21 Feb 2012

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Posted 21 Feb 2012 19:38
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Altomare's Lover (Last Prerelease)

Altomare, the most wonderful place the newly trainer had eve laid his eyes on. Backpack slung over his shoulder, the strap over his chest going down to his waist, he smiled as he looked around the city, the water to his left, looking pretty deep, seeing his the boats that used the long orgs were going. His father told him much of this place when he was younger, saying that while going for his gym badges, he stopped here with two of his friends and competed in a contest of races. The hat he wore was much like his father, in fact it was his very old hat he kept and past down to him, though the son never wore it like a hat would be, the lip being in front; he twisted it around his back, the hole on which allowed the hate to stretch, allowing his black hair to push though. The hat being the front, or now the back, white, the lip red as well as the rest of the hat, save for the weird looking L on the middle, did itch his skull at times, but he promised himself to wear it for good luck, and so far it had. It pretty much matched the rest of his clothing too, his vest being a deep blood red, the shirt he wore with the picture of a Pokéball on the top right of his chest being easily seen, even though it was slightly small. His pants a deep blue, and shoes a pure white with black lines going down the side.


His hair stuck out of the hat under it and behind it, much like how his father's hair was like when he wore the hat. He almost ran into a person, but was able to slip by without colliding with them, sighing he kept on walking until he did hit someone, falling on his back, he groaned and shook his head, the hat falling between the two. His hair slightly spiked in all way, as if he was shocked by his father's Pikachu, his tan skin around his elbow slightly banged up, his other hand going to rub his chin bread on which he grew.

"Oh man I'm sorry," he spoke while standing up and dusting his pants of the dirt, looking down as if looking for his hat, is dark eyes scanning the area until he found the hat, bending down to pick it up, until he was touched by another hand. The hand was of different shade, a little lighter then his, but pale all the same, they were small compared to his own hands, like a women's hand, looking up, he saw that a white skirt girl wearing a green blouse was looking at him with unnatural gold eyes. She seemed both to study him, but also shocked at the same time. The trainer raised a eyebrow but stood up all the same, she did too, her hand and his still touching each other, her hand on the hat, as he went to take it, she then moved up close to him causing him to back away slightly. She looked at him really closely, as if what she was seeing was not real. Then letting his hat go so that he only held it, he watched as she moved around him, like a dog looking for a place to lie down. " something the mater miss?" he asked as she stopped before him again, her head tilting to the side when he asked her the question. "Are you okay, I hope I didn't hurt you, did I?" the girl shook her head with a small smile on her face, her eyes closed as she tilted her head to the other side. "Oh good, that's good!" he laughed holding his hand out. "I'm Brandon; do you have a name I can call you by?" the girl was again slightly confused, but said nothing. Brandon rubbed the back of his head. "Can't talk huh...hrm, sorry to hear...err...see that." He laughed once more, and even the girl laughed, when he heard her laugh, it sounded so carefree so different then when he heard other's laughing.


"Well then, um, do you think you could spell out what I could call you, so I just don't call you miss?" the girl nodded fast, while looking around before finding a rock, and then bent down to write something on the ground. Brandon stood over her, watching as she wrote, her light brown hair, had two large pieces of hair sticking behind her like horns which waved as she moved away to show him the name; Bree. "Well then Bree," he spoke holding his hand out. "Nice to meet you, you wouldn't happen to know any artist around, would you?" Bree nodded her head again as Brandon went into his backpack and pulled out a folded up brown paper which had aged over the years. Unfolding it, he showed the girl the picture he carried as the girl eyes grew wide. The picture was of his father when he was still going about the world, his Pokémon on his shoulder with huge grins on their faces. The girl backed away a bit as if shocked, but again she slowly nodded and walked away as Brandon tilted his head, bringing the photo back in his bag and followed after her.


"Oh Bree, you brought a friend I see?" Brandon was now inside a small shop, filled on once side boats, the other drawings. The older women had her back to them as Bree went over to tap her shoulder, the elderly women; her hair slightly grey turned and gasped loudly seeing Brandon, who blinked in confusion. She wore old looking clothing, an apron around his waist as she then moved closer to Brandon.

"Ash?" she asked, her brown eyes scanning his face.

"No," Brandon answered. "Ash is my father," Bree seemed slightly shocked again as well as the women. "Names Brandon James Ketchum, nice to meet you...uh..."

"Bianca," she answered with a nod backing away and sat down, offering him a sit as Bree sat next to him still looking at him.

"You knew my father?" asked Brandon as Bianca nodded.

"Yes," she answered. "He was a good friend to me, my grandfather...and our friends."

"Well it's nice to meet you," he smiled with a nod. "Oh I forgot," Brandon went into his bag and pulled out the picture to show her. "Did you make this for my dad?" Bianca looked over the picture with great care, her finger tracing over the lines, but not enough to ruin the work and then shook her head pasting it back to him.

"No," she answered. "A friend of your father's made it; did your father tell you about this place?"

"He said something happen here long ago that he witness and did his best to help out, if a friend of his didn't give his life to stop it, Altomare wouldn't be here." The women nodded her head smiled.

"He is right that's for sure...hrm...Bree," she looked over at the gold eye girl who looked back. "You think he can keep it a secret like his father?" Bree smiled and nodded all the same, fast and carefree as she chuckled. "Go on then, go show him the Garden."


Smiling and clapping her hands, she stood up and took Brandon by his hand and almost dragged him out of the shad. Almost tripping as she ran over stone bridges and into other people, she at last let him go and ran on ahead.

"Hey wait up!" he called on ahead as he ran fast to catch up with her. He was lucky he kept his bag back at the shack, but not at the same time, he had his Pokéball there and didn't want them stolen, but he somehow knew they were safe. Running down an ally, he looked around; slightly worried he lost the fast running girl, until he found her by a wall. She looked back to him, a small smile as she walked forward; though the wall!


He was shocked, more then shocked, stunned! Moving closer, he looked at the wall, bringing his hand out he saw it go though, and then looking around to make sure no one was around, he walked though into a place he though was haven. Trees and grass more lush then he ever saw grew here, some Pokémon flew over head, crying their Pokémon cry as the sound of water was heard. Looking around, Brandon climbed down the stairs walking slowly until looking down at the grass, taking off his shoes and socks, he felt the grass between his toes and sighed, so much better then his shoes, he made his through the grass, trying to find Bree.

