09 Aug 2008

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Today's interview gives us a view into the scaly head of ReptileCynrik! It's no wonder he dominates the "Popular Top 20" lists with his excellent works. Drawing mostly anthro dragons and other scaleys Reptile is also more than up to depicting mammals, which he proved impressively not too long ago. Anyway, lets get the interview started!

Section One - Yourself in the Fandom

What is your name?

My username (and also the name of my favourite comic character) is "Reptile Cynrik". My real human name is Patrick Reichel.

What species is your fursona?

He is a Reptilian (German: "Echsenwesen"). This is at least my version of a lizard-man or dinosaur-human-hybrid creature.

Male, Female, or Hermaphrodite (it had to be asked)?

I am myself a male (gimme a sec... yep, confirmed). And I prefer male and female. Hermaphrodite are really not my way.

How long have you considered yourself a furry?

I guess, it started back in 1996, when I have created my "Reptile-Universe" and all the characters related. I can really admit, that by creating "Reptile", I was beginning to think... how would it be to actually be a Reptilian? I have never done role plays, though... but I use to dream about me and "Reptile" sharing some cool adventures. And sometimes, I act as "Reptile" myself.

How did you first come across the furry fandom?

My good friend Herisheft (also here on YS) introduced me to DeviantArt, where I posted my first works a few years ago. And some time later, I discovered Yiffstar to be the perfect place to submit my adult art. I don't remember correctly but... I am pretty sure, that Toumal himself has brought me to this website and to all the cool people around.

Do you own a Fursuit?

No, and I don't want to. But I admit, that I have sewed a loincloth some time ago... icon_biggrin.gif

Have you ever attended a furry convention?

No, I have not. But a friend of me has, and he told me it is kinda nice.

If not, would you, given the chance?

Maybe, I will in time. So far, I have only visited some comic conventions.

And of course, the unavoidable question...

If you were given the chance, would you want to become the physical embodiment of your fursona?

Well, I can only tell the things I have mentioned before... about my dreams. Sure, I have often dreamed of being "Reptile". But you know what? This has caused me some trouble (at least in the dreams itself)! To be "Reptile" is not an easy life... I am pretty sure, I would get caught by police or the army... scientists would make experiments on me... the whole spectrum of perverse torture and you know what I mean!! But on the other hand, it would be cool. At least for one day!

Section Two - Art and you.

When did you first start drawing?

Oh, let me think... I have proof of an old "He-Man" picture, which I drew back in 1986 (I was born in 1979, by the way)! But my first "solid" drawings came to life in 1992. From 1992-1996 I have drawn a comic serial about my best pal and myself (a little bit too much self love?) and we shared some cool adventures. But in the year 1996, I have created "Reptile"... and this is by far my favourite comic line. Sure, I have also drawn anything which came across my eyes... "Turtles", "MASK", "Transformers", "Alien", "He-Man", "X-Men" and "Spider-Man" to name just a few.

Do you ever draw non-furry art, or is the fandom your only creative "outlet"?

Oh, I do much stuff beside furry art. Especially in the years of my art studies at the university, I had to draw many pencil, coal and ink drawings. One of my favourite genres - beside fantasy - is "portrait art". I like to do photo-realistic portraits of beloved people (pencil drawings). Many of my comics are non-furry. And I have copied various pictures from favourite artists. And I like to do landscapes (have not done this for quite a while). Of course, I also draw many different artworks for school: pictures for my small students to colour and to enjoy. All clean stuff, this is for sure! *smiles*

What, if any, famous artists do you consider the greatest influence on your style?

This is not easy to tell. I'll just name some people, who did the greatest influence. First of all, it is the "X-Men" artists Jim Lee (pencils) and Scott Williams (inks). If you watch their style, you can see the influence they had on my style. Also Todd McFarlane ("SPAWN") and his best artists Gregg Capullo (pencils) and Danny Miki (inks). I have combined the inking style of Danny Miki and Scott Williams to create my own style. When it comes to dragons, I have been influenced by the great Ciruelo Cabral. His dragons are the BEST! I have even met him in person once upon a time at a German book fair... a really cool guy.

And overall, what would you say is your favourite piece of art, be that furry or nonfurry?

