05 Jun 2008

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Posted 05 Jun 2008 19:17
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Elite coming home.

#48 of Halo

This is a pic I made of an elite after a battle of some kind, half his armor was lost, and the top part of his helmet.

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Yiff Dragon 5 years ago 0
AIpha 5 years ago 0
looks like a true hero! your drawing skills have increased tenfold since you started and you've got the shading down. =D
Jet192 5 years ago 0
nice picture! good work?? :-)
not here any more 5 years ago 0
Wow thats looks nice.The way you did the ripped part on the suit is awsome.^^
FidoOfDarkness 5 years ago 0
I can't believe I missed this! o.O

Yiffstar has a problem with showing "recent" pictures.

I agree with Dragonman, he truly looks like a hero, and you've definitely got the shading down. Question: can you make a background with surprised females? It would definitely be interesting. :)