24 Aug 2008

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Posted 24 Aug 2008 03:59
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Female Arbiter

#52 of Halo

Here is another new sex swap, this one is of the Arbiter.

Ok, so I already made one, but I just wanted to make another.

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McHale 5 years ago 0
WOW I love this so much!! Your work is awsome!
Sobana Blupaw 5 years ago 0
elites rock!
Takkisis Dark 5 years ago 0
DDS!!! (Aka: Drop Dead Sexy)
S3cshun8 5 years ago 0
great drawing, i always thought arby was kinda cute,

im no artist but i would cut down the armor in some places just because its arby as a chick. like keep the thigh armor but make it smaller, get rid of the shin armor all together, shorten the armor coming down on th sides of his neck, shorten if not all together remove the small armor plates on his upper arms, and get rid of that piece below the main back armor.

nicely drawn 4/5
Nixontech2071 5 years ago 0
Im in love...
ike2424 5 years ago 0
Shiny,sexy,female, the combination there is yo!
AIpha 5 years ago 0
damn you and your brillaint ability to make all things look sexy!
AIpha 5 years ago 0
damn you and your brillaint ability to make all things look sexy!
Cesarin 5 years ago 0
I've seen this pose before with an elite.. no idea where D:
Methados 5 years ago 0
Really? an elite, o, I can't remember seeing it, but then again, this pose is done alot, I might have seen it at one time, and in the back of my mind thought of it while making this... well, I would like to see it.

(I hope my isn't to much like it.. lol, people think I copied it or something.)
Cesarin 5 years ago 0
yean not sure why
I tried searching for some of the "usual suspects" who does elites
but cant find that pic lol
I swear it was pinkuh or darknek0gami or jaxblackfox

I think jaxblackfox did one , she's a hardcore halo fan.
I remember she doing very nice "you got molewacked" pictures.
Methados 5 years ago 0
Wait, I think I know the pic, was it of an elite with a white and blue jumpsuit holding an energy sword and plasma granade?

I was just looking through my favs list and saw that and thought that it might be what you were talking about, he feet are up more and touching her butt to.
Nixontech2071 5 years ago 0
it was made by liquidmark on deviantart
StickDragon 5 years ago 0
Aw man Meth this is a kickass job with this one!
Der Gebieter 5 years ago 0
Oh seexxy!
ghost117 4 years ago 0
im not sure but this has me into elties now it fantastic in my opinion
Emperor Triedge 3 years ago 0
Hello sexy
Mass Effect 3 years ago 0
You are a god.