19 Mar 2008

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Posted 19 Mar 2008 22:57
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Jamie Fox

The first- I repeat- THE FIRST EVER TAUR I'VE DRAWN!!! =D

I'm really excited how it came out since I thought it was gonna be hard at first but I see its rather easy, just draw a feral body with a anthro body as the top and poof, taur city x3 hehe

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Chakat Riversand 6 years ago 0
wow, amazing! I am a taur myself, and i see no flaws in your artwork on the taurform body. I have a challenge/request for you, if you want. let me know if you want to attempt it. I will tell you that it is a taur.
Ez-Bone 6 years ago 0
Ok, I'm listening
Chakat Riversand 6 years ago 0
okay, it is of a Si-Yiw-Ta. a species of taur that i made recently. they are a cross between a dragon and feline, and are taurs. no wings though. they are hermaphroditic... best availability for the genetics. two breasts, on the upper chest, as well as scales mixed with fur, some spots having more fur on the scales than others. they have normal paws on their taurso, the feral part. the tail is slightly reptillian, but long and agile, like a cats. their head has a medium length muzzle.

I want you to try this, in any pose you want, and if you can, try to show off the dual nature. the Testicals are internal, and they have a slightly external sheath. if you show the Phallus, they are slightly barbed, but the more important feature is the ridges, they umber at 10 ridges.
blackhowler 4 years ago 0
i say that for your first taur its realy good
Siris the kyubi 3 years ago 0
as a taur myself i'd say this looks great. can't say i particularly see anything wrong with it
Chakat Firestar 2 years ago 0
im also taur and you did a really good job on your first one. have you done any chakats?