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A Raw Deal

An action packed Science Fiction Adventure

Warning: The following content is advised for mature audiences only.

The air was tense as the wire cutter slowly made its way around the chain link fence. Nervous beads of sweat rolled down Alice's face as her hands worked at trying to cut a small hole in the seemingly impenetrable fortress. Her intense concentration was broken as a voice erupted into her ear

"Ally how are you making it on your end?"   the voice demanded, urgency clear in the tone.

"I thought we agreed to radio silence until this op was over Dan!" she whispered back, visibly shaken by the interruption in her work. The next few seconds were filled with a static silence. Alice hoped that perhaps he had gotten the message and returned to her work, pulling a small spade from her backpack and digging away at the earth beneath the fence.

As she made progress, finally punching a hole in the overall structure, she quickly returned the spade and wire clippers to her pack before straightening a dark beanie atop her head. She slowly wormed her way under the fence, trying to be as quiet as she could. But the silence was broken as a Klaxon sounded, the air filled with red lights and the shuffling of guards.

"Damnit" she muttered quickly looking for crevices or darkened areas in which to hide. Sadly the Compound she had intended to break into was still a solid mile trek over an empty field, providing no area in which to take shelter.

"Ally!" a voice screamed into her radio headset.

"Stay Calm Dan, we can't panic now. Remember we trained for this." She replied, trying to suppress the fear which was driving her nauseous.

"Ally, I think they fou..." the transmission cut out as Alice heard a gunshot ring out across the courtyard. It was quickly followed by several more gunshots, bringing Alice to her knees."

"God Damnit!" she cried, "It wasn't supposed to go like this. I just can't stop now though, one of us has to make it into that compound."   

She crouched, settling into the grass and slowly making her way forward.  A single strand of her scarlet hair fell in front of her eyes. She quickly brushed it away as she pulled a pair of binoculars to her face, observing the chaos below. She watched in horror as three others from her infiltration team were executed in the fields ahead by the zealous guards. She felt as if she had to vomit, pounding the dirt with her fist.  

It was then that she heard the snap of a twig. She leapt to her feet; turning to face her would be attacker. As she turned, she only managed to make out the muzzle flash of a rifle before feeling a piercing pain in her chest, stumbling backwards before landing in the dew laden grass. As she tried desperately to stand her body began to slip from her. She could only watch in horror as she was surrounded by guards, a darkness over taking her.

"Not like this..." she managed to whisper before her vision faded completely, her conscious thoughts only a distant memory.

A small electric buzz slowly brought her back to her senses. Her eyes snapped open, ready to attack anything that was nearby, only to be greeted by darkness.

"What's going on!" she said, a mix of fear and panic overtaking her.

Was she blind? What had happened? A small blinking LED quickly alleviated her first fear, noticing it out of the corner of her eye.

"Hello?" she questioned the darkness, thinking perhaps she had died. Though she was not sure why the afterlife might feature LED's. Her hands fumbled around, quickly going over her body to ensure that she had not lost any limbs. She immediately realized that she was no longer in her infiltration gear. It seemed to have been replaced by some sort of thing fabric, like a gown.

As she slowly regained consciousness, she realized that she was in a sitting position. Standing slowly in the darkness she reached out, looking for some solid object to give her an idea about her pitch black surroundings. She felt the structure she had been sitting on, a metallic surface, like a couch or table.

"Oh God No..." she muttered.

Alice was immediately reminded of her entire purpose in being here. She was part of an environmentalist group, and this was an animal testing facility. Intelligence had revealed that all manner of terrible experiments were being performed here. Her group had been assigned with the task of breaking in and finding out exactly what was going on. She had never expected them to use lethal force though.

And with that in mind, it forced her to consider, "Why was she alive"? She thought over the nights events in her head over and over again. It wasn't supposed to end this way. A member of the team was supposed to cut the alarm system, that way the rest of them could get in without worry. They were just supposed to run, grab some computer equipment, and get out.

Alice paced about in the small darkened room, fumbling her way around the table. There had to be some reason that she was being left alive, and she didn't expect the answer was anything to be happy over. Cerberus Inc. as it was called was a company well known for putting profit over anything else. They had been responsible for countless atrocities the world over. It had managed to weasel its way into governments internationally ensuring that their business would continue without any sort of interference and oversight.

It was your stereotypical evil corporation. Beyond that though, Cerberus was suspected of conducting all manner of twisted scientific test in order to achieve their goals. They were known throughout the environmentalist community as being ruthless with any living being that attempted to stop them from achieving their goals.