I guess, it is the portrait drawing of my grandmother and also some other pencil portraits. But of course, there are plenty "Reptile" pin ups, which I keep safely behind glass frames at my wall. I watch them every day. Honestly, no joke! I have almost ALL my pictures framed in glass... weird, huh? But I assure you, you never need a boring wall-paper!

Would you ever consider doing commissions for people within the fandom?

I have... and still do... but only a very little amount. You see, my job leaves me barely time to draw anything... even for myself. That is why I cannot do commissions anymore. I do casual birthday gifts, yeah. But no more commissions! And since I never took any money for a requested picture, I am also the wrong guy to be commissioned. I just cannot take cash for my art... weird, huh? Stupid, I might say. People told me, I could get rich this way. But I want to draw because of the fun. And if someone is happy and grateful about an gift artwork, it is the greatest reward to me!! And I also think, that people should just enjoy the stuff I post. I don't just do it for myself... but for everyone, who loves it.

If you could, would you go "pro" and do art for a living? (Provided that you are not already)

I won't. The reason is simple: here in Germany, you cannot make a living by doing art. I have tried to sell art and comics and I have always been rejected. In the USA, it might be a little bit more easy, but not here. So, I am doing a job which is needed in my country and which also includes my talent: art teacher.

But given that you could, would it have to be furry, or would you go for a more "mainstream" subject?

If I would do art for living, it would cover ALL subjects! I don't want to be put in one single subject...

Where do you do your best thinking and drawing?

At my table in my room (surrounded by my pictures and countless "He-Man" figures). Though I get many ideas everywhere, I need to draw it in my private room.

What inspires you to draw?

Anything I see! *watches around* Mostly, it is comics and movies. But also people's ideas.

Draw orcas! Okay, I admit that one was cheap ;)

Hehehe, well maybe I will try that in time. I am still gathering information about how to design a really "good" anthro-orca! If I would draw one, it would have to be... well, good. I want this to be realistic, even if we can call it "fantasy".

What, if at all, is the longest period of creative drought you have suffered?

Pardon me...? *smiles* I have never had an art-block or anything like it. I always find something to do. And even back in the time of my service at the German Army, I was always equipped with pen and paper...

Finally, who is your favourite author/artist here on Yiffstar?

Unfair question! There are so many great ones around. May I just throw in some names? Okay, just go to my watch list and you will see. Seriously, I really like Narse, Herisheft, Falcon McCooper, IceMan, Nidhogg and many more!

Section Three - Beneath the fur. (AKA. The personal gossip section!)

Are you currently in a relationship?

No. I have good friends though, who help me pass the time.

Are you looking?

I am looking for casual, I suppose. Every joyful fun is welcome! Seriously, I have had a good relationship for 2 years. But I admit, that I was either too busy to care for the person... or I was too much in love with myself sometimes, so that I forgot to care more. Don't get me wrong, I really love to care for others! It is the greatest pleasure, to have someone to care for... but sometimes, I just don't know where my head is.

What qualities do you first look for in a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/mate?

Understanding, tolerance, honesty and a big load of humour!

What qualities do you think you personally can bring to a relationship?

Understanding, tolerance, honesty and a big load of humour (is there an echo?)!

Aside from traditional relationships, would you ever take a master or a pet?


Public displays of affection. Yes or no, and why?

Well, since I am some sort of "show-off-exhibitionist" type... yeah, why not. *grins wide*

Sex before marriage. Again, yes or no, and why?

Since I have had sex before a marriage... yes! The reason is, that sex does not have irreversibly lead to a strong relationship. And a strong relationship does not lead to marriage, either. If you really love a person (and this has to come from the heart), it is okay to proceed in the best pleasures ever. Even though I am a catholic guy and believe in god, I don't really think that you have to be married, just to make love to the person you love.

And what are your thoughts on casual sex? Do you think that only serious commitments should lead to sex, or are one night stands okay?

I have never had a one night stand. Dunno, if I would ever try, either. But I think, you have to get to know a person before having sex. Sex is fun, sure... but it is also way more personal, then giving just a handshake. But overall, no sex just because you need it. You have to like the person you have sex with. And you have to know him or her!
And there is one thing, you might find interesting about me: I find a kiss way more intimate, then pure sex. I would have sex with someone, before I kiss him/her. Yeah, kissing is the ultimate sign of affection and love. Sex is just a sign, that we both love... to live.

