23 Feb 2012

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Posted 23 Feb 2012 12:09
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Holly Seams

Holly Seams. (Holly to friends)
Holly is... a bit of an oddball. She's difficult to be around unless you're capable of handling a headstrong yet slightly manic personality. She owns a costume store, and she makes all of the costumes in the store herself, even the metal bits that require an anvil or an engraver to create.
She earned her Cutie Mark when her friend, Frosty Doublescoop, lost a bet to her and several other friends as colts and fillies. The costume that he still wears is his payment for losing, and her first true piece of craftsmanship. She was quite proud of the armour when he donned it, pleased with herself that she had done so well.
She wears one of her costumes herself as a uniform when she works at her store, something she spent almost a week creating, and of which she is quite proud. Despite her sharp tongue and erratic personality, she gets on oddly well with Doublescoop; despite the fact that it is she who made the costume he wears at all times besides sleeping and bathing.
She LOOOOOOVES costume parties.

Hee, Pally Charger pony~ I play Paladin on WoW, so I am ALL OVER this :3

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