14 Aug 2008

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Posted 14 Aug 2008 09:49
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Murasaki Revival Prologue

#1 of Murasaki Revival

Murasaki's Revival Project by crazyhusky
Please don't copy this claim it as your own, thanks.

Prologue - Abduction

One mild day.... In a small English town.
A young adult by the name of Faust was coming out of his home
Faust was a calm male; he was dressed in brown fleece and blue jeans.

"Faust, Faust" said a womanly voice coming from the top window.
"Yeah, mum what?" replied Faust
"Don't forget to get some milk, OK?" said Faust's Mum
"Whatever" sighed Faust

Faust walked out the garden and into the local park. Where decided to start jogging to the shop eventually of five minutes of jogging he came to a forked path, then his mobile phone dropped out of his left fleece pocket.

"Crap, my phone" Faust mumbled angrily
He went bent down to pick it up when he felt strange cold breeze on his check,
Faust slowly turns around to see a strange figure 6ft 7 dressed in long black coat with a black facemask.

"Huh, that man wasn't behind me a second ago" thought Faust

Faust quickly picked up his phone and turned around as if he did not to see him and started walking slowly away from the strange man.

"You name is Faust isn't it?" asked the man
Faust stopped walking and turned around confused
"Yeah, I am but who are you?" replied Faust
"My name is of your business" stated the man
"Well, then screw you then, bye" said Faust he turned around starting walking again

"I know you online name its crazyhusky isn't it, born 15th Oct"
Faust stopped again this time angrily.
"What the hell, dude how do you know me and that? Yeah, I am crazyhusky, what about it?" yelled Faust
The strange man chuckled "ha-ha... that's all I needed out of you, to confirm who you are.

Then the strange man pulled out a Blue gun that looked like a customized Desert Eagle with scope lens on the end.
"What you gonna kill me?" questioned Faust
"No" said the man and pointed the gun at him and fire it at Faust.
"Uuhhgg..." Faust fell to the ground
"It called a numb gun it temporally paralysis's people, so now you won't be able to move" replied the man.

The man pulled out a touch screen phone and pushed a few buttons and touched the screen.
"Last target captured, come pick me up." said the man into the phone.

"What the hell's going on?" Faust thought
About 2 minutes later a black 4-by-4 with the windows blacked pulls up outside the park.
"Our ride is here" said the man and picks up Faust and puts over his shoulder and walks over to the vehicle.

The strange man puts Faust in the back seat of the car.
"You got him," said the driver of the vehicle.
"Phew, I glad that's over now we can go home." said the man
"Oh come to think about your probably confused and angry, Don't worry all will be explained once we get you the ship." said the driver
"Ship?" Faust thought
"Yup, the ship isn't far from here."
"Huh? What?" Faust thought
"Oh he can read minds," said the man

Just then Faust had an idea, thought of him giving a spit-roast with the driver to the strange man
"Uhh yuck what the hell. Did you think that for you weird human" said driver
"Concentrate on driving kid" said the man "Anyway you should be reading minds when you're driving."
"No more reading minds" looking at the driver
"And you no more dirty thoughts" pointing at Faust.

10 minutes later they come to field surrounded by trees a with small opening when the car drove thru.
The car stopped outside a three Big white mother ships
"Whoa, what the hells going on here, this is getting to strange, I just wanted to get some bread and milk" thought Faust
"OK we are here," said the driver and get out of the vehicle.
The strange man picks up Faust and carries him into one of the ships.

The man carries Faust into a lift, and they stop on the 14th floor. Then they walk down the hall into a huge room
Where there are thousand of tied up people. The man drops Faust on the floor and a solider ties Faust hands together.
"Sit down and shut up" said the strange man.
"What the hell are you doing to people? Huh? I can talk again?"
"Well don't get use to it again" said the strange man.

With that the strange man walks to the front of the room.
The lights dim and several monitors appear.

"I'm a General Roku," said the strange man
"People from earth I have gathered you all among these three ships here."
"This message is being live broadcasted to all monitors within the three ships on all floors"
"Today you will all become part of our planet Murasaki."
"About three months ago we ended a planetary war between two planets. Murasaki and Midiori"
"The war was mostly between to humanoid races Inu's and Neko's"

Then two images appear in the middle screen one of what looks like a dog furry with the word "Inu" under it
The other image is cat furry with the word "Neko" under it.

