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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 11

#11 of BatW


Chapter 11: Sleep-over


Madi sighed as she got into the shower.  Her head had been starting to hurt a bit and she hadn't got much sleep that night... her thoughts kept on veering towards Damon... It confused her.  Why did he keep appearing in her thoughts?  She never thought of Cole this much and they had dated for over two years! 'Now why am I thinking about Cole?' she thought.  Truth to be told, she didn't hate Cole; he was a bastard but he at least never laid a hand on her...


"Hey Madi, hurry up I have to use the bathroom!"  Came Alex's voice, breaking her from her reverie.


"I just got into the shower!  Use the downstairs bathroom!" she yelled back.  Her brother was so annoying, but then again he was a little brother it was his job.


"If you say so!  Let's see if I hurry up in the bathroom when you need to go!"  He yelled and stomped off in a temper.


She had to laugh.  Her brother drove her crazy but she did love him very much.  Her thoughts then slipped towards Kyle, she was glad he was happy.  He deserved it possibly more than anybody and she'd be sure to thank Duke for getting him out of that hellhole.  She sighed as she felt the water start to go cold and stepped out and got dressed.  When she was downstairs she saw her mother talking on the phone with somebody.


"Yes, he called here a few days ago Vikki... Oh from what Madi said he's perfectly fine.  No Vikki I doubt he'll go back to Sweeton.  Okay dear I love you to bye."  She hung up the phone and smiled at her daughter, "That was your Aunt Vikki."


"Is she still asking about Kyle?" Madi asked.  For the first week after Kyle left she had called them and asked if they'd seen him, but they told her no.  Madi herself didn't really know where he was...Somewhere in Virginia was all he told her.


"She's worried about her son, dear."  Her mother tried to reason, but Madi was not to be moved.


"She sure worried about him when that rat bastard Scott hurt him!  Kyle's happy mom, I wouldn't change that for the world."  She did care about her aunt, but relations had been strained since she found out about the abuse... She hated the man who done that to her cousin, hated him.  Even more than she disliked Cole and that was saying something.  "She lost the right to be a parent when she let Scott hurt them both..." She would never forgive Kyle for lying to her about the abuse, but then again she never told him about Cole... he would want to protect her just as she would want to protect him...


"Don't be so harsh on her dear, what she did was wrong but she does love her child."


Madi had to sigh.  Mom and Aunt Vikki had been best friends long before her Uncle married her.  She would defend her friend no matter what, "Besides he shouldn't have broken all contact with her... she's his mother."


"He willingly let himself be beaten for her!!  He put up with that bastard for her!  He's done enough for her.  He got shot and she was with Scott instead of him!  I'll never forgive her!  I should've been there!"


"Dear, you couldn't... I needed you and he ended up fine.  I was a bit shocked when you said he had a boyfriend though..."


Madi had to smile at that.  Truth to be told she was probably the only person not to be surprised he was gay... It hurt his feelings a bit at the lack of reaction when he told her.  "Oh, he said he'd be coming here soon.  The Grey's decided to stay in Denver for a while..."


"That's great honey!  I really want to meet that boy you talk about... Duke right?"


"Yeah Duke, he seems like a nice guy... A bit odd from what Kyle told me but a good person."  Though then again she had never told her mom that their first meeting was Duke chasing Kyle with a knife... That might freak her out some... Madi found it a bit funny.  Not the being chased by a knife welding nut, but the fact that he and Kyle had become friends so fast... for the longest time Quinn was his only real friend.  Madi then began to cook breakfast and as usual her dad and brother came downstairs after the food was done, "Morning you two!"


"Morning Madi," they both said in reply she set the table and they ate in the usual silence until her father spoke up.


"So Madi, what is going on between you and the Garcia boy?" He asked, and she nearly choked.


Why did people decide to talk about Damon when she was eating?  "Nothing Dad, he's a friend that's all." 'Yeah just a friend... nothing is going on between us.'  "Believe me dad, nothing is happening between us.  Besides I'm going out with Joe Rivera Saturday..."  Seeing her dad was satisfied, she got up and washed the dishes before she went outside.  She saw Damon waiting for her outside her yard, "Hey Damon," she greeted him.


"Hey, ready for school?"  She nodded and they walked on to the building, "So, maybe we can hang out later?  Like you can do some of that painting?"


"Sounds like a good idea.... We just have to get my paints though."


He nodded, "Hey Madi, maybe you can stay over at my house tonight?  You know, watch some movies and stuff..." Truth to be told he wanted to keep her in his sights.  He wasn't comfortable about leaving her alone with that bastard Cole around, "We can have snacks and stuff, heck maybe your brother can come?"