As she contemplated the past, a blinding light quickly filled the room. Alice covered her eyes, falling back to the metallic table behind her. As her vision returned, she watched as a small door in front of her began to open, a geriatric and grizzled individual standing in the shadow of the door.

Her instincts kicked in and she bolted for the door, hoping to knock the man out of the way and break free. Her plan was short lived; however, as two very large and intimidating guards quickly took great pleasure in punching and winding the fleeing prisoner. They quickly dragged her back towards the metallic table as she fought against them. It was no use though. It was clear both one of them could easily have taken her in one on one combat, and she was in no shape to fight, still groggy.

They held her arms in place, forcing her to sit on the metallic table. To make her distaste with the current arrangement clear, she did not hesitate to spit in the face of the approaching older gentlemen.

"What terrible behavior my child, that simply will not do," the old man cackled.

"Who the hell are you," Alice demanded, still struggling against the two guards.

"Well usually, spitting on someone loses the privilege to ask question of them. In this case; though, I will make a minor exception to the rule." He paused, slowly looking her over from head to toe, "I am Wilfred Doyle, the lead scientist for this facility. And you Ms. Rose..."

"How do you know my name," again spitting on the doctor as she interrupted him.

"You are quite the feisty type, I must admit Alice Rose. I thought for sure that when they were training you spies they taught you not to keep any sort of identifying information on you." The deranged looking man cackled as he held up a small picture of Alice and Daniel in his hands.

"Daniel! What did you do with Daniel?" she said pushing desperately against the guards, only to be held in place, bruising her wrist.

"I'm afraid your companion simply did not meet the criteria of our program. Perhaps next time you will choose a more acceptable mate."  Wilfred's voice was cold and methodical.

Alice kicked against the table lunging forward with all of her might, breaking one hand free and slamming it into Wilfred's aged face.  The two embarrassed guards were quick to restrain her once again, dragging her onto the table and holding her legs and arms in place against the cold surface.

Wilfred simply brushed a hand against his check, taking his glasses off and rubbing them clean with his lab coat. "Oh this is such delightful fun! I'm afraid; however, that this fun must end. You see, I have bills to pay, and as they say time is money".

He slowly walked around the table, quickly revealing a small syringe. Alice kicked and struggled desperately, screaming at the top of her lungs.  Despite her struggle, her strength was still only a fraction of what it should normally be. She couldn't break free of this constraint. Her eyes nervously followed the syringe as the doctor pulled back the plunger, tapping the casing a few times for good measure.

"What are you going to do to me?" She demanded the fear audible in her voice.

"Why Ms. Rose, we are going to fix you".

With that, the syringe was quickly plunged into her arm, the liquid inside burning as it coursed into her. She shrieked in horror as the pain overtook her.

"It will be over shortly Ms. Rose, and soon enough you will be only a fading memory," he laughed once more.

The Doctor left the room just as he had come in. The two guards following close behind. As they made their way for the door, Alice tried to follow only to find that the combination of intense pain and her general grogginess kept her from getting very far. As she tumbled off the table she tried to drag herself to the door, only to see it slam behind the last guard.

"Damnit..." she muttered, crawling towards a corner of the room. She slowly slouched against the wall, her stomach a wash and her emotions torn in every direction. She looked down at the wound caused by the injection noting that the skin around the area had turned a deep red.

She sighed, noting that the light would make a perfectly good time to see if she had any other battle wounds. As she began looking herself over, she realized the thing cloth she had been wearing was nothing more than a hospital gown. The thought that those oversized goons had undressed her at some point sent disgust through her.

As she checked herself, it became apparent that the Hospital Gown was in fact all that she was wearing. It also didn't help that the room was proving to be a bit chilly. She shivered in the corner, sobbing softly. She wasn't going to let it end like this. She slowly stood, regaining her wavering balance. Whatever they had pumped her full of was making her incredibly light headed.

She meandered towards the door, stumbling as she approached it.  She quickly began to pound on it, seeing no knob to turn.  After pounding on the door for what seemed like hours, she took what seemed to be the next most logical approach and began throwing her weight into it. Problematically, the door was simply too heavy for her to phase.

With a few last pathetic pounds on the doors structure, her bloodied knuckles demonstrated the futility of her actions. She sauntered over to the small metal table, her usually straight red hair now a complete and utterly tangled mess. She lay back against the table, staring at the ceiling.