So, what about yiffing or 'cyber-sex' as it is more commonly known in the mainstream?

Uuhhm... this is really too private now! *smiles and blinks with one eye*
But yeah, why not? I like to show and like to watch... after all, nobody forces the people to show themselves!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I don't even know what this is...

A pet peeve is something that annoys you to no end, something that nags you everytime you encounter it. So, got any pet peeves? ;)

Oh, yeah... mostly, it is "peanuts" which can really annoy me. And most of the time, it's not people but what they do! For example, when someone leaves dirty dishes 1 meter next to the dish wash machine... hello!?! Why the hell did they not put it inside? Hehe, you see... I really hate disorder.

And your deepest fear?

A new world war... and bombs and nukes, which destroy my home and all the people I love. I have casual nightmares about that...

Now for a few less intimate questions!

Your favourite meal?

Noodles and chicken fricassee!

Your favourite dessert and drink?

I love ice cream and cola! But in order to avoid unwanted fat cells, I am mixing my cola (25%) with sprite (45%) and water (30%).

Your favourite console and game (PC/Mac does not count)?

SUPER NINTENDO with the game "Super Metroid"!

Your favourite TV show?

It is the show "House M.D." (in Germany: "Dr. House"). I just love that sarcastic bastard! But in the past, it has been "STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION" (I still watch all episodes on DVD)!

Section Four - Your time on Yiffstar.

This first part isn't a question, but is your chance to tell the readers about the piece of work you are most proud of. We'll stick a link in for you, all you need to do is give them a little commentary about it in your own words!

Seriously, there are 3 pictures here which I love most. I guess, it is okay to paste even 3 links here, anyway. But I need to say something about the artworks:

ReptileCynrik_What_a_Holiday.jpg"What a Holiday" is my most favourite pencil artwork. Even if I have copied this pose from the artist "BOMB", I still love this work. It shows one of my best friends ("Larom"), after all.

ReptileCynrik_Fly_with_Me.jpg"Fly with me" is my most favourite traditional style (pencil, ink, markers, acrylics) artwork. The pose reference has been a photo which I took from human models (usually myself). This is just the best way to get good proportion! It shows my very good friend "Nidhogg", who I would really love to meet some day...

ReptileCynrik_Battle_Brothers.jpg"Battle Brothers" is my most favourite digital style (Photoshop 7.0) artwork. It shows the character "Groul" of my beloved friend Vesa. He is just one of the best people I know! Well, do I have to say more?

Now, out of the things you've submitted on YS, are there any characters which you can relate to on a personal level? If so, which one would you say this is truest for?

Ewww... ALL OF THEM!?! Yes, that is the whole "plot" behind my artworks. I know almost all people personally. And that is why I don't just draw every character, which I see here. If I am doing a Yiffy artwork, I have to be related to the person behind that character in some way. Either, I know him or her for a long time over the net... or I have really MET him or her in real life. And I can say... each character I have drawn really fits to the person behind the character! That is the good part about knowing the person behind the creation!

And if you could inherit a single personality trait from one of your characters, from who and what would it be?

I don't have to inherit a personality trait because my characters are mirrors of ME! For example, "Reptile" has my humour and my love for life... but also some naive understanding of the world he is living in. My other characters share some other personality traits of me.
But if I would have to choose something... I would really appreciate to have the body of "Reptile"!! And I would like to be as spontaneous as he is...

Section Five - Finally, and funnily enough.

Our interview is almost over, but there's just enough time to quiz you with a few more random titbits. No, these questions don't have any relevance to anything in particular, but dammit, I think they're fun!

Tentacles. Yes or No?

I never liked it... but over the past months, I have come to enjoy it. But under one condition: the tentacles have to be enjoyed by the person. I have no problems about countless tentacles going in and outside anywhere the body... but I don't like the "torture" aspect. So, it has to be painless and by choice!

And if it were mind-control and/or coercion? Would you still like it if the person in question were to "learn" to like it after a while? ;)

Well, I am not so into "mind control" or anything like this. Though I have used this aspect in some of my comics once in a while. Good people turn evil... and do all the crazy stuff, they would not do usually!

