23 Feb 2012

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Posted 23 Feb 2012 02:25
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Snowy Doublescoop

Snowy Doublescoop. (Doublescoop to friends)
He's a slightly underfed example of a male pony, and his grey coat is a rare occurrence in ponies which makes him stand out almost as much as the armour he wears every day.
The armour wasn't his choice; when he was a colt his friends dared him to make and eat the coldest ice cream he could find, and when he couldn't find ice cream of sufficient chill he had to forevermore wear the armour he wears now. It has been almost fifteen years since, and he has had it upgraded to fit him several times. His friends, initially finding it hilarious, now have difficulty picturing him without it.
He makes and sells ice cream for a living, and his special skill is in the same culinary field. He acquired his Cutie Mark when he first invented the now notorious "Frosty Deathscoop," which is chocolate ice cream made so cold that it gives brain freeze the second it touches the tongue.
He tested it on his friends.
Though from outward appearance, he seems intimidating or even scary, he's actually rather easy going and friendly, and he never turns down a good party. Though he sells more ice cream in summer, he relishes the cold of winter.

I based him, obviously, on the Death Knight Deathcharger, and good god did I have fun drawing this~

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