"Bree!" he called out, a shiver running down his spine as he felt as if being watched. Walking around still, he came to a small fountain, the water flowing and shooting up at the middle of another small tower, looking in he thought it was a wishing well, but then came to see a shiny stone in the bottom, blinking he looked down closer to see it swirling, when he moved, the swirled moved with him. It startled him, but he didn't move to touch it, afraid that if he did, he would be in trouble. Sighing he turned to walk away to see Bree in his face. "WAH?!" he stumbled back slightly as he gripped the fountain to he wouldn't fall fully, he girl laughing as he then laughed. "Okay you got place is so...pretty...I" she nodded and moved closer to him then did something he didn't see coming, hugged his arm.


He looked down, seeing her hug his arm while also looking at the stone inside the water, he too looked down to watch with her for a bit, until she tugged him away to a old swing, sitting him down, she then moved behind him, jumped up and started to swing. This was something he hadn't done in a while, swinging, something so childish but still fun all the same. Holding on the rope he swung with her, looking back at her as she smiled, and started to glow. Brandon blinked, and watched as light surrounded her covering her body, until it broke off, leaving not a human, but a jet like Pokémon. The wings reminded Brandon of the hair she once had, her body both white and red, the wings red, her belly red her 'hands' and the top part of her head. The rest of her body was white, a weird blue mark on her chest as she still swung back and froth, before Brandon then saw what he was looking at. Screaming he jumped off and landed on his face with a groan. The Pokémon behind him laughed slightly and hovered around him, as he looked up at what he thought was a human as she was now looking at him upside down while he laid on his back looking at her.

"Well..."he said. "This is something you don't see everyday." He then felt something deep within him, as if something was tugging at him, he felt scared, trying to push it back, but soon he was overpowered, hearing a girlish giggle.

No it's not, the voice spoke; a female voice no doubt spoke to him. Are you alright Brandon? The Pokémon tilted her head to the side when the voice stopped within his mind. Brandon blinked, as well as her.

"You...can read my mind?" she giggled and shook her head.

No, but I can speak to you though your mind so that you may hear me, do not fear, your mind is still safe.Brandon blinked, sitting up as she moved and flew around him before landing beside him, looking straight into his eyes as he rubbed his head.

"You mind...telling me...who you are?" she nodded and then flew up as he stood up; she flew slowly as he walked beside her.

My name is Latias. She spoke while looking at him. I am now the sole protector of this Garden if any humans try to destroy it. Brandon looked at her as they still walked or flew along; so many questions raced though his mind as she went on. I knew your father too, she answered looking down slightly. In fact...I had great feelings for him.

"You did?" Brandon asked as she nodded softly.

But what am I saying? She asked as if to her self. He is human and I am a Pokémon, our kind kinds never love each other as he had with your mother no doubt.

"Hey that's not true!" Brandon answered stopped as she looked to him. "Pokémon are not animals, you are smart and witty just as any human are, you can find no bound to loving my father, and then I'm sure many other Pokémon and humans feel the same way!"

But how can you be so sure?She asked tilting her head to the side as Brandon sighed rubbing the back of his head.

"You see..." he answered looking as if his hand was caught in the cookie jar. " not care for female humans..."

Do you care for the males then?She asked as he looked right at her with shock.

"W...what?! No!" he laughed then, blushing slightly. "I well...have a thing for Pokémon."


Latias blinked and her eyes grew wide, now knowing what he was meaning. She didn't think that someone, much less a human, felt like she did, not caring if someone was ether human or Pokémon.

But what about the human laws?She asked as he looked to her. From what I heard, humans who mate with Pokémon are considered bad and are sent away forever!

"You mean to jail?" he asked as he sighed. "I never got that law, that think that humans would be abusing Pokémon, but think about it for a moment, lets say a trainer and a Pokémon, a large Pokémon like a Salamace fell in love, if the Salamace wanted to, felt threaten that the human would abuse him or her, what would he or she do?"

Defend his or her self. Brandonthen nodded.

"See what I mean, sure there are some humans would take only small Pokémon to do what they wished, but a lot of humans and Pokémon I know love each other."

Really?She asked in disbelief as Brandon nodded; now back to the swing, Brandon sat down as she flew behind him and softly pushed him. Once more, the two moved on the single swing as Brandon nodded as if to himself.

"Yeah," he answered. "I mean, the girls back home and the ones I have met while traveling, I'll admit are cute in a way, but why should I like humans, because I am one?" he shook his head softly. "No, you see beside my dad, only the Pokémon back home and the ones I have with me, they only understand me truly."


For over the next few hours, Brandon and Latias spoke as if long forgotten friends, nothing was out of bounds when it came to the human and Eon Pokémon, Brandon had asked if she still cared for his father, she answered she did, but not in the way she did so long ago.

I understand he has a mate now,she answered. And I understand it would be foolish of me to try and rip him from the female, who ever your mother is, she is truly blessed. Brandon smiled at the Pokémon praised but after hearing so much on how she loved Ash, it made him feel a little sadden to know that she could never have what she wanted all those years ago. After returning to her human self, they both left the garden to return back to the elderly women of Bianca who made Brandon swear to never tell another soul, though his father was allowed because since he already knew. Brandon agreed and Latias now as Bree smiled and waved them both goodbyes to return to the Garden.


Brandondecided then to stay in the city for a while, he loved the sights and being with the Eon Pokémon, and after sleeping so much on the ground, a nice bed in the shed felt nice for once. Everyday Brandon would go to the Garden to ether speak or play with Latias, he knew it was childish, but in a way, he loved it all the same. Sometimes they would just lie down on the soft grass and speak of their past, what they liked to do and how to do it; the red Pokémon telling Brandon of her brother, the Soul Dew in the fountain being him and how he gave his life to save the city. Every few hours they would go back to her brothers resting place and just look into the pool, one day, Latias moved closer and held his hand in her claws, he looked over for a moment to see her looking in the pool, her eyes glazed with sadness. He didn't want her to think of him as a bad person, so he allowed her to hold his hand, but in truth, it sent shivers down his spine. When asked if he would like to learn how to draw by Bianca he agreed eager to learn such a skill. At first it was hard for him to simple make a circle, but soon he was drawing with skills of that of someone of years, not weeks. He called his father many times while he stayed, telling him about how the Eon Pokémon missed him and he would give him his wishes of good health.