MACRO, micro, or Mid-Size furs?

I enjoy the "normal-yet-a-little-bit-larger-then-usual-but-still-normal" sizes!

Fox, Fennec or Kitsune?

No, mostly reptiles, dragons, dinosaurs and all the good scalies!

1337 speak within the fandom.

Aw, here is space for the last words of wisdom? icon_biggrin.gif Okay!
I would like to thank "Toumal" for this nice interview and the chance he gave me to tell something about myself. I hope, that many questions have been solved. People on YIFFSTAR know, that I am never too busy to reply on comments or shouts. And I also reply to eMails, when I have the time. What I want to tell you is simple: be well, take care and have a good life. Life good and respect other people.
About drawing and art: never give up and keep practising! Nobody is a master after one day... not even after 50 years! You just have to keep it up and never stop!!
And the last words: Love yourself! If you are incapable of loving yourself, you are also incapable of loving other people. So, have faith and trust in yourself and your skills. Try to be a little bit better with each passing day... and be happy about every day you live!

Well played, Reptile ;)
Our interview comes to an end, but be sure to keep an eye out on him. He's poised to draw more delicious scalies, and maybe even a mammal here and there. Thanks for your time, and I hope this interview was interesting for you. Seeya again in a few weeks, when it's time to squeeze the bejeezes out of our next unsuspecting artist... ;)

DreamGod 5 years ago 0
Well said, Reptile. Man, we're so alike!
Drakon 5 years ago 0
Hey cool. Und herzlichen Glückwunsch das du ausgesucht wurdest Reptile ;)
EmberGryphon 5 years ago 0
McFaaaaaaaaaaaarlene. 8D Spawn's art style is so awesome...

Anywho. Congradulations. =3
jiggystardust 5 years ago 0
you have a way of turning straight dudes into bisexuals XD

well, towards furries/scalies anyway. ;)
Toumal 5 years ago 0
That's how it always starts. Before long you'll lust for cock ^_^
jiggystardust 5 years ago 0
lol, i have no idea, as rl males don't turn me on.

who knows, maybe ReptileCynrik's or Narse's art is that good, or maybe i'd let some fursuiter... *leaves for imagination*
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
@Drakon: Vielen Dank auch, mein Freund! ^..^ Hat großen Spaß gemacht.

Toumal: Thanks again for this nice interview, it has been fun and a great opportunity to provide the people here with some information, they'd usually NOT get so easily. ^..^

avatar?user=152309&character=0&clevel=0 all the others: THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, LOVE and everything else, which keeps me going!!!!! *hugs and cuddles all*
Bloodscale 5 years ago 0
is ja toll, aber FASS MICH NICHT AN!
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Würd mir nie in den Sinn kommen.
Bloodscale 5 years ago 0
Bevor du noch auf die Idee kommst mich bei hugs everyone mit einzubeziehen....
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Man kann sich aber auch anstellen. Abgesehen davon kam der "hug everyone" lange bevor DU einen ersten Kommentar geschrieben hast! Also bezog sich diese Aktion gar nicht auf dich. Außerdem werden nur die Leute gedrückt, die sich auch angesprochen fühlen und es wollen. ^..^
Bloodscale 5 years ago 0
Ja meister

