21 Feb 2012

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Posted 21 Feb 2012 07:27
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Territorial Disputes

#8 of Kilroy Commissions

It's hard to recall what started this dispute; perhaps it was a disagreement over land? Maybe hunting rights. Or perhaps this uppity brown thought he could steal away my queen! (Nevermind that the males have no say in who mates the queen :P) We got to settling this like civlized beings, sitting around a stump and nibbling on tidbits and sipping fresh lake water. Words were exchanged. Then more words. Then words pertaining to the color of one's mother. went downhill from there.

Awesome aerial battle featuring Kilroy (the bronze) and some random punk-ass brown trying to steal what's mine! Whatever it was anyway. Done by the awesome Sepp (epicwang on FA)

I'm preettty sure this can be labeled for all ages... sure there's blood, but it's not exactly extreme. You see far worse on public daytime TV!

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Aquilla Whitegate 2 years ago 0
I like the image here it is detailed and looks very intense in mod air as these dragons battle it out Sepp did some fine work. Haha an excellent point you made their, because if you are referring to soap operas I would believe you, bitch slapping, fights, fist punching hair pulling etc know enough of the concept. :)
Kilroy 2 years ago 0
As much as I hate soap operas, that kind of thing is definitely what inspired the bit about calling one's mom a silly green (which I guess is probably close to calling her a stupid whore :P) I can totally see things quickly devolving into an angry hissing contest, couple blows placed, then this image :D
maslia 2 years ago 0
It made me think of my favorite books, "The Chronicles of Pern", and the feelings they evoked. Cool pictures!
Kilroy 2 years ago 0
Awesome! :D Means the artist did an excellent job with the image. The entire Pern series is definitely among my very top favorite series, hence why I have a firelizard character :P I don't really get enough Pern-related art done so I had this done, which save for a couple very minor details does have a more Pern-y appearance than most of my images. Exactly what I was hoping for.
Kjorteo Kalante 2 years ago 0
"Yeah, well, your mom's a PLAID, how about that."

I like the murder expressions!