One day, Brandon decided to stop his adventure of being a trainer, releasing his Pokémon or giving them to children who they choose, it was hard at first, seeing the Pokémon he grew up with leave, but he knew that they would be happy with traveling with their new trainers. While he himself took art as a job, making money to help out with Bianca, she then took up her grandfather's job of making repairing ships, while he drew and painted. Many nights he would spend within the Garden, sleeping with Latias, telling her what he knew about the stars, why they were named like that and what they wished for most of.


Almost a year pasted since Brandon first came to Altomare, he now being nineteen and just finished drawing a picture for a small child with their Pokémon, a smile on his face when the child showed the drawing to her family, who wanted to know how much it was going to be, he waved them off, saying it was free for a child who was so happy. Latias now in her human form, was waiting for him in the shadows, she smiled when she saw him pet the child's head and wish her a good day, and when he got closer, she revelled herself to him.

"Oh hey there La...err Bree," he caught himself again as she gave a small giggle. "Yeah, yeah I know, I have to watch myself at times but hey, I'm not use of seeing you as Bree a lot anymore." She only nodded her head as Brandon then past her a book, his drawing book on which he kept his best work he never sold or even showed anyone. "I filled all the pages," he answered with a small smile. "And well...I want you to be the first to see them." She looked up at him with blinking gold eyes, smiling he showed her to a bench, sitting both of them down she laid the book on her human lap and just looked at it. "Go on," he urged. "It won't bite." She only rolled her eyes as she flipped it to the front, long ago he drew the marking that was on her chest, saying it would fit the red book, it kind of did, so without knowing what would be in it, she opened it and looked in, at first shocked at the first page she saw.


She saw herself as her Pokémon self, her true form. She looked to be flying over pound in the Garden, one wing dipped in water as it made a small line in the water. She the background was slightly messy even the water, the only thing that looked perfect was herself. She looked to him for a moment as he smiled.

"Keep going." He answered as she nodded, looking back at the book before flipping the page. Again another picture of her, this time with her sleeping by an open fire, the shadow making it look like she was so real in the paper, her claws under her chin, and even a small tongue hanging out. Brandon laughed at that picture as she looked back and blushed. More and more pictures of her were seen, each one better then the last, a few times there were photos of Brandon with her, sleeping with her, laughing or playing on the swing like they always did. The last page caught her off guard as Brandon blushed and gulped, having forgotten about that last photo.


Brandon was wearing only his shirt and pants, in the garden like they always were, Latias on his lap, her arms draped around his shoulder, eyes closed as well as his, both kissing the other fully on the lips. Her eyes were as wide as his as she looked at him, who was now looking away from her, her eyes going back to the photo as she traced the soft lines of his work; before closing the book. They were both silence, not one making a single word, he wanted to say something, anything to try and explain why he drew it, but he had nothing.

"Latias I..." she looked at him with her honey gold eyes, stopping him with her hand, he blinked once as she moved closer to him on the bench, leaning her head on his shoulder and hugging his arm softly, the book still in her hand and she looked up to him then. He looked down at her as well, and then started to move closer to her, she too moved up to him, their eyes closed slowly, noses brushing on each other, until; both lips touched softly.


She released his arm, now moving her arms to hug his neck, kissing him all the stronger as he too kissed back. Once the two had to break for air, he was breathing heavily, his forehead drenched in sweat as she again giggled in her own little way.

"Wait..." Brandon spoke after a while looking at her. "You like it?" she nodded her head still clinging to his arm. "Do you have...feelings for me?" Latias looked up at him, her eyes telling him everything; she did have feelings for him. At first when she started to like him, she didn't know why, was it because he was like his father in a way? No this was different then what she felt with Ash, somehow it felt stronger then when she saw Ash.

"Oh how sweet," a soft voice rang before them, the two looking over to see a tall pale skin women, her hair long and black that went beyond her shoulders, her chest perky and hips wide. She wore a simple black tee and white pants, a belt of Pokéballs easily seen around her waist. "A Pokémon and her human, such a loving couple." Brandon jerked when she said Pokémon, looking at Latias for a moment as she too looked to him. The human standing up with the Pokémon behind him as he got in front of her.

"I don't know what you're on miss," Brandon answered. "But Bree is no Pokémon." The women laughed slightly, causing Latias behind him to move closer to his back, holding on to his arm like she was just doing, but with more of a death grip then the lovely kind she was just doing. Brandon brought a arm out to keep her behind him, he gold eye female looking up at him, his cheek flexing like they did when he was angry. The women grinned and brought out a Pokéball clicking the button, a Pokémon about to Brandon chest, standing on one leg while the other was in mid air and brown, the Hitmonlee made its Pokémon cry as the women smirked.

"Hitmonlee, get the boy away from the girl!" grunting in agreement the Pokémon ran toward Brandon, with such speed that he didn't even see it when first he was kicked in the face, and then the gut, him kneeling on the ground holding onto his gut as he spat blood out, the Pokémon attacked once more, this time with so much force that Brandon was sent skipping across the ground. Hearing Latias cry he slowly got up to see the women holding her in a tight lock, even if she were to change into her Pokémon form, she still wouldn't be able to escape.

"Let her go!" Brandon cried as he stood up fully and ran toward the women holding the one he loved, again the Hitmonlee got in his way, going for another kick, but Brandon ducked, bringing all his force to one punch, hitting him square in the face causing the Pokémon to wobble back. Brandon was angry now, his fist shaking with rage his pupil small and dilated as he ran again at the women, this time sending out another Pokémon, this time a Alakazam. What the Pokémon was out, holding the spoons before it, it lifted Brandon in the air causing him to cry out and then threw him back into a window.


The glass shattering around him as people who heard the commotion came running, but they were too late in seeing the women run off, leaving Brandon on the ground of the building, blood dripping from his wounds.


Wake up...Brandon knew he heard a voice, he didn't know how long he was asleep, all he knew was that he was lying on a bed now, and in pain. You must wake up! Brandon eyes jerked open and sat up at once, his wounds and body crying out as he clutched his sides.

"Brandon easy!" he looked over to see Bianca sitting in a chair next to him, a small cut on her head but nothing she couldn't handle. "Easy," she repeated. "You've been out for close to an hour, people found you in a bloody mess and a doctor fixed you up here...what happened to you?"