Natürlich Meister
Asyr 5 years ago 0
Das Spotlight hast du dir verdient, Reptile. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Es war sehr informativ und aufschlussreich ;)
Ich glaube, ich kann mich im grunde jetzt schon als Fan bezeichnen. Wo ist der Fanclub? ^^
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Eheem... nun, HIER vielleicht?? :D Hehehe, danke schön auch! ^..^
Bloodscale 5 years ago 0
Du bist ein klassiker der Künstlerkategorie "Geisterhafter Wanderer" Aus sieben oder acht verschiedenen Seiten kenne ich nun deine Kunst, habe aber vor diesem Interview nie mehr von dir gesehen als deine Unterschrift.
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Nun, dann weißt du nun auch etwas mehr von mir! ^..^ Wenn alles gut geht, dann erscheint am Ende des Jahres auch noch ein ONLINE Spiel, wo ich mitgearbeitet habe. Das wäre was! :D Danke schön.
Bloodscale 5 years ago 0
Heißt es zufällig Spore? XD
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Nein. Es wird "World In Ruin" heißen, wenn dieser Titel bleiben sollte. Man muss einfach mal abwarten, wie die Programmierer voran kommen.
Saleru 5 years ago 0
Wenn Sie keine Final Fantasy Lizenz haben dann denke ich wirds sicherlich umbenannt ;) Denn das war der Titel einer der FF Spiele fürn Super Ninetndo ;)
MrGabagre 5 years ago 0
War das nicht "World Of Ruin"?
SlowChu 5 years ago 0
Auch von mir einen herzlichen Glueckwunsch.
Hab mir mal deine Gallerie angeguckt und kann nur sagen....Wow... brilliant:)
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Vielen Dank auch!!!! ^..^ Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt.
Flaming Lizard 5 years ago 0
I knew one day I would see Reptile in the artist spotlight. Very nice and informative. Keep up the good work Reptile :D
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Glad, I could inform you a little. ^..^ Thanks very much.
ScyStorm 5 years ago 0
Yay Reppy was featured~

I wanna be featured T_T
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
^..^ Thankies, pal. *huggles*
Satch 5 years ago 0
It's cool to know that one of my favorite artists is from Germany. I've never been outside of the U.S., so I think the entire universe is concentrated within Washington state limits. Good to know that Reptile is an art teacher, though!
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Hehehe, thank you very much. I'd my best best here! Keep watching and take care.
serious-sam 5 years ago 0
Es war eine Frage der Zeit :) Ich wusste, dass du ausgezeichnet werden wirst. :D
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Dziękuję bardzo! :D
Und danke schön! :)
Thank you very much, my friend. ^..^
serious-sam 5 years ago 0
Well well, I think we surprised each other ;) I just wonder if I wrote it correctly... You did very good.
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Well, a good friend of mine comes from Poland... but I admit, I have used a "PONS" dictionary program. :D
C-dre 5 years ago 0
Well...I didn't realized you were featured. Hope you're doing okay. ^^
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Yeah, I am doing fine, thanks for asking! ;) Well, school work started again... this means, less time for art. But I guess, I have done quite a lot in the past 2 months! ^..^
MrGabagre 5 years ago 0
War schon an der Zeit, dass über dich mal ein Spotlight gemacht wird!! Weiter so!!!
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Vielen lieben Dank! ;) Ich freue mich auch sehr. ^..^
Nidhogg 5 years ago 0
I love this interview, hehe. And I feel so honored to be mentioned here. You are truly a great friend, Patrick.
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
If I'm asked to list up the best artists (and great friends) here in the interview, you just have to be a part of the list!! ^..^ *hugs* Thanks, I am glad you liked the text.
Kieva Storm 5 years ago 0
House is a sarcastic bastard isn't he? =3

Anyway very nice to learn a bit about one of my favorite artists.
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Thanks very much!! :)
nickk 5 years ago 0
Great indview, Reptile, and you're definitely one of my favorite artists. Keep up the awesome artwork!

ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Thanks, Nickk! ;) I will do my best to keep it up. :D But for now, I need to step back a little... need to learn for my exams. Anyway, see you!
Zideral Gd 5 years ago 0
Nice to see you here too Patrick...
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Aww, big "D"!!! ^..^ Hehe, thanks very much. Well, I have been here for some years by now... almost with the founding of YIFFSTAR! OKay, that is not really correct... but all my yiffy art can be found here. And by the way... "nice to see you here" is a sentence I wanna give back to you, as well. :D Greetings, my friend.
See you and be well!!!!! *hugs*
Busterdrag 5 years ago 0
Hey, Glückwunsch für das Interview.^^

Bist ganz schön berühmt geworden in den letzten Jahren. XD
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Oh, na ja... also "berühmt" würd ich nicht unbedingt sagen, aber doch sehr bekannt. ;) Und es macht einen schon sehr glücklich. ABER so etwas geht nicht ohne EUCH - die guten Fans!!! *drück* Danke schön nochmals! ^..^
Black-Wolf 5 years ago 0
*deine Bilder lieb* echt toll :3
auch ein Lob für deine HP^^
hoffe du steckst noch voller Kreativität *sehnsüchtig auf mehr wart* für mich der Künstler Nr.1 ^^
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Oh, danke dir! Vielen Dank auch!!! ^..^ Fühle mich echt geehrt! *knuddel* ;) Viel Spaß auch weiterhin.
SwiftWindSpirit 5 years ago 0
I've got only one word to say about you Reptile and that is you were very good at what you did until you had to decide to do what was best for you.

