12 Jan 2008

StarFox 3D
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Posted 12 Jan 2008 14:18
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Firelight Foxes 6

#6 of StarFox 3D

About a year later, and say hello to the family McCloud! Well, how else did you expect me to end the series? ;-)

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Sonic Fox 6 years ago 0
That is the most touching picture of Fox and Krystal I have ever seen. I like what you did to Fox's face and how you gave the same traits of Krytsal and Fox to their kits. Congradulations Fox and Krystal, and thank you Foxyfellowuk!
The Collection 6 years ago 0
the series ended? nuh!~
Canilash 6 years ago 0
Very well done! What software are you using?
Foxyfellowuk 6 years ago 0
Poser 7, with a side-order of Photoshop 7.

And thanks. :-)
SiberDrac 6 years ago 0
Very, very impressive. It is rare to see rendering this good, and the charaters are cute. I like the color contrasts.
Mewtwolover 6 years ago 0
Awesome series. 5/5
Maximus_C 5 years ago 0
yea. this is tender, and cute. ^^ hooray for Fox and Krystal!!! XD i wonder their kids will be as good as them in terms of being piolets and adventurers. hmm... only time will tell.
SPARTASTICUS 1 year ago 0
WONDERFUL!!! AH LUV IT!!! SUCH A LOVELY FAMILY!! Ah'm almost on the verge of tears 'ere!!