23 Feb 2012

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Posted 23 Feb 2012 05:02
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Back to ARG-ing, maybe

It's been about 8 months since I stopped alternate reality gaming. I didn't want to quit, really, but life caught up and what not, so, here I am, ready to dive back in. Anybody have any suggestions? Well, *crack* *stretch* back to unfiction and argnet. A nice hot cup of tea, late night theme in chrome, late night in reality, and a browser with unforum and sofurry up. That is how this fox is spending his night.

DeltronZero 2 years ago 0
I got a brony roleplay on a textplus community, a roleplay sofurry, and then second life. Three different me's all at the same time.
Jackyll 2 years ago 0
How is this relevant at all?
DeltronZero 2 years ago 0
I dunno. That's what I'm doing tonight?