"It sounds like fun but I'd have to ask my parents," she replied as they reached the school.  They separated briefly to go get their stuff and would meet outside the English classroom.


On the way she bumped into Joe, "Oh hey!" she said as he kissed her cheek making her blush.


"Hullo love, how are you?"


"I'm doing well, you?"


"Fine, hey... Do you want to go to the game Friday?  You can cheer me on if you want!"


She thought about it.  It sounded like fun.  She could root for both Joe and Damon together, "Sure, is it here or at home?"


"It's a home game.  So you could walk there... maybe we can go out after the game?"


She smiled a bit, it did sound like a lot of fun! "Sure, I'd love to!" she said, "But right now I have to catch up with Damon... we promised to meet at the classroom bye!"  She gave him a peck on the lips and ran to class leaving Joe to smile like a dork as that was the first time she'd kissed him...




Damon was tapping his foot impenitently waiting for Madi.  She eventually showed up grinning like a maniac.  "What's got you so happy?"  He asked her.


"Joe asked me to the game!" she replied in a cheerful manner, not noticing Damon frowning.


He had tried to get her to go to the games for a while, and Joe up and asks her and she accepts?  What's up with that? 'Yet another reason to Hate Joey,' He thought savagely, "That's uh... great.  I'm glad you're coming..."


"Thanks I can cheer for both of you.  And he said he would take me out to eat after the game."


Damon frowned even more... He gets her to go to a game and go out to dinner?  This was starting to scare him... if those two hit it off he would lose her he couldn't do that... he began to wish harder that the date would be a flop.


"Okay, so we're still on for Movie night?" he asked her, as they entered the room.  She nodded in confirmation and he smiled at least he would have her tonight... The morning had pretty much flown by, and soon they were at lunch.  Much to his dismay Joey decided to sit with them and Martha...


"How can you not have a hoodie?" Martha asked in shock.


"I just moved here a month ago, give me a break!" She told her coolly, "Besides it's not like I have much money as it is!  Our budget is pretty tight!"


Martha only rolled her eyes, "Then I'll buy one for you!  You just cannot go to the game without a hoodie, it'd be horrible!"  Madi blushed a bit and was about to protest about her spending money on her again, but Martha quickly silenced her. "Oh shut up will you, no matter what you say you can't convince me not to help you out."


"But Martha... I might never be able to pay you back!"


Martha only looked like she'd just declared pigs could indeed fly before she started laughing.  "Pay me back?  Oh dear, I don't want your money!  Silly duck, I want to help you; you are my best friend!  You don't have to ever pay me back because I don't want you to!  You have to learn that some people will help you from the good of their hearts.  All I want is to be your friend and the fact that you don't want me to spend money on you is adorable!"


"She has a point Madi, she has money and you don't.  Besides, did you think you were going to pay for dinner?"  She nodded shyly.  "You thought wrong!  My mama always told me never to let a lady pay for dinner!  What kind of gentleman would let that happen?"


Damon had to agree with Joey on that one... What kind of man would let the lady pay?  Even if he was a bit of a playboy, he at least never made any of his dates pay for dinner... "He has a point Madi, let someone spend on you.  We all know you'd pay us back if you could but you can't..."


She sighed and accepted it without much fuss.  Lunch and the rest of the day flew by quickly and soon enough they were on their way home.  Damon watched fuming as Madi gave Joey a quick peck on the lips before they separated... he needed to get better at hiding jealousy because she was starting to notice him acting odd around Joey.  Eventually they found themselves outside her house as they walked in greeting her mother and brother.


"Oh hello Damon," the kindly woman said.  She looked and smelled even sicker than the last time; he doubted she had another year left in her...


"Hello Mrs Stone, how are you today?" He asked in a polite manner.  Mrs Stone liked him quite a lot it seemed, though he wasn't sure if her husband felt the same way.  Madi said he was okay with him, but the man was always rather gruff with him when they crossed paths.


"Going well dear, Madi told me you asked her to stay over your house.  I trust you will behave yourself around my daughter?"


He felt himself blush a bit.  Interestingly enough, she was pretty resistant to the Mesmer as was Madi's brother... He wondered if all of her cousins on her mom's side were as resistant as her.  "I promise Ma'am, you have my honour."


The woman smiled, "You have my permission then Madi, have fun dear," she said as Madi walked into the room carrying her easel and paints.  He quickly ran to help her, grabbing the easel and they left her house quickly saying good bye to her mom.