"L...Latias!" he cried as he tried to get out of the bed. "Some women took her; she knew she was a Pokémon!" Bianca held him back to the bed as she nodded.

"Yes I know," She answered. "She came here asking me where Latias was, of course I refused, but it seemed they got lucky and found you huh?"

"Who is she?" Brandon gasped holding his sides as the elderly women sighed.

"She's what's of Team Rocket," she answered. "After they disband, some still went on saying they would bring the Rockets back, they all failed, but it seems this women wants to use a weapon only Latias can turn on." Brandon turned to her and listened before asking.

"You mean the one at the museum?" again the women shook her head.

"Something much worse," she answered. "Or from what she told me is much worse..." Brandon sighed and brought his knees as close to his chest as he could, his forehead on his knees as he blamed himself, if he was stronger, she would still be here.

Come to me...Brandon head jerked up as Bianca looked to him.

"What is it?" she asked as Brandon stood up, holding his side.

"I heard...a voice..." he answered as he looked out the women.

If you wish to save her, you must come to me!

"But who are you?" Brandon called out loud as Bianca tried to hear this voice as well; she couldn't.

I am her brother...and then, the voice was gone. With wide eyes, Brandon looked toward Bianca saw the look in his eyes, and before she could ask anything else, he ran out the door, her voice calling back to him to come back.


Now inside the Garden, the human made his way straight to the fountain to where he and the red Eon Pokémon would always go each day to see the round crystal ball resting on the bottom. He remembered long ago Latias telling him the name of her brother Latios. Brandon looked around, thinking that someone was watching him, feeling that he was being watched, but when a light was seen behind him, he slowly turned, to see he was no longer in the garden. He looked to be in space; in fact it was space, stars twinkling in the ever ending darkness, a few shooting stars. Looking down he saw Earth, just hanging as if by string, when he did another double take, he came face to face with a blue Eon Pokémon. Looking much like Latias, this Pokémon was a little bit larger, his face showing almost a blank like sate, where his sister bore red fur with a blue marking on her chest, he was the opposite, bearing blue fur with a red marking.

"Latios?" the human asked as the Pokémon slowly nodded.

Yes, it is I. He answered. I am glad you came, my sister, and your mate need help.

"M...mates?" he stammered as the blue Pokémon slightly laughed.

Though you have yet to bind with her yet, I consider you her mate, for I feel the love she has for you, and I know that one day soon you two shall mate. And if you do, you have my blessing to do so; but this is not why I brought you here.Brandon nodded his head sharply as the Pokémon watched him. The human who took my sister wish to try and forcefully take out the same Soul Dew you saw in the fountain to turn on something more powerful then the defence weapon that was used to almost destroy our home. He flew closer to Brandon, his nose almost touching his. I don't know how she found out, but the facts are clear that she did, in the harbour there lays a hidden carven, that she will bring back to the surface, this carven will lead underground the whole of the city to a old weapon that will destroy anything and anyone. Only the power my kind hold may awaken it, and she knew this.

"Not to be rude or anything," Brandon asked looking at him. "Why not just take yours, why go after Latias?"

Only those we choose to allow to enter the garden may enter. Since Latias allowed you, you will always be welcome, but nether I or my sister will allow that human to take a step inside the holy grounds; that is why she has taken my sister!

"Then I have to go save her!" Brandon said while slamming his fist into his open hand. "Whatever happens to me I don't care, I wish to keep the one I care for safe!"

As do I,he answered with a nod. And there is a way to do so, allow me to show you...


Night was now around them, Latias whimpered, her body ached in pain as she was tied up and guarded by the Hitmonlee, who had a foot on her head, to warn her not to move. The women known as Heaven held a phone to her ear, speaking into it and then nodding. Closing the phone she turned back to the red Eon Pokémon with a large grin, and knelt down to look at her.

"I know you can speak to me Pokémon," she said with a large grin. "So speak, for you will lead me to the Carven!"

I will sooner die then help you human!Latias hisses slightly and then cried out as the Pokémon over her pushed down harder.

"Oh I know you will give your life to save this city, but what about your mate's life?" Latias eyes grew wide, she started t struggle as Heaven laughed loudly walking away from her.

You leave Brandon alone!She cried out in her mind as the women laughed slightly.

"Then you know of witch I want," she simple said. "Bring up the Carven and give me your Soul Dew willing, and I shall release you so you may be with your human."

"Don't you even dare Latias!"


Heaven looked up and growled softly in her own way when she saw Brandon standing on the brick bridge, he gave up his old clothing for one that reminded Latias of her long lost brother, a blue open sweater with a white shit inside, even the red marking was seen on the chest, his hair pushed back from all the running he did to come here, and the blue jeans slightly stained. But what caught her eyes mostly, was that one of his eyes were blue, the other green.

Brandon!She cried out as she struggled in her bounds, Heaven, with arms crossed walked toward him a bit but stopped far enough that they could still hear each other.

"You know," she pointed out. "I'm surprised you're even up after that attack my Hitmonlee did to you, what is your drive?"

"To stop you and to save the women I love!" he cried out as Latias gave a small smile as Heaven only laughed.

"Women?" she asked in disbelief. "She is nothing but a Pokémon, a Pokémon I need right now yes, but a Pokémon all the same. We are better then them and are far stronger and smarter!"

"That's where you're wrong," Brandon answered looking at Latias and then back to Heaven. "Pokémon are just the same as we are, they love, they hate, they fear, they cry and laugh. They have the right just like we have the right to live!" he then pointed a finger to the human women, his eyes narrowed into a snarl like look. "Now I'll give you one chance, release my mate and never let me see you here again!" Heaven just laughed loudly at this, her hand on her forehead as she howled into the sky in a fit of laughter. When she calmed down she wiped her under eye as if she was just crying, Latias just looked to Brandon, fear in her eyes, not wanting to see him harmed again, all he did, was lock to her eyes, and wink his blue eye at her, a small smile on his face.


"Whatever kid," she snorted and snapped her fingers, the Hitmonlee walking up and kicking the air slightly. "Hitmonlee, show this brat the river!" letting out a cry, the Pokémon ran toward Brandon at full speed, Brandon didn't even try to move, closing his eyes; he smiled as the Pokémon jumped. A blast of blue light slammed into the side of the jumping Pokémon, causing it to scream as it was flung into a wall, dazed and unable to move, Heaven eyes grew wide in sock as she looked to Brandon, Latias eyes growing wide in confusion as she saw who it was that had helped Brandon; her brother!