"To you humans on earth these beings are known as Furries as you all know these are just the two basic or most commonly known types of them don't worry on the planet there are much more like scalies and dragons."
"We managed to find you by tracing your computers IP address and MAC address from furry from web sites."
"I have gathered all humans to do with furries from around the world, - fans, artists, story writers, music artists fursuiters the lot.

"Due to the war the Inu's and Neko's population is low and needs to be repopulated." continued General Roku.
A brown haired male shouts out "Yeah, and what does this mean to us?"
"OK to make things shorter, we are going to use all the humans on earth that like furries to repopulated the planet." said Roku
"How are you going to do something like that?" replied the brown hair male
"Simple" states in General Roku and solider hands him a thin grey rifle,
"Watch" General roku aims the rifle at the man and fires. Whoosh.. A dart hits the brown haired man in the heck, everyone gasps in shock.

"What the... uuukhh.. I feel... strange..." the brown haired man slowly grows orange and black fur and his ear slowly become pointed and his start to hands change into paws, he starts sprout a tail.
Within the next three minutes the brown haired man slowly becomes a tiger furry.
When he finished transforming he gave a little roaring groan. "uhhhrrrawwrrr..." and pasts out.
Everybody within the room starts to screams and panic.

"Don't worry you'll become your alter ego furries" said General Roku
"Your sick" shouts Faust at Roku
"Sorry, but we are trying to save our planet" says solider behind Faust
"Put them to all to sleep" orders General Roku and puts on a gas mask
Soldiers with gas masks start coming in with guns that spray sleep gas and start spraying it.
Faust starts to get sleepy and realizes this maybe his last few second as human as he slowly drifts off to sleep.

Faust wakes up and realizes he's on the floor he gets up and looks around and notices he's
"Something doesn't feel right, why do I feel so weird?" thought Faust
He turns and spots a mirror on the wall and approaches it. He sees a Grey and white husky in the reflection of the mirror.
"Whoa! What the hell I'm a husky." Faust said.
Faust started looking at himself in the mirror closely
"Oh my god!" he thought "paws, a tail, grey and white fur, yup I'm a husky"
"Oh yeah them weird guys from that planet did this. Where am I?"
"Wait, more importantly where the hell are my clothes?"
He looks around for his clothes and sees them next to a silver wolf and orange-brown wolf with weird tattoo on his shoulder and a silver tipped tail lying on the floor.

"Hey fellas get up," said Faust poking them in head with his paw.
"Whoa, what the.. A talking husky, I gonna lie of the booze for a while." said the silver wolf.
"Yeah, whatever guys look at yourselves for sec will ya." said Faust.
"Whoa I'm a wolf" said orange-brown wolf
"Weeellll duuuuuhhh!" replied the silver wolf "we are all wolves"
"I'm a husky, so naahh!" said Faust happily then his tail started to wag.
"Its not funny husky" snarled the silver wolf
"Huh? Hey tail's moving by itself..." said Faust
"That wagging it, well is cuz you either too happy or excited or doing without knowing how" said the silver wolf.
"I know that, I wanna stop it," growled Faust
"Dudes, this isn't the time to fight, we have to find our clothes and get the hell out of here." said the orange-brown wolf.
"I guess your right never know what they'll do next." said the silver wolf.
"There are 4 sets of clothes over there with labels." said the orange-brown wolf

They walked over to the clothes
"Hey this mine cuz it has my name on it" said Faust
"Same as" said the silver wolf grabbing the one next to it.
"Well it seems our human clothes no longer fit due he have fur and tail, so i guess they gave some" stated the orange-brown wolf
"You don't state the obvious, wolf" said the silver wolf.
"Well let's get changed and get out of here." said Faust
"I agree with that husky" said the orange-brown wolf

The guys decide to put on the clothes provided and bin their old clothes.
Faust was now dressed in a thin dark blue t-shirt and black trousers.
"Hey, I wonder how long we've been knocked out?" asks orange-brown
"Well my phone says it's tomorrow, Looks like about 43 hours" says Faust looking at his phone.
"WHAT! Almost two days, no wonder I am so hungry." said the silver wolf

