09 Jun 2008

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Posted 09 Jun 2008 13:15
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GOOD morning, Coyotek!

Another great artwork done by the awesome Shizl.

Coyotek wakes up and finds two lovely felines, Geno and Sun, lying next to him and wait to help him to start a great new day :3
Or in other words... AWESUM day! xD

Lineart © TheShizl
Chraracters and colours © me ;3

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Cobra Reaper 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
2 girls allright LOL
MDM_RUS 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
Enjoy ^^
vamplust 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
you lucky bastard!! NIIIICE!! lol ^^
Demonwhisper 5 years ago 0
nickk 5 years ago 0
Very well done, Coyo! Heh, you are one hot stud ;) (But I'm not gay)

So, who gets a piece of you first? :P
Pad 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
hehe Sun woke you up, eh? xD I just love her mischievous expression, with that little tooth hangin' out there. You look a bit younger here I think, just the style.
DrakFierz 5 years ago 0
he must feel like a king eh, what a sweet way to wake up (dreams)
calumethighstrecool 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
Love it!!! The girls are awesome! They're so sexy! I'd do anything to wake up to them in my bed!
kumokasumi akuma 5 years ago 0
Pretty, I like the expressions.
shadow fang 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
lol lucky Son of a bitch... lol love the girl on his left she is hot as all hell keep up the great work
Sobana Blupaw 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
what a lucky guy
TheNovelist 5 years ago 0
I wish I could wake up in that position. Oh well.
Daemon Wolf 5 years ago 0
coyotek 5 years ago 0
Grand Duke 5 years ago 0
yea i agree with Daemon Wolf.
Grand Duke 5 years ago 0
yea i agree with Daemon Wolf.
Little Red Wolf 5 years ago 0
Vote: 5/5
I love these guys!
Arsenico 4 years ago 0
Wish i woke up to THAT every day !
i'd never get out of bed !