23 Feb 2012

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Posted 23 Feb 2012 02:17
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the monkeys plight pt3

As she's hiding the men hear the sound of her moving behind the rock!
They run over but she's not there!...
Well, I know I heard something over there!
ya i think i see what is was (looking over at the space ship)

stars climbs into the seat of the space ship and trying to remember what her man said to do she says
puter vac s1...... (the computer dose nothing) she says com..puter ?
Yes? Please say your command?
I ned help. Ross said to ask you to evac s1?
Thank you emergency evac now please buckle seat belt and preparer to take off.
I don't under stand... buckle ?
Please take both ends of the belts of the seat and connect them together . And all persons need to be seated or leave the take off area
All persons? She turns to see.........

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Lir 2 years ago 0
dun Dun DUUUUNNN!!!
Pannonfur 2 years ago 0
Hope he will not get her, and not fuck her.
It would be nice to burn him with the engines. icon_biggrin.gif
Nice pic!