An itch around the area of the injection site caused her to raise her arm so that she could look at it. What she saw horrified her.

All around the area of the injection, her skin seemed to have drained of color, making her whiter than normal. For being Scottish, she didn't know if it was possible for her to get any paler. But it wasn't the white skin which distressed her, but rather the course tan hairs that had erupted from the area. She brushed the area softly not completely understanding what had happened.

She quickly scanned herself once again to see if the small clump of hair had shown itself anywhere else. As yet another itch came from around her stomach, a sinking feeling overcame her. She quickly began to remove the gown knowing full well those sick bastards would be watching her somewhere. As she peeled the gown away, her fears were confirmed as all along her tummy small white hairs appeared to be sprouting.  

As she stood in shock, she noticed that on the floor were strands of her own long red hair strewn about haphazardly. Her hands reached across her scalp, only to return to her eyes with bushels of her pristine scarlet locks in each. She felt as though she would vomit, the feeling that the room spinning doing nothing to help.

As she fell to the floor, her balance having betrayed her, the spread of the hair follicles continued, getting slightly longer and spreading to all areas on her body.

A sudden pain in her feet brought her attention to them, watching as her toes seemed to disappear, her skin replaced by some kind of black substance. It was like some kind of hardened calcium, and her toes seemed to be merging into it. The sight of it all caused Alice to jump back into the wall dazing her.

The white fur crept its way down into her nether region, causing her vibrant red pubic hair to simply fall away as it crept its way towards her vulva. The once pinkish lips which had defined her delicate flower were quickly replaced by a much thicker and blacker skin. Alice could not help but to reach a hand between her legs to feel at the transformed skin.

The touch of her hand was cold to the unsuspecting flesh, sending shivers down her spine. She tried to focus, tried to shake the confusion of what was happening to her, but the sheer site of it all was far too much to deal with. She could only watch with morbid fascination as the white fur crept up her torso, covering her moderately sized breast.

She grazed them lightly with her hands, her mind a wash with confusion and fascination. The spread of the fur continued, with a small streak of black fur making its way around the white fur which defined her mid torso and nether regions. She could feel as her ears slowly started to expand, the fur crawling up her neck. Her limbs were completely covered in tan fur and her feet were now more akin to hooves. She could feel as the bones inside her body stretched and cracked, reforming to better allow for her new shape.

The pain it caused was tremendous, sending her in and out of consciousness. Each time she awoke, she recognized less and less of her body, taken away with each passing fade into the darkness. As the pain finally subsided, she awoke for the last time.

She looked down at her hands, happy to see that they had not met the same fate as her feet, flexing each finger. Her fingernails had been replaced by the same sort of black material as was now making up, for lack of a better term, her hooves. She scanned herself over; brushing against her scalp only to find small bony growths had erupted from her forehead.

It took her a second to piece together what had happened when it hit her. She had been mutated into some kind of Half Gazelle, Half Human monstrosity.

As if the situation needed to be worse, she heard the sound of the door once again opening, the doctor and his goons wandering in calmly. She quickly stood, trying to cover herself from the eyes of these sick fucks.

The two guards were quick to pin her to the table once again, the one holding her feet forcing her legs apart.

"You won't get away with this you monster!" she hollered.

"A little late for that isn't it?" He chuckled, running his hand along the smooth fur which coated her left leg. "You are neither the first or last, and I feel it's an appropriate fate, don't you? Always so willing to give your life to protect the environment you hold so dear. I can think of no more fitting way for you to spend the rest of your days".

"What have you done to me?" Alice demanded.

"I should figure that much is obvious my girl, you have been successfully crossed with Antelopinae Gazzela. Truthfully, it is a shame that none of your male team members survived the encounter. A breeding pair would have been fantastic!" His hand slowly made its way towards her inner thigh, twirling the short fur between his fingers.

 Alice could only look away as his hand migrated, hovering over the smooth fur which now coated her pubic mound. His finger traced along her delicate slit, causing her stomach to turn and mind to be filled with all manner of violent thought. She gasped as he slowly pushed a finger between her folds, rubbing against the strangely delicate skin within.

"Saving yourself for marriage eh? Such a shame..." the doctor commented, pressing his finger against the tight barrier which marked her as a virgin.