Soon enough they ran to the Shore of Ferril Lake and began to paint.  Damon enjoyed the quiet between them and the hustle and bustle of the city around them and the sounds of nature of the park.  It was an interesting combination, "How does it look so far?" he asked her and she smiled from behind the easel.


"I got the background pretty much done!  I just need to draw you, so stand still and be quiet!  I can't be distracted unless you want me to royally screw up your face!"


Damon chuckled a bit, "I quite like my face as it is, so don't mess it up."


She smiled at that and they lapsed back into silence.  Damon went back to listening to his surroundings.  He was hoping he would be able to pinpoint Cole.  He still hadn't found the other boy's scent and it bothered him.  How could a human hide his scent so well? 'Unless he isn't a human... could he be like me?  He mentioned in that letter that he called Madi his 'soul mate.'  Damon had disregarded it at that point but now it got him thinking... A werewolf would know how to hide his scent even from other werewolves... 'Does he think Madi is his mate?  He'd be deluded she's my mate... two wolves can't share a mate...' He noticed that it was getting dark and they packed up and headed towards his house.


"I had a good time Madi," he told her as they entered the house, "You going to fetch your brother?"  Matt and Tyler were snuggled on the couch watching a movie, "Hey!  You started without us!"  He yelled.


Matt just smirked, "Don't worry; you guys just missed the commercials here have some popcorn!"  He said handing them a massive bowl of popcorn.


"It's a bit late now...he would be up to late and father would kill me with school in the morning.  We will have to do it with him another time when we don't go painting, Madi said, turning to the lovers on the couch, "Thanks!" she directed at them, before sitting on the floor with Damon.


Madi was having more fun then she had in years.  Damon and Matt kept on play arguing while Tyler and her just watched trying not to burst out laughing.  He was a pretty swell guy Tyler.  He was quieter than either of the brothers, but when you got him talking you couldn't stop him.  "Yeah, I've been living here ever since my parents kicked me out in June," he told her.


She frowned... How could they just throw their child out?  Did they ever really love him?  She would never leave a family member behind for being gay... Kyle was and she still loved him very much.  "That's terrible!  I feel bad for you... I could never just up and leave a family member behind just for being gay... Hell my cousin Kyle is gay!"


"He is?  I don't think you ever mentioned that... you said he left Sweeton last year... With someone... what was his name?" Damon asked, interrupting.


"Duke, his boyfriend is named Duke... Not a very common name if I remember..."


'Duke?' That name again...could it be the same Duke? but no way... what are the odds of two werewolves finding a mate in the same family?  "What's his last name?" Damon asked.


"Grey, his last name is Grey."


'Yup, I know that Duke...'  This was unprecedented... two werewolves finding mates who belonged to the same clan was unheard of... The Mating was extremely rare as it was, but two in the same clan was thought to be impossible... "Wow..." was all he could say.  He figured if he was with Duke, he would have been turned by now...


After a few movies he saw Madi yawn and he got her up to the spare room to sleep.  After making sure she was asleep he went downstairs.  "This is crazy!  I heard that the guy found his mate last year but her cousin?"


"That is pretty strange..." Matt admitted, "I never heard of two wolves finding a mate in the same clan before... but I guess stranger things have happened?"


Damon nodded.  From what Madi said, her cousin was coming to Denver... hopefully by then, he would have told her about the werewolf thing... 'I'll tell her soon...' He vowed. 'When she isn't dating someone else I'll tell her...' Sighing he decided to walk upstairs and go to bed... he had the game tomorrow to be ready for after all...

ScarlettWolf 2 years ago 1
Amazing as always, keep up the great work!
Shadow Man 2 years ago 0
i have one thing to say.......WOW! great job keep it up
Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
I have to admit, I had my doubts about Martha at first, but she proved to be pretty nice. It seems a little strange for Kyle's mother to be calling about him, but i suppose it could happen. Great chapter, as usual. Can't wait for the next one, I feel big things coming!
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
You had doubts about Martha? I always felt she's be like Quinn in a way... as both of them are way more outgoing then Kyle/Madi... I say Vikki does worry about her son since he dissapered all of a sudden but Madi refuses to tell her anything.

Things will get very serious next time... and I'm afriad people will hate me for it but things will get VERY dark
ScarlettWolf 2 years ago 0
Well bring it on!, and great work so far.
wolvenashes 2 years ago 0
Very excellent work :) i'm excited to see what's next!
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
dark is sometimes good for a storie and i give your's a 99/100 good job and keep it up.