they weren't going to be home for a while an she would need some supplies.
    Entering the living room she would see Celty sitting, giggling on the couch. Rachel smiled at just how sweet she was, it was as if nothing of the past couple of weeks had affected her in any way, though she knew she was going to have a discussion with her soon about what had happened. "Alright kiddo, it's time to get going." She said picking up the remote and turning the TV off.
    "OK mommy." Celty said sweetly before sliding off the couch feet first onto the floor, she padded over to Rachel holding her paw and walking out the door and down the hall way to the elevator Arada had used hours before.
    After going down ten floors, they arrived to a large parking structure. Luckily for Rachel her SUV was close by an she didn't have to play the memory game to find her own vehicle thanks to the two parking spots her and Arada had purchased when they moved in. She walked over to large black SUV and pressed the unlock button on her wireless remote unlocking the doors. She opened the back door first and placed Celty's bag on the floor of the SUV and picked Celty up and sat her in the waiting car seat and when she was nice and buckled in, she closed the door and walked to the drivers seat and got in placing her purse in the seat next to her.
    As Celty sat in her car seat, she couldn't help but look around the inside of the SUV in astonishment, she had never really been in any other vehicle other than the very small back seat of her fathers muscle car.
    The drive itself wasn't too long, their apartment complex wasn't too far from where Rachel and Arada lived, but getting there in the LA traffic made it seem longer than necessary. Though only after a half hour of leaving their home Rachel pulled up to her parents apartment complex and parked a couple of apartments away from theirs.
    Getting Celty and her bag out of the bag the back seat they began to walk to the apartment when Celty looked up to Rachel, "Mommy, where we going?" She asked, a tilt of her head.
    Before answering Celty they had arrived to the door of the apartment, "you'll see in just one second sweetie." She finally answered giving the door a knock.
    "One second!" Announced an elderly male voice from behind the closed door. A second later the door opened, in the door way stood a elderly Infernape, squinting at Rachel, he pulled out a pair of reading glasses from  his breast pocket an put them on enhancing his vision. "Ah, Rachel, so you finally come for a visit." He said in a fatherly, jokingly way and holding his arms out to hug her.
    "HI daddy." Rachel said laughing and hugging him. "I have a little some one I would like you to meet," she moved to her side to reveal Celty, whom hand been hiding behind her when the Infernape opened the door, "this is Celty." She stated as Celty hid behind her again.
    The elderly Infernape got down on one knee and smiled at her as she peered from behind her mothers leg, "well hello there Celty, I'm Zaniel, but I guess you can call me grandpa." He offered his paw to her giving her as best a comforting smile as he could.
    Celty was a little hesitant to take his paw, she was meeting so many new people and it was starting to scare her a little more than it should have. "H....hi gwandpa" Her voice was that again of a frightened toddler, and Both Zaniel and Rachel could here it; However, Celty reached out her paw and and connected it with Zaniel's and began to walk out from behind Rachel's leg.
    Zaniel's eyes shot open wide seeing such a dramatic change in Celty; his smile began to grow larger. He was about to stand up when Celty came close and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug, making his heart melt, and Rachel to watch happily as Celty so easily warmed up to him. He returned her hug and proceed to stand up, picking Celty to carry her into the house; however, when he began to stand up he felt a pain in his lower back, his back wasn't what it had been when he was young. Rachel saw this and was about to help him when Zaniel looked to her ad gave a small shake of his head telling her he could handle it.        
    After he gathered all his strength he was able to straighten out his back but he was in pain and didn't think he was going to walk the few feet into the kitchen where his wife was. All of his thoughts, and his pains instantly faded when he felt Celty rest her head on his shoulder, he began to feel his strength return to him as he turned around and began to walk back into the apartment with Rachel following and closing the door behind her.
