05 Jan 2008

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Posted 05 Jan 2008 09:00
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I KNOW hes name means Bear...but in my mind hes a wolf T__T, whatever I hete whatever U wnat with him

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Pard 6 years ago 0
If Beaowulf'd look like that from the very beginning I'd enjoy the story so much more!
Unrealismos 6 years ago 0
U think so?! many thanks
Aurco 6 years ago 0
Was wondering when i'd see this parody of beowulf lol!
Unrealismos 6 years ago 0
im wondering too :P
Pad 6 years ago 0
haha I like him. The facial hair and everything is so perfect. And yeah, I couldn't really see him as a bear either.
Unrealismos 6 years ago 0
we think the same T___T, and im glad U loike him ;)