01 May 2008

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Posted 01 May 2008 01:55
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Arby 'N' The Chief

#40 of Halo

A Master Chief and Arbiter sex swap, just seeing what they would look like as girls... ok, they would look the same as they do now if we play by Bungies rules, but I think its needs to be sexyed up a bit to get the look right.

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MukiYeener 5 years ago 0
I see what you did there.
Methados 5 years ago 0
lol, you mean the name or the pic don't you.
MukiYeener 5 years ago 0
Haha, oh shit I didn't even notice the name of the picture. I just saw it on the front page.

"arb i r teh total lez 4 u lololololol"
"... I am so uncomfortable right now."
Methados 5 years ago 0
"Hugz?/.... Wher is teh luv...teh loev...the love."
Dragon Keeper 5 years ago 0
not exactly what i saw coming, but pretty god damn close. i still think my proficy will come true though.... there will be arbiter and masterchif yiff... ALL HAIL THE PROFICIES!

take note, i am not the profit of truth.... im just a guy whose been on this site too long
Moonlit_Wolf 5 years ago 0
ah, female master chief...brings to mind Haloid lol. "Master Chick" ftw XD
Methados 5 years ago 0
Holy shit dude, Thank you so much for saying that name, I never seen that before, so I went to check it out cause you said the name. It blew me away, I can't belive something that good was out there about Halo and I never seen it before. Its was so damn cool. And a funny ending.
Moonlit_Wolf 5 years ago 0
hehehe, glad I could be of service =3. Oh, and if you liked Haloid, check out Dead Fantasy I and Dead Fantasy II. Done by the same guy who did Haloid (Monty Oum, who is, by the way, God). Dead Fantasy I is on par with Haloid...Dead Fantasy II, however, is better IMO =P.
AIpha 5 years ago 0
(drooling)... why couldn't bungie make them look so HOT!!!???!! MASTER PEICE!
Duran 5 years ago 0
Well the armors off but still HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I wish Linda looked like that drooool
killerman560 3 years ago 0
interesting i always wondered what they would look like if they where female
Eliteman118 1 year ago 0
Giggity giggity giggity BOING