06 Jan 2008

StarFox 3D
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Posted 06 Jan 2008 22:29
Last edited 30 Sep 2012 16:37
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Firelight Foxes

#1 of StarFox 3D

Fox McCloud sharing a tender moment with Krystal by firelight, on a warm summer's night on some out-of-the-way planet (Sauria maybe?). Will it lead to more? Only they know...

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lamoxlamae 6 years ago 0
The fluffy tails look really out of place on the smooth but otherwise textured bodies... maybe add some stray hairs on the body and try to make things look less smooth? Besides that, it's ok. :)
Foxyfellowuk 6 years ago 0
All valid thoughts. Thanks for them. :-)
The Collection 6 years ago 0
I just found a new interest in CG krystal pictures, this will go nicely with my collection.
C-PRIME 6 years ago 0
That's so adorable, they look positively cute together o^w^o
*adds to favorites*

Foxyfellowuk 6 years ago 0
Thank you. :-)
Sonic Fox 6 years ago 0
Amazing! Well done! 5/5 and faved!
Foxyfellowuk 6 years ago 0
Thank you. :-)
Thunder_gryphoN 6 years ago 0
I think this piece could really benefit from a background.
And I will second lamoxlamae. The fur looks great, but it seems out of place. I think that if you shortened it (have it around 1/3 to 1/4 the original length), made it much denser, and covered the entire bodies, it would work out very nicely.
Oh.. and a minor issue... the ears could use a better transition to the head, everything is nice and smooth, then there's this sharp transition to an ear that seems to have been stuck on (Not to mention the light inside Fox's ear).

This is very high quality work, but it could use some polishing to make it truly shine. 4/5 :>
Foxyfellowuk 6 years ago 0
Thanks for the thoughts - always welcome. :-) To respond...

Believe me, if I could have given them full-body fur I would, but sadly that would require a far more powerful, much more memory-loaded machine than mine - 3D rendering is massively resources-intensive. At such time as I can afford a top-of-the-range Alienware or borrow a render farm from ILM, then you'll see 'em with suitably svelte pelts. icon_biggrin.gif

As for the background, I politely disagree - I really didn't want to risk distracting from the vulpine duo; besides, in their world right now, there is nothing besides each other. :-)

Oh, and as for the ears - quirk of the model, which I did not make, and would have zero idea how to modify.

Thanks again for the comments. icon_biggrin.gif
Thunder_gryphoN 6 years ago 0
Too bad rendering is such a PITA. I left my computer to render overnight for CAD a while back, and it wasn't done until noon the next day. Fun times.

I can see where you come from, and I have no problems with your choice of background. I just personally prefer a little bit of something. A wooden cabin wall, soft-focused, is what my imagination is putting there. :>

Great work overall, I am looking forward to your next submissions. ^v^