The blue Eon Pokémon floated beside Brandon, looking just like Latias remembered, but one eye was green and the other blue as Heaven grunted her teeth's. questioned as the Pokémon nodded to her.

Yes dear sister, it is I.

"This is impossible!" Heaven cried. "That Pokémon is dead! How is he still alive!?"

"It's really simple," Brandon answered as he moved closer to the women as she backed away. "I Have given much of my life force so that Latios could have a temporally body." Latios nodded his head slightly while also glaring at the human.

And we will use every ounce of our power to stop you human, now release my sister or face the wrath of a brother's and a mate's love!Heaven scuffed slightly, glaring all the harder, taking another Pokéball out and throwing it in the air. Once the blinding red light ended, a large Salamence stood before her. Skin looking like a mixture of green and blue with a red underbelly and wings, it roared out loudly. Brandon, go for my sister, I'll deal with this one for as long as I can!

"Right, good luck!" giving a nod the Pokémon flew toward the dragon Pokémon, who roared and charged up an attack, shooting forward with a beam of light. Latios easily dodged it, and tackled the Salamence to the ground. The human male ran toward Latias, only a few feet away, until he jumped back when a flash of white slashed where he was going to run. Looking over he saw Heaven holding what seemed to be a thin blade in her hand, glaring as the battle between the Pokémon raged on behind them. When Latios was slammed in the chest, Brandon would wince and hold his chest as if he was harmed, even though his back was to him and he had no idea where he was hit. Heaven grinned, knowing that if the Pokémon was harmed, so would the human before her, so it might work out for the better for her.


"So he gets hurt, you feel it as well?" she asked as she circled around him as Brandon watched. "I wonder if he'll feel your pain as well."

"You won't get the chance to find out." Brandon vowed looking at her with narrowed eyes. The women just smiled and went for the attack, since Brandon was bounded with Latios, his speed increased, dodging and weaving out of the way of each slash, until she found out, he was teasing her, toying with her! So enraged by this, she then pulled out something else that Brandon knew at once, and pointed it at Brandon, who was about to dodge, when she grinned and then slowly turned it toward the red Eon Pokémon. "No!" cried Brandon as the shot was fired. Time slowed down for him as he turned to where Latias was, who eyes grew wide as she tried to move, anything, but the ropes were bonding her down and somehow she couldn't use or attacks. Brandon ran in front of the path of the bullet just before it went though the right side of his chest, and out the other side. He heard Latias scream in shock, heard the sound of Latios screams of pain as the Salamence then slammed him to the ground. The dragon Pokémon growling as he pushed harder and harder until the Pokémon closed his eyes, and disappeared in a shower of lights, going up for a moment, before flying into Brandon's body. His eyes feeling heavy, he groaned as he fell toward the ground, landing on his knees as he held his chest lightly, the blood already pouring between his fingers as he gasped out loudly, and then fell back onto his back, when again he was shot just below the other. He couldn't even scream this time, falling on his back, his head turned to Latias, whose eyes glistened with tears as she watched as Brandon's light from his eyes slowly dimmed and closed.


Floating in the mist of space, Brandon opened his eyes slowly, looking around in utter confusion as he blinked a few times, before knowing what had happened to him. Feeling his chest, he saw the wound that had given him the blow of death, but he felt no pain.

"I've...failed..." he answered looking down at the emptiness of space. "I fail the city...myself...and even Latias."

You did all you could Brandon.The human looking over to see the blue Eon Pokémon fly toward him, his own sorrow was reflecting Brandon's. We are not immortal; one day we all will die...I'm just sorry yours was cut short.

"I just..." he answered looking away. "I just wish there was something we can do, maybe at least one of us going back, I mean, if you gave me half of your soul and brought it into my body so that you could be alive again, what if I gave you my soul, and you go into my body and make sure Latias will be safe. You could do such a better job then I could to keep her safe."

That is true.He agreed. I would be better, but you do know, that by giving me your soul you have left, you will cease to be, would you really give up so much to see her safe? Brandon looked to him and nodded.

"I would rip down the very skies to see her safe!" he answered holding his fist up. "I would go to hell and back with the devil's head!" Latios gave a small smile and nodded.

Alright, but, I will not go back.

"What?!" Brandon cried out as Latios sighed.

You will go back Brandon, He answered moving closer to him. Latias needs you, she needs a mate that will fight for her, I know she will miss me, I understand, but if I go back, she will greatly miss you; and you know this. Brandon sighed and nodded his head as Latios then nudged his chest. As soon as you go back, my Soul Dew will no longer be, the Garden will still be safe yes, but once the city is saved, you and Latias must make new Soul Dew. Brandon nodded his head as Latios closed his eyes and brought his paws to his chest, a light glow was seen until a blue round light came to his claws, moving closer to Brandon, he pushed it into his chest, Brandon gasped as he himself started to fade away, as the Eon Pokémon as well. Care for her Brandon, he whispered. And tell her that I love her, no matter where I am, I will love her!


Brandongasped and shot up, his shirt still bloody from the gun wound, but when he went to touch it, the wound was gone. Looking around, Latias and Heaven was nowhere to be found, but voices of shock or awed grabbed his ears. Looking over, he saw what seemed to be a large tower coming from the harbour, the design was of old make like the markings of Latios and Latias, he ran toward there, seeing the people gasp as the top opened up, and the machine from the museum, but this one much larger came out, slowly, gasp of fright were heard as in the middle a cry came out as Brandon knew the voice at once.


He grunted in anger as he ran along side the coast line of the harbour, watching as Latias tried her hardest to hold the power inside her so that it could not fire. Finding a family get off their small motor boat, he thanked any god that was watching him and jumped on while it was still running and drove off in the water. He grunted as the waves got larger and larger as he got closer and closer to the tower, the waves almost throwing him off many times, but he soon got on the bottom of the tower, finding the door to led in, and ran inside, looking up at all the stairs, groaning again as he started to run up.


