14 Aug 2008

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Posted 14 Aug 2008 13:02
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Elite in Protoss Armor

#19 of Crossovers

This one is a joke at the fact that elites are pretty much just protoss with mouths.

See, the armor the elite is wearing is protoss armor, I never changed any parts to make it fit right, a protoss body is just like an elites, and they also have the 2 thumb thing going to.

But hey, I love both games, just poking fun thats all.

O, and the elite in the pic is saying "Hey, this armor is pretty cool."

Thats why he looks happy and is checking himself out.

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evil_sheep 5 years ago 0
So true ;P
Nice pic.
Yiff Dragon 5 years ago 0
Honor guide me!
ZDragon 3 years ago 0
I long for combat.
AIpha 5 years ago 0
this is the s**t!
love the armour swap, but hey... i luvs all your work!
ike2424 5 years ago 0
not that i don't like the pic but uh, what's protoss yo?
Methados 5 years ago 0
Protoss are an alien race that are from the game Star Craft. They are like Elites in alot of ways, but what I was makin fun of is the fact that their bodies are shaped almost completely the same.
ike2424 5 years ago 0
Ike: Oh that's cool. well keep up the good work crystal meth.

Norman: someone say meth?

Bruce: you do drugs?

Norman: What? No, i don't want to lose my job,That's why i sell it to people. ^^
Emperor Gaia 5 years ago 0
porotoss a little weird ^^, but cool armor jajaja ^_^ .I love Star Craft.

Will be in touch.
xX_Fading_to_BlackXx 3 years ago 0
En Tarou Arbiter!
the two species are also similar in their prefrences for energy swords =P
but Protoss have much less desire to wipe out the human race than Elites