"Attention, attention" said the speaker on the wall behind the orange-brown wolf
"We have arrived at the planet Murasaki I repeat, we have arrived at the planet Murasaki."
"Please get to the nearest transport room." continued the speaker.
"Whoa, we are already there... guessing there's no turning back." said Faust

Then the door opened a solider entered the room
"Hey, come on this to the transport room." he says
Faust and the two wolves you at one another and then followed the solider, Out of the room and down a through a few corridors to a room,
"Get in a stand on the platform please," said the solider
They group enter the room and stand on a blue platform and a countdown began to happen.
A blue flash emitted from the floor.

"Huh? What the... we are outside, creepy..." said the orange-brown Wolf
"Whoa... look at that..." said Faust in amazement.
The group looked around, they were in a town near a Dragon statue. They see could tons of groups of furries talking to one another within the town centre.

"Excuse Me," asked a brown haired woman
"Yes" replied the silver wolf
"Welcome to the town of Hachi, You are currently in the town centre square, I am your welcome guide. What are you names." said the women and bowed
"Come to think of it. I would like to know your guys names" asked Faust
"I'm Siege," said the silver wolf
"Siege? Oh my god" Faust said with delight and hugged him.
"Wait, come to think about it I think I know you take your shirt off." Faust said, looking at the orange-brown wolf
"Fine" said the orange-brown wolf and took off his light blue shirt.

Faust looks at him closely and remembers seeing an omega symbol on his back right shoulder from the Internet
"Hey you're Omegafolf, aren't ya" Faust said happily as he put his arms around him.
"Whoa, you got it in one" replied Omega "Whoa are you anyways?"
"I'm crazyhusky" he answered with huge smile on his face.
"Eheehhe, my little husky friend, how are you." said Siege and grab Faust in a headlock
"Been better" replied Faust
"Well glad you all know each other, now come along your four." said the women
"uhh there's only three of us" said Siege.
"Come to think about it there were four sets of clothes in the locker room, I guess we are missing someone" said Faust
"You're missing one? We'll find him soon if that's the case, so you are crazyhusky, Siege and omegafolf right" said the women.
"Yep" replied Siege
"Ok, I have the right group, follow me I'll show you to your new house." said the women

The women starts walking and the group follow her, they head out of the square and turn left. A car pulls up and she opens the back door.
"Please get in," she asks
The group gets with no worries and the car drives off.
"Excuse miss, what's gonna happen now?" asked omega
"First you'll be taken to your homes, tomorrow if you want I can show you around the town." she answered politely.
"Oh that sounds nice that's" omega said

The car stops at a house in a col-de-sac and the group gets out of the vehicle with the woman.
"Here we are, your new home" she said "It's a four bedroom detached house with a pool, Here's a set of key each"
She hands them a key each and hand Faust another one.
"Hand the other to the other person when he comes." she asked.
With that the welcome host gets back into the car and it drives off.
"Wow, a house with a pool." said Faust
"I guess that's alright considering what's happened today." said omega
Faust sighs "Yeah I only went out to get a loaf of bread and some milk, now I am some where on some planet as furry things are just going to weirder aren't they?"

Faust inserts the key in the door and opens it and runs up stairs.
"I claim the big room" shouts Faust from the top of the stairs
"To hell you are!" Siege shouts and runs upstairs with Omega

Faust runs into a blue wall painted room and jumps on the bed.
"Hey all rooms look the same size." pointed out omega then walks into room with red painted rooms. "I'll take this one"
"I'll taking this one" Siege comes out of room with black painted walls.
"So the other dude gets the with a green in it then." says Faust


Hey someone's at the door. I wonder who it is. Asked Omega

### End of Prologue ### continues Chapter1 - New life New Relationships

Hypter 3 years ago 0
Some few spelling mistakes but I guess I can live with that. I have some in my stories as well. But the plot is just awesome^.=.^
Dragon3231 7 months ago 0
Hope u didn't stop writing this its a very interesting story.
KevinFoxboy 4 months ago 0
*raises and waves left forepaw* me mee whee green room look at this big floofy tail! *waves it around*