"Give up you Pokémon!" cried Heaven in anger. "That boy is dead, so just let the power go so you may see him again!" she laughed coldly at this as Latias cried out in pain again. She knew that she saw Brandon's lifeless body, but she knew that she could never bear to see him again into the next life if she just gave up so easily, or her brother for that matter. Another shock of pain rippled throughout her body causing another thrill scream to escape her lips, now only hovering in the spinning prison, her arms and neck hang low, all she wanted was the pain to stop, and the only way she knew how; was to give up. A whistle sound was heard, followed by a loud clang as what looked to be a pipe bounced off where she was in, her eyes drifted open, trying to see why the human female would throw something at her, she could've sworn she saw Brandon standing there, panting and sweating, she thought it was her mind playing tricks on her, until she heard Heaven speak. "How are you still alive!?" Latias head came up higher, she was seeing him too, and did that mean that Brandon was alive?!

"A good friend helped me," He answered holding his hand to his chest. "Without him I wouldn't be here," he closed his eyes until he reopened them, they were back to his normal green, but something seemed different still, they seemed to glow a blue hue around the edges. "Heaven, you do not know what you are messing with here, this tower was made in case of something were to happen to the city, to protect it; if it is used for anything other then that, you will destroy us all!"

"You will do anything to keep these people safe, even lie?" questioned Heaven as she chuckled coldly. "You don't get it at all, these weapon will bring Team Rocket back, I don't care if this place or myself are destroyed, I have called the leader and he promised to make me a legend to put my stone self in the middle of a grander city then this!" she brought her arms out and span a bit in a small circle. "The reign of Team Rocket will be all but here soon boy, everyone will give up their Pokémon if they wish to live, or pay us to keep them! First this city, ten the world will bow before the might that is Rocket!"


Brandononly glared hard, his hands clutching close to his sides, they shook with rage as a small blue spark was seen going from one finger to the next, Latias saw this, and couldn't make out if it was real or just her haze mind, until she heard something deep within her mind.

Hang tight Latias,the voice told her. I'm getting you out of there. She at once looked to Brandon, his eyes looking to her, a small smirk on his face as he nodded his head.

Brandon?She questioned as again he nodded, looking back at Heaven until running toward her, at once Heaven called forth her Salamence, the dragon Pokémon roaring out as it ran toward Brandon, head jerking forward to bite at Brandon, but all it caught was air. The human had jumped high enough that he just made it over the head, bringing his foot down, he again jumped from the head of the blue dragon, flipping in the air as if he had been doing it for years, landing on top of the dragon's tail, who roared out in pain, the head going again to snap at Brandon again. Crouching low on the tail, he brought his right hand back, as it exploded into a blue flame, Heaven and Latias eyes grew wide, and as Brandon snapped it forward toward Salamence head, it exploded sending the dragon though the nearby wall, as it fell and crashed into the water below.


Brandonstanding up once more, he looked to Heaven with such a blank face it scared her almost as she backed away. Though his face was blank, his eyes showed so much rage that it almost made even Latias scared of him. With pole still in hand he moved closer and closer as Heaven backed to the wall, her eyes wide with fright.

"How...what are you? No human could do something like that!"

"I am no longer all human," he answered picking her up by the hem of her shirt pushing her to the wall with a hard shove. "Thanks to Latios, I have been given part of his soul so that I may live on, though it caused him the sacrifice of him no longer being in their world or the next, I made a promise to him, to keep this city from harms way, and to care for the love of my life!" as Latias listened, she now knew that her brother would never be seen from again, and it saddened her, but she knew why he did it, to keep the one she loved alive, though she knew she wanted her brother, she knew that he wanted her happy with her mate. "Now, I will give you one chance only, he told her with a stern voice. "Release Latias, and leave this place, and never return!"


Heaven only gulped, looking down at the man that held her, she saw the power even in his eyes, and softly nodded her head. Taking a button from her jacket and pushed on it, at once the ball stopped spinning enough that Latias fell out and landed with a thud on the ground, drained. Dropping her, Brandon walked over to Latias and knelt down, cradling her head in his arms. Her eyes opened up to look at him with her honey gold eyes.

Brandon?She asked still looking at him as he softly smiled.

"The one and only," he answered with a nod. "With a little change of course." he really gone now?She dreaded to ask, and Brandon looked down and nodded.

"Yes," he answered. "He gave me what was left of his soul, so that I may live and be with you, I am truly sorry."

I understand,she answered closing her eyes as he moved to hug her, her claws going to his back and held him tightly to her own body. At least I have one of you. He only nodded, and when she opened her eyes she let out a cry of terror. Brandon, look out! He turned to see the Salamence had came back, Heaven glaring hard as she pointed to the two.

"Kill them!" she cried as the dragon roared and fired a blast of beam at the two. Time seemed to slow down, Brandon gripping Latias to him for a moment before he stood up and threw her away from him. Latias silent screamed as she watched as he was engulf in the beam, his body shooting out the broken wall behind him and souring down toward the water, once his body hit the water, blood was seen coming from his body, but he was not dead. Latias screamed and let lose such a energy unlike anyone had every seen, Heaven screamed as the tower around them exploded just after the red Eon Pokémon flew out and dove into the water, flowing the stream of blood, before finding Brandon's body.


"I know he had been asleep for almost three weeks now," Brandon heard a voice, he knew it as Bianca. "But we can not rush this sort of thing, though his body was healed by who knows what force, we must allow him to rest." He was confused, though he was awake, his eyes would not open, he could hear the voice of his friend, and feel the grass under him. She might have been talking to Latias in her mind, that's why he couldn't openly hear her. "I do not understand what happened ether, maybe it was because of what Latios did to him." Another pause as the elderly women sighed. "It would be better if he did stay here, I'm not sure doctors could help him now anyway."


Brandoncounted the hours by, and soon, when he did open his eyes, it was almost dark out, the dust of the day slowly setting. Opening the eyes, he looked around and saw Latias beside him, under a tree sleeping, her eyes twitched slightly. He started to move, and went to the small lake to drink and then splash some water on his face to wake himself, but when his eyes unfazed, he was shocked at what he saw. Not a human face, but a Pokémon face! He looked almost like Latios in a way, large like him and slightly muscular, but unlike Latios who was blue, he was green! Looking down, his claws were large and green as well, on his chest the marking that was much like Latias, one side was blue, the other red. He gave a thrill scream as he tumbled backwards; causing Latias to open her eyes and look around, finding the Pokémon by the water, freaking out.

"Brandon, Brandon, it's alright calm down!" Brandon looked over and saw that Latias was beside him, her head tilted to the side.