    "Zaniel, who's at the door?" Came a voice from the kitchen. Celty lifted her up from Zaniel's shoulder and looked at him, before she could speak he put a finger to his lips signaling her to keep quiet.
    "Gracia, I have a little surprise for you, but I want you to close you're eyes, OK?" He was standing near the entrance of the kitchen just out of sight.
    The female in the kitchen already had a good idea who it was and just played along for her sake. "OK, Zaniel, My eyes are shut nice and tight." She announced as she turned around to the entry way of the kitchen and closed her eyes.
    Zaniel walked into the kitchen and gently placed Celty down on the floor, standing in front of her was an elderly Lucario, she was just as tall as Rachel and a little shorter than Zaniel, but beautiful like her mother.
    Zaniel whispered something into Celty's ear and pushed a lead her a little closer to Gracia. "Hi gammy." Celty said cheerfully.
    Gracia was admittedly a little surprised to hear anyone call her 'gammy' as none of her grandchildren had called her that after their seven birthday. She opened her eyes and looked down to see Celty standing, looking up at her with the sweetest of smiles any toddler could give. Gracia immediately gave a happy gasp as she placed her paws on her cheeks and got down on her knees to get at eye level with her, "well hi there cutey," the biggest smile had come across her muzzle, "we've waiting for you for a while dear."     
    This was starting to get Celty really happy now, and her tail was showing it. "Really, you been waiting for me?" She asked excitedly as both Zaniel and Gracia nodded. Celty's eyes began to water a little from the love she was receiving from someone who had only met her seconds ago, and within seconds Celty was wrapping her arms around Gracia, embracing her in a hug.
    Gracia's eyes flew open at seeing Celty hug her, and with no hesitation put her arms around Celty returning her hug. She began to gently nuzzle Celty as tears began to fall from Gracia's eyes, not only did Rachel get the little girl that was so tragically taken from her life, but now she had her first granddaughter.
    The two of them got off the kitchen floor, Celty in Gracia's arms, and went to the living room with Rachel and Zaniel. The four talked, well three, Celty only getting a few words into the conversation.
    Celty was playing with some toys in the middle of the living room floor when she saw her grandfather motioning for her to come over to him, she obliged and got up from the floor and padded over to him, only to be lifted onto his lap. "So Celty how do you like living your mom and dad, did you have fun yesterday?"
    Celty had snuggled into his lap as he asked his question, to which she nodded and answered by telling him all that had happened the night before, she even explained how her and Rachel even had fun in the morning.
    After Zaniel and Gracia asked her a few more questions, what foods she likes, what likes to watch on TV and what type of games she liked to play. Her explanations were a little long, but Coming from a toddler they expected it. But the three of them started to learn a little more about Celty threw this conversation.
    Sadly for all four the visit had to end, Rachel had to get home and start dinner, as did Gracia. Rachel however did promise Celty that she would be able to stay the night when her grandparents weren't busy. This perked Celty right back up as she kissed both Zaniel and Gracia good bye and took her leave with her mother.
    "That little girl...that little angel is clearly a gift from Arceus." Gracia said leaning into Zaniel. Tears were falling from her eyes as she watched Rachel drive away. "Why her little girl was taken from her, no one will know, but Rachel has a little pup to care for, she may have come from a damaged past, but thanks to the mother, Rachel, Arada, and Celty have all been given a new lease on life, the great joy of having a child has come back them, and having two, and not just one loving parent has been given back to Celty." Gracia took in a deep breath trying to calm her nerves and not start crying, "they all have been given something only some dream for."
    Zaniel looked to his wife, tears formed from her speech, from the memory of that day of loosing his granddaughter, "and what is it they have been given my love?"
    She looked to the heavens, tears falling from her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. She returned her gaze to Zaniel, and with a smile she said, "a new beginning."

