Frost the Cat
19 Jun 2012

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Posted 19 Jun 2012 14:08
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Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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Date: 2012:06:16 11:49:23

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AC 2012 - Frostcat vs. Sly Cooper: A Timely Adversary

This year's AC's Guest of Honor is Dev Madan. The main Art Director of Sly Cooper. Knowing that the newest addition of the franchise is Sly 4: Thieves of Time, I figure I would actually make a sweeper for this awesome moment.

Hopefully I can get a cool art picture based off of this actual fursuit standoff but have Clocklwork looming in the background.

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Matthew_Hindpaw 1 year ago 0
You know, I once had an idea for a fighting game that was something like this: famous anthros fighting each other.