"I...I can understand you?" he asked in his new Pokémon like voice as she giggled.

"Of course you can silly," she answered nuzzling his neck softly. "You are now a Pokémon, so it makes sense to understand me."

"" Latias slightly shrugged her shoulders, a habit she picked up from Brandon.

"Who knows," she answered softly. "Maybe Latios when he gave you his soul gave you a little more then you thought he would."

"Does that mean I'm stuck as a Pokémon?" he asked as Latias shook her head backing away.

"This is your true form now," she answered. "But you can still revert back to your human form, though you can never talk in that form."

"How do I do that?"

"Just think of the form you had before, and it will happen."  She answered with a slight nod of her own, Brandon slightly frowned at this, not knowing how easy it would be, but nodded all the same, closing his eyes as he tried to remember of what he looked like as a human, slowly he felt his body change, when he did open his eyes, looking down at himself, he saw that once more he was human.

"See I told you!" Brandon was surprised that he could still hear her voice, though he knew his body changed, he now knew that his gift of speaking did not. When trying to speak, nothing came out of his mouth, frowning slightly he tried again until Latias giggles. "You can't talk in this form remember?" she told him flying up to him and looking right into his eyes, you have to speak to me though mental link."

Well that sucks I guess.He answered as he and Latias sheared a laugh.


Brandononly sent letters to his mother and father from there on, saying that he lost his voice because something happened, he couldn't tell them that he was now a Pokémon, not yet at least, he wanted to tell them face to face, not in a letter. Weeks turned into months and months into a year of Brandon staying with Latias, though they had yet to mate, they still loved each other all the stronger, it wasn't that they didn't want to, in truth they really much wanted to, but Latias wanted to wait until she was in heat before they did that; telling him that she wanted his child on the first time they made love. All the while, Latias taught him all on how to be a Eon Pokémon, showing him how to fly in the air and how to use his new found powers, all but how to turn invisible, she wanted him to learn that on his own. Bianca having gone back to being an artiest, drew many photos of the two together, and told everyone that if they saw Brandon, not to be alarmed when they heard a voice in their heads, it was only him, that was the only thing Brandon told his mother and father about his new found gift. One day Bianca got a call from Ash, saying that Brandon's mother was greatly ill and wanted him to come and see her, Brandon of course agreed to go back, having been there since he first started off on his adventure to become a Pokémon trainer, true he did give it up to stay in the place he now called his home, but at least Latias said that she wanted to come with him, so he wouldn't have to worry about her and being alone as well. Now walking down though the place where he grew up, many of the people who saw him grow up waved at him, he waved back, a backpack slung over his shoulders, giving up his blue colors for a green shirt and white pants. He smiled slightly as he made his way past the many homes; buildings becoming more and more far apart until he was out into the open road slightly, still within the city rang.

"Where is your home?" though he could not see her, because she was invisible, Brandon could easily still hear her.

A little more off,he answered with a nod. Five minuets at the most. She then appeared before him, flying backwards while watching him, his chin shaved but stubbles growing slowly back as she tilted her head.

"What's the matter?" she asked with worry in her voice. Brandon sighed stopping as he looked up at the sky.

It's almost been two years since I came back here. He said with another sigh. I knew my mother was sick...but to get this bad...? I feel like I was selfish to leave her with my father.

"But if you didn't, you never would've met me." Latias said with a small smile as he smiled and nodded his head looking at her, pulling her close to his body as he hugged her, kissing the side of her muzzle as she breathed in his scent.

That's true, he answered back to her letting her go. Well let's go, let's see how dad reacts to seeing you. She nodded as they went on, knowing no one would come up here since Ash promised Brandon It would only be them at the house today, they knew that Latias didn't have to hide at all, wish made her happy to be her self outside of the Garden without worry of being captured. When coming to the house, Latias looked up in surprised, the house being three floors high, looking grand with pillars with such details that not even a bump would be seen on them. Wanting to surprise the human she use to care for, she turned invisible once more as Brandon went up and took the spare key from under the mat, opening the door and walking in; pulled into a tight hug at once.

"Welcome back son!"


Brandonsmiled and hugged his father back, him being not that much taller then he was, just a few inches. His body lean with muscles from when he was a trainer, his hair cut down, only going to the middle of his ears. Bread grew from his face but nicely trimmed every morning. Ash smiled and released his son from the tight hug as Brandon dusted his shoulders as if dust was on them as he chuckled.

"Still don't like it when I surprise hug you?"  He asked in his deep voice.

You know I don't.  Brandonanswered as Ash took a slightly step back. Yeah I know, this is going to take some getting use to.

"I'll say," Ash answered looking around. "So Latias didn't come with you?" Brandon only smiled as Latias reappeared behind Ash, a smile on her muzzle.

Oh she's here.He answered with a smile as Ash tilted his head and turned around following his gaze until he jumped in surprised as Latias smiled and hugged the human tightly.


Brandonsat on the sofa as Latias in her Pokémon form still laid beside him, his hand on her back as Ash sat on his leather chair his hands on his chin as he closed his eyes. The yellow Pokémon that he had since he was ten on his shoulder looking at the two before him as Ash sighed softly.

"She is just keep getting worse as the doctors say." He answered with a slight sigh. "They are giving her at least a week."

I am so sorry Ash,Latias said with her head down as Ash only looked to her.

"There is nothing to be sorry about." He answered with another sigh. "She knows what will happen...and she is ready for it."

How can someone be ready for this?!Brandon cried in his mind loudly as his hand that wasn't on Latias clutched the bed. This is not fair!

"As you know Brandon, life is no longer fair these days, Latios giving his souls to save you, I can never thank him enough for that." Latias saw the pains in Brandon eyes, looking to him and then thinking for a moment until speaking only to him.

There may be a way to save your mother. She spoke as Brandon looked to her.

How? He question, she then told her of her idea, it being very simple but would need him in his Pokémon form to do so. Mom might have a heart attack at what she is about to see...but alright. He nodded while standing up talking to his father once more. There may be a way to save mom. He told him. Follow us.


Standing beside the bed of his mother, Latias and Ash on the other, the white hair women, though her hair looked like she was of old age; she was in fact just as old as Ash was. She wore simple bedding clothing, her eyes looked weak, skin pale. Ash explained who Latias was, and told her that she and Brandon would be able to help her somehow.