The young girl could only squirm as he slowly retracted his finger, running it along her fur, as if to wipe his hand clean of her juices. His wondering hand continued along her figure, brushing against her stomach and cupping her breast, muttering to himself as he went along. Finally the abomination of a man rested a hand on her ear, a guard handing him a small gun of sorts. With a flash, she felt as something pierced her newly formed ears.

"She's ready," he said in a cold and emotionless tone.

With that, the guards were quick to pick up her drained and tired body, nearly dragging her. She didn't have the strength or will to attempt to escape, her limp and tired body hanging between the two massive brutes. They proceeded to drag her out of the room into a long and narrow corridor. Each light they passed seemed to be more bright and intense than the previous.

"You get to meet Rudy!" one of the guards chortled.

As she looked ahead, she saw a door from which sunlight was beaming through. Her mind danced with thoughts of escape, of freedom. As the door was opened by the two mindless thugs; however, it quickly became clear that it was not freedom at all. It was as if someone had taken a jungle and bottled it up, a massive glass dome covering the ceiling.

The two men simply threw her into the clearing of grass, quickly disappearing into the door frame, slamming it behind them.

"Who is Rudy?" she wondered. As she stood, stumbling on her new legs, she began to explore her surroundings. She pushed aside ferns and tree branches following a most heavenly scent. The path led to a clearing, in the center of which a pond of fresh water flowed freely. Without even a second thought she plunged her head into the water, lapping up the beautiful liquid.

The instincts that had driven her to follow the scent were now doing something else. She didn't understand it, but she had the intense desire to run. She didn't even know where, but she had to run. She suppressed the thoughts though. She needed to sit down and think this situation through. The only way to get out of here would be to think this situation through. She couldn't let her fear get the best of her. More importantly then that, she would need to get some sleep.

Between the changes and the preparations for this operation, she was running on almost no sleep. She knew it likely wouldn't be safe on the ground, but if she could climb up into one of those trees, she might fare better. She quickly took to scaling one of the larger trees, hoping it might put her close enough to investigate the glass enclosure. Perhaps with a bit of luck she could break that to escape.

As she navigated her way to the top of the tree it became clear that nothing in the field would be quite tall enough to reach the glass canopy. Sighing, she tossed her head aside, scanning the tree for something to cover herself with.  With the sun beaming down, most threats wouldn't risk coming out for fear of being spotted. She hoped that she could wake up at night and keep a lookout while she thought of an escape plan.

She quickly bundled herself in some leaves, trying to get as comfortable as possible in the calm and motionless branches of the tree. Her eyes shut slowly, descending into the abyss of the sleep.

No sooner had she closed her eyes did she feel the tree shake fiercely. She glanced at the jungle floor below, looking for anything that could have caused the tree to rumble. There was nothing. She was awake though now, fully aware that something had disturbed her all too brief slumber.

The Tree shook again, madly her eyes danced up and down the trunk of the massive plant looking for any sign of an intruder. As she turned to look above her, she realized it was already too late. A shadowy creature leaped from a nearby tree, landing with a mixture of strength and grace directly in front of her. Alice's heart jumped as she realized the creature in front of her, much like her was a half humanoid creature as well. Unlike her; though, this creature was a Lion.

"Hello I'm... "she said softly before the massive beast interrupted her, grabbing her by the waist with both of his massive hands, and throwing her over his shoulder. "Put me down!" she demanded, the hulking creature as it abseiled down the massive tree, landing on the ground below with a gentle thud.

"Look I can help you, we can work together," she pleaded, her eyes filled with tears.

The Lion Laughed, "Creature, I am not imprisoned.... This is my domain!" his voice echoing through the jungle.

The Lion quickly pinned her to the soft grass below, his arms holding hers against the ground. She attempted to kick at him, only to realize that it was having no effect on his muscular form. As he moved a hand towards her neck, his other reached down, slowly prying her legs apart.

"This will go much smoother if you do not resist," he said softly, his deep voice sending shivers along her body.

"Not a chance in hell," a clump of grass flew towards his elegant face. The grass only caused the Lion to chuckle yet again. The large lion leaned into her, his muzzle reaching hers. Sandpaper like tongue ran along Alice's more equine facial structure. The hand which he had been prying her legs open with wondered to her stomach, now using his incredibly muscular form to keep her spread eagle on the soft grass.

Only tears could escape her as the Lion continued his assault, running his tongue across her soft fur, running down her neck, dancing over her delicate nipples. Dragging his free paw along her stomach he began to cup her magnificent breast, kneading at them as his tongue danced across her chest. Alice was repulsed by the whole event, and even more repulsed that her body was reciprocating.