||.:Two years later:.||

    Celty, now six-years-old, emerged from the bathroom after adjusting her little skirt, she made her way to the kitchen where she saw her mother mixing a bowl while simultaneously reading one of her thousands of cook books. She stopped all that she was doing and looked back to see Celty sitting at the island in the kitchen, "did you wash you're paws kiddo?" Rachel asked placing the bowl she was mixing on the island.
    Celty giggled showing her, her paws, "yes mommy, I did." She answered taking the bowl and continued to stir for her mother.
    Rachel smiled and walked around to the other side of the island and kissed the top of her head, "I'm so proud of you Celty, Its been a rough year, but now the only accident you have is during you're sleep"
    Celty's face instantly flushed red with embarrassment, "I'm trying not to." She turned her head from her mother to only have Rachel kiss the top of her head.
    "I'm just proud of my little girl is all." Walking back to the kitchen to flipped the pages of the cook book and looked back to Celty, "keep stirring that cake mix honey, get all the lumps out." She normally didn't make cake in the middle of the week, but today was a special occasion, and she was going to surprise Arada with a message on his favorite cake.
    "Mommy, what's this cake for again?" Celty asked looking into the bowl to see if there were any lumps of batter.
    Rachel turned around, she had an all to excited look on her face as she approached the island, she was getting tired of keeping it a secret from her family, "I'll tell you sweetie, but you have to promise, you won't tell daddy, until he looks at the cake." She held out her pinkie to Celty, to which Celty locked pinkies with her and before she could speak her ears twitched hearing Arada walk in the front door, "I'll guess you'll just find out later."
    Arada walked in the front door greeted by Celty who had run from the kitchen to jump into his arms. He gave her the usual hug and kiss on the cheek as she bounded back to the kitchen. He placed his briefcase on the counter and made his way to the wall safe, as he did he looked dazed, in state of shock, and concern as he placed his gun in the wall safe.
    Rachel saw this in Arada and walked over to him as he turned around. Now that she was closer to him, she could see fear in his eyes, something she had never seen in him before. "Arada, is everything OK?" She asked as she began to loosen his tie.
    Arada could only respond with a bit of shaky sigh, "Rachel, we need to talk." He said as he put his paws over hers as she undid his tie.
    Rachel could feel the tension in his paws as they were placed over hers. A look of concern came over her face as she looked into his eyes as if to search for what he was going to say. "Arada, what's wrong?" She was starting to get a little scared of what was going to be said.
    "Rachel, today I was called into the underground conference room, where I was met by the director of the CIA," he was starting take deep breathes, "he told me, my name, out five agents came up as one to successfully complete a mission that would turn the tide of the war"
    Rachel knew what he was about to say, and started to shake her head in disagreement, "Arada, they took you out of the field, how?"
    "Just because I was taken from the field doesn't mean I was erased from the field system." His grip on her paws tightened slightly at what he was going to say next, "I'm going to be sent out to Pakistan within this month on a four month mission."
    Rachel couldn't believe what she was hearing, she yanked her paws away from him angrily, "You have to tell you can't do it, you have a family now Arada, you can't just leave us, not like this." She said half angry and crying.
    This was new to Arada, never had he seen Rachel like this. He took a step forward making her take a step back. "Rachel, you know I can't just tell them no, and I made to where If this mission is successful, I'm going to be erased from that database." He thought saying that would make her calm down, he was wrong. He walked forward and put his arms around her bringing her in close to him.
    Quickly Rachel wrapped her arms around him crying into his chest. Arada was starting to get very confused seeing her react this way to him having to leave for a mission. "Rachel, please, tell what's wrong, why are you acting this way?"
    Rachel hesitated, she thought about not telling him so he wouldn't have any reason to second guess his actions in the field, but knew this would only give him motivation to come home alive. She looked in the eyes and with a soft voice said, "Arada....I'm pregnant."



well congrat's for making it this far, I feel bad because this was supposed to be short *shrugs* oh well
This will however be the last chapter of 'A New beginnig' I will be continueing it under the tittle 'Time of War'
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and I also hope you will enjoy 'Time of War' as well.

Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
Just when everything seems to be going good, CIA has to mess it up *sigh*

A very enjoyable chapter. I like where it is heading, and I really hope that Arada makes it home safely.
Plus I'm glad that Celty no longer has to use diapers ^.^
Arada448 2 years ago 0
^.^ yeah they always mess things up, but in the end save the world

and as for Arada coming home well let's just say he *train passes by* and I'll be explaining how blaze and Arada *second train passes by* It's gonna be great though,

and yes I wasn't going to have her stay in them forever, she was only in them because she wasn't in the best of enviroments, anyways, thanks for reading and your questions should be answered in the next few chapters