"And how can you do that?" she asked in her weak voice as Latias spoke, moving to Brandon's side as she did.

Brandon had been given a gift, she spoke in everyone's minds so that the humans who could not understand the tongue of Pokémon could understand. With my power and even his own, we will be able to heal you, me and my brother did this many times with wounded Pokémon, but never on a human before; we don't know if it will work or not.

"I say we try it," Ash spoke, taking the words right out of his son's mouth. "We've tried so many other things dear, this may work, she is a legendarily Pokémon and all." Brandon's mother thought about it for a moment, seeing the pain in both of her husband and son's eyes. Closing her own eyes, she nodded.

"Do what you must do then. But only if you think you can do it, I don't want you to harm yourselves for my account."

"I was right," Latios spoke so that only Brandon could understand. "Your father is blessed to have a loving mate such as this female. The Pokémon, looking like his human self, gave a small smile and a nod. "And you'll have to transform into your true form." Brandon turned to her in slight shock as she looked back and moved closer. "I know you are worried about what your family will say, but this is the only way to save her." Giving a small smile he knew she was right and nodded, backing up a bit as Latias went over to his mother; Brandon closed his eyes and slowly started to change.


Once back to his newly true form, Ash and his mother eyes grew wide with both surprised and shock; but nether Pokémon wanted to say anything yet, both moving on ether side of the sick human bed. Both of their claws went out toward her, green glow coming from Brandon, while a red glow from Latias, the glows going together before entering her body, a small gasp escaping the human's lips, until the light was all but gone. Her color of her skin came back to the pink like flush; her eyes brighten with new health, so much that she sat up on the bed at once causing the two Pokémon and human adult to back off slightly.

"" the green Eon Pokémon gave a small chuckle, moving closer and hugged his mother.

Yes,he answered. It is I.


(From now on I'm going to make speeches like normal, since it is only Latias and Brandon who shall speak from now on, this changing of font is really bugging me...)


Night slowly came to the land, Ash and Brandon's mother long ago went to their room, Brandon with Latias down to where his room, about a two floors below his mother and father's room. The area was large, a bed on one side of the room TV and other things the once teenager thought was all he needed at the time, but even then, all of the stuff he had, still made the room large. Having turned back to his human form so that his parents could clam down, he explained what had happened to make him like this, leaving out the part where it was mostly because of Latios giving of his soul to Brandon to change and save his life.; plodded himself down on the large king-size bed, sighing out loud with his eyes closed, his right hand over his eyes rubbing the brim of his nose slightly. He was tried, the hours he spent with his mate and family telling them what happened and then the large dinner they had took quite a lot of him. Latias came over and brought her body oh his chest, causing him to open his eyes and smile at his female, who smiled back, nuzzling his cheek softly as he rubbed her neck and cheek back.

"Why do you like to be in you human form, so much Brandon?" she asked tilting her head to the side. "Don't you like your true form?"

"I do," Brandon answered with a soft nod. "It just, yes you and I have been working on how to use my new form faster and faster now, but still." He brought his left hand up and twisted it back and froth. "I like to see myself for who I was, and a small part I think you like my human form better." Latias only giggled softly and licked his cheeks then his lips, before capturing her lips over onto his, his hands traveled up her sides and held her close to his chest, her claws grabbing onto his shit softly, not enough to rip, but enough to make him know that she was not going anywhere for the while.

"I do not care if you are human, Pokémon or some freaky monster, you are my mate, and I love you for who you are; not what you look like."

"I know I know," Brandon only nodded as Latias snuggled closer to him. "I just thought...well since you fell in love with me in this form, you would prefer in more you know." Latias rolled her honey gold eyes and gave a small giggle again as Brandon smiled. He sat up causing Latias to hover away from him, sitting up fully he started to take his shirt off.


Latias saw his muscles he had grown from the transformation, giving him a much leaner body with muscles easily shown on his chest, belly and sides. They seemed to ripple when he moved and stretched, causing her to smile and blush.

"But there is something I have been meaning to ask you." Brandon sated as she looked to him as he moved up to his pillows, moving the shirt and throwing it by a corner. "Wouldn't the only way for us to be fully mates would be to know..." he trailed off as Latias tilted her head for a moment. Not fully grasping what he was meaning, until it hit her, causing her to look away as he did as well, her cheeks growing even redder then before.

"Well..." Latias answered looking back at him. "Truth be told... I was waiting for you to make a move on me, you are the male, it ids your right to take me anytime you wish." Brandon gave her a questionable look, surprised by her answered.

"Latias," he answered moving closer to her. "My mother always told me to treat a women as if I wished to be treated, I will never force myself on you just to please myself, I want to please you for all of our hundred of years of life."

"Really?" she asked looking at him. "You don't think I'm dishonouring you by me asking if you wished to mate with me?" Brandon only shook his head and smiled as she looked down, seeming to fight to ask another question. "W...would you also allow me to carry your eggs?" Brandon blinked when she asked him that, she looked away from him. "I...I'm sorry I just thought that you might've wanted to..."

"Do you really want to?" he asked as she looked at him with her wide eyes. "Have children with me I mean."

"I do!" she cried softly looking at him with pleading eyes. "When I was younger my brother told me that I would know when I wanted a male to have children with, and you are that male Brandon, I want to make love to you as the humans would say, I want to be your mate in mind, soul and body!"

"Then I would be honoured to have a family with you Latias." He smiled as she gave a small cry of joy and tackled him onto his back, her lips going to his lips once more as she gave him a powerful kiss.


Kissing her back all the stronger, the two held each other tightly to each other's bodies. When they broke away, Brandon then moved back, about to change, sensing this, Latias stopped him and shook her head.

"I've been thinking about his for a while now," she answered looking at him. "I wish...for you to mate with me as your human self and I stay as my true self...and then we well...switch..." Brandon thought about it for a moment and smiled, nodding his head as she smiled.

"How about you lay on the bed then," he answered. "It would be easier if we were face to face for this then." Latias only gave a small nod, already she looked like she was nervous at how this was going to play out, but her body that floated over and laid on her back, that did not show it.



Alright all Brandon Casey here to tell you one thing...KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! That's right, no sexy sexy yet, but this is the last preview of the story I swear! Oh and one thing....don't you hate it when I update and it's not done yet? And yes this is my longest "short" story every, I'm about at 28 pages on my word programmer 









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