"I see you are enjoying yourself!" the lion muffled, a delighted tone as he continued his oral assault, tracing down the soft fur of her belly. She could only watch in horror as the creatures muzzle made its way between her legs, the course licks quickly felt by her nether region. She shivered as the muscular organ danced over her quickly slicking entrance.

"No!" she screamed, trying once again to kick and struggle, only to be met with courser licks against her innocent and unprotected flower. His paw slowly pulling and kneading against her nipples, each time a burst of emotion and feeling filled her body.

"God Damnit! We can get out of here together, you don't have to do this!" she cried, her tears streaming down her cheeks. He lifted his head from the course and oddly arousing licks to respond to her.  

"Child, perhaps you do not understand... I do not wish to leave this place... because I created this place. Everything that you see is mine." The brief exchange only inspired the Lion to return to his previous activity, his tongue slowly darting around her delicate entrance. With each additional stroke his tongue made Alice could feel her body betraying her further, her nipples hardening and her flower quickly coating itself in her juices.

She squirmed beneath the great beast, trying to get some kind of leverage. Her repositioning only seemed to attract his attention though, as he quickly drew himself from her, his muzzle covered in her nectar. Dragging himself along, he quickly brought his muzzle to hers, much to Alice's disgust. She felt as her own sweet juices trickled from his lips to hers, his tongue pushing its way into her mouth, forcing it open.

But it was not the unwanted kiss which drew her attention. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the Lion's groin, a massive barbed organ snaking its way out. She watched in amazement as the creature lowered himself, the dark throbbing organ just inches from her virgin entrance. His dark mane obstructed most of her view, but she could feel as he slowly rubbed his throbbing erection against her waiting vulva.

He used his hand to draw the organ along her shallow lips, never quite entering her, but making his domination of her clear. Her nervous anticipation grew as the creature began lining himself up with her, slowly pushing against her lips. With a sudden and rapid thrust, he burst threw her maidenhood, robbing her of her innocence.

She could only scream into his muzzle, yet more tears escaping into the soft grass beneath. She felt his massive member burrowing its way into her, stretching her to the brink. He could feel him slowly moving in and out of her, each time he pulled back a mix of intense pain and pleasure overtook her.

He felt his finger slowly wonder over her clit, playing with it as he thrust into her again and again. Having reached her breaking point, she used all the energy she had left to head butt the lion seemingly attached to her face.

The beast reared its head back, a mixture of anger and bemusement crossing his face. He simply moved his grip upon her neck and moved it towards her jaw, holding her head against the ground and using his weight to keep her pinned. He increased the speed at which he thrust in and out of her, each thrust making Alice all that much sicker to her stomach.

 She attempted to spit at him, only to be met with indifference. He continued the mating session long into the night, his heavy feline orbs bouncing against her rump with each passing thrust. And then just as quickly as the assault had begun, she felt the Lion tense up, every muscle locking her in place as terrible warmth began to fill her womb. Thick ropes of cum coated her innards.

The Lion simply looked down at her, smiling.

"And I'm not even done with you yet, isn't that fantastic?"

Alice could only return a look of confusion before realizing what the lion meant. As he pulled out of her slowly his tongue returned to the delicate flesh atop her belly. He began licking furiously, even feeling his teeth grinding against her flesh.

"Oh you will taste so good", his mouth continuing to rub against her stomach.

With that, she felt he bit into her stomach, causing her to shriek in pain. The lion responded by simply moving his hand back to her neck, slowly choking her.

"Live the last moments of your life, my little Eco terrorist friend, knowing that you have made the ultimate sacrifice! You have chosen to give your life to feed another!"

Her brain was filled with signals of pain, panic, and struggle as she watched a course stream of red blood coat her bright white fur.

As the ever decreasing amount of air circulated through her system, she managed one last sentence:

"Burn in Hell..."

With that, she bit down, an explosive implanted in her tooth detonating. A massive fireball engulfed the both of them.


The News would go on to report that an accidental explosion had occurred at the Cerberus research Labs. Alice Rose and her team would be memorialized by those that knew their true mission that night. They were forever seen as heroes and patriots in the eyes of those that knew the true events that happened in that fateful lab. 

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not bad at all; I liked it 5/5
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Thank you much so :3
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what a "tweeist" at the end well done
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if anyone needs a horses pussy and ass just send me a message.
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Very well done. ^_^