What more can I say about you except good luck with teaching art. I wish I had you as my instructor when I took art appreciation.

I never knew you were inspired by the guys who created Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men. I love watching that show and my Saturday mornings are reborn now.

He-Man stuff? Can I get your number j/k ;)

Your art speaks for itself and I'm sure lots of students will be in awe at your talent. I always said you were a special artist who put a realistic touch to your work.

Good luck my friend and I hope you find happiness in your job and life. Best of wishes!
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
This is by far the nicest and kindest comment I've ever read! *cries* ^..^ Thanks very much for the great words. I appreciate, that you understand my decision and such. And I'm really grateful for your best wished regarding my job. *hugs* Thank you!!!!
SwiftWindSpirit 5 years ago 0
Hey Reptile I just want this to also be known,

Your Welcome and that was the kindest response I've ever received.

You really put a bright spot in my life right now. I wasn't lying when I wrote those. I meant it.

Thanks again my friend! My head's spinning because I'm happy there are still some genuine souls outhere in this brutal world. I hope one day I meet a person just like you.

Be safe (hug and kiss)
LuKariOxAuRaL 5 years ago 0

Altoryu 5 years ago 0
And so we delve into the mind of one of the nets best anthro drawers (in my opinion). Heh Reptile's the reason I'm a scaly now instead of just obsessing about dragons XD

And for that I thank you :)
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
*hugs* Aweeh... not the "best", noooo way. :P But thanks very much, anyway!!! THANK you for the comment. ^..^
AtticusWolf 5 years ago 0
What can I say that can be said? Not much, but your life is your own and I hope you find more people like SwiftWindSpirit who understand and are moved by you.

PS: LOL i feel left out because I dont speak other languages, but thats my fault

PPS: House really is a sarcastic bastard.
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
I admit, I was moved myself when I figured that there're some people, who I actually REALLY touch with my art and music. :O That was a real... "shock", yeah. In a good way, of course. But that's also the GREATEST reward of all... if I can touch or inspire people in this way.
Thank you very much!
Bloodscale 5 years ago 0
interesting to translate reptile with "echsenwesen"

Would literally mean "scaly beeing"
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Yeah, but well... this would've been too stupid somehow. :) And "Reptilian" kinda fits... it's a strong word.
Bloodscale 5 years ago 0
I ment more the word "echsenwesen". THAT sounds a bit strange
Korex 5 years ago 0
I don't what to say to you Reptile but your artworks are really awesome! but bad luck for me though my favorite artist is in Germany while i'm far away here in the Phil.

Good luck and Best wishes!
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Well, thanks very much! ^..^ That's very kind and nice of you to say. Aye... your "Favorite Artist" am I? I'm flattered. ;) Though there're many people around, who're way better. But anyway, thanks for the comment.
Take care! *hugs*
CanidxGenus 5 years ago 0
Pretty interesting review. Wish I could decide on my god damned fursona all ready XD I'm pretty sure I want him to be a huskey, but dammit, I like lions a lot, too! And I can't make him a hybrid. My OCD seses would flip out XD
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago 0
Hehehe, thanks for the comment.
And about your fursona: you just have to decide what you like most. Usually, your fursona should at least reflect a little bit of your own character.

If you are a "tough one with a temper", I'd suggest the LION!
If you are a "tough one with a good heart", I'd suggest the HUSKY!
SPL Dragon 4 years ago 0
Wow, that is friggen amazing! I just wish i spoke a bit more deutsch.... I got lost in the comment conversation. Plus reptile drawings are great keep it up :^..^:
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago 0
Well, we can speak ENGLISH here! :D Thanks a lot for the comment. ^..^
wales19 3 years ago 0
Whats wrong with this image I can't see it :o
Toumal 3 years ago 0
That was an interview! I fixed it for you ^_^