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13 Dec 2008

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Posted 13 Dec 2008 16:50
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Spring Break or Gator Aid

#1 of Spring Break or Gator Aid
A harsh buzzing jolted Raithian out of his sleep. Rolling over in bed, the white alligator reached out and fumbled for his alarm clock. After struggling for a good sixty seconds or so, he managed to turn it off. He slowly sat up, rubbing at his eyes in an attempt to pry them open. He stretched and yawned in the process, his long muzzle opening wide and exposing his vast rows of razor sharp teeth.

No sooner had he finally gotten his bearings when his cell phone rang. Raithian jumped, startled by the sudden noise. He quickly slid out of bed and stumbled across his bedroom to a pile of clothes bunched up against his dresser. "Where are you? Son of a bitch..." he muttered to himself as he sifted through the massive heap of dirty laundry, emptying out the pockets of countless pairs of jeans in search of the ringing phone.

Reaching the bottom of the pile, Raithian found the phone. He flipped it open and pressed the button, standing up to rub the back of his neck as he did so. "H...hello?" he says, getting caught in mid-word by another yawn.

"Raith! Is that you?" a male voice asked on the other end.

"Yeah, hi Carver," Raithian said rather unenthusiastically, still shaking the cobwebs out of his brain.

"What? Did you just wake up or something?" Carver asked.


"Dude, it's almost noon! What the hell are you still doing at home? C'mon, get over to my place; I have to tell you something!" Carver then hung up without a goodbye.

Raithian blinked. He turned to look at his clock to be sure Carver was serious. 11:52 a.m. Oh fuck! Did I really hit snooze that many times? he thought, cursing the invention of that infernal button. Running out of his bedroom and down the hall, he burst into the bathroom. Raithian frantically pulled his red boxers off and stepped into the shower. He cringed as he turned the knob; the sudden rush of water was always freezing in the morning.

He picked up the soap and a rag, then quickly but carefully washed himself. Turning the water off, he wrapped a towel around himself and hurried back into the bedroom, his white scales still glistening with water.

Raithian spent several minutes sifting through more piles of clothes, searching for some clothes that weren't too dirty. He made a mental note to do the laundry and clean the place up when he got back. Finally, he found a pair of clean underpants in his dresser drawer and a pair of cargo shorts with a green camouflage print under his bed. He pulled them on and left his room, grabbing a red t-shirt on his way out.


Thirty minutes later, Raithian pulled into the driveway of his best friend's house. Carver, a ring-tailed lemur, sat on the front porch. He looked up and smiled as the alligator pulled up. Getting up, he walked over to greet Raithian as he got out of his car. "Hey Raith! Glad you could make it, buddy!" He held out his right fist.

"Hey, Carve. Okay, what's this thing you have for me?" Raithian bumped his fist against Carver's, still a little annoyed at himself for sleeping in.

"C'mon, you should know. Don't you know what today is?" Carver grinned slyly.

Raithian arched a scaly brow. "Thursday?"

"No, dumbass...well, yes; but that's not what's important. Today is the first day of that wonderful time of year for us college boys..."

Dawning realization hit Raithian like a ton of bricks. "Good God...Spring Break." A smile spreads up his long snout. He tries to move, but the joy of it all was paralyzing him. "What...what are we going to do?"

Carver grinned and placed his paw on Raithian's shoulder. "Dude, the question you should be asking yourself is what are we not going to do! I have a whole two weeks worth of kickass plans for the two of us. Most importantly, though, we are going to do what you should have done ages ago. This year is the year we're going to get you laid!"

Raithian smiled sheepishly, "Aw c'mon, Carve; you know I'm no good at that kind of thing. Sure, I'm one horny bastard, but who'd want me?"

"Shit, man! You should be beating chicks off with a stick! You are an albino alligator; not some punk-ass regular 'gator. You've got the build, the sleek body, the bad boy attitude. Ray, you are one sexy mother!"

Patches of red flushed out from underneath the white scales on Raithian's cheeks. "You really mean that, Carver?"

"Yes I do, but don't take that too personally, okay? It's not like I'm coming onto you; I'm only making a truthful, unbiased observation."

"The hell you are."

Carver ignored Raithian's remark, and motioned for his friend to walk with him. As he spoke, he put his arm around Raithian's shoulder. "Here's the score, Ray: Thomas Bradley, you know, the rich kid, is throwing one helluva party to kick off spring break. Everyone who is anyone is going to be there. That includes the ultra-hot babes of the Delta Phi sorority. Everyone knows they are really easy. We'll have your cherry popped before the first night of our little vacation is over!"

Raithian rolled his eyes, "Okay, if I'm going to get laid, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to bang a different broad every night all break long. You wouldn't understand it; I wouldn't expect a 19-year old virgin to understand. Honestly, that's fucking pathetic. I got my first pussy before I even left middle school. My, how I enjoyed detention with Ms. Schwan..." He gets a distant, nostalgic look on his face.

"Alright! Seriously, you are grossing me out. Knock it off!"

"Oh man, she knew how to discipline bad boys like-"


Carver recoiled and cowered. "Raith, that was totally unnecessary. Why must you shout all the time?"

Raithian just rolled his eyes. "Look, I'd really love to lose my virginity, but I honestly don't think that's going to happen. I was just going to sit at home and play Halo; maybe go down to the arcade a couple of times."

Carver frowned and shook his head. "There you go with the video games, Ray. You wonder why chicks don't dig you? It's because you don't show yourself to the world! You can play Halo anytime, but tonight, there are only two things that matter: Delta...Phi. This is once in a lifetime, man; it's now or never if you wanna get laid."

The alligator hissed softly, and pressed his paw to the bridge of his snout. It annoyed him to no end whenever Carver got one of these crazy ideas into his head. His logic was pretty sound though; if Raithian never got out and did stuff, he would have wasted his life. "Alright," he said with a sigh, "when should I be there by?"

Carver's face lit up, and he gave Raithian a rather hard clap on the back. "Atta boy, Ray! Don't worry about showing up; I'll pick you up at six. You'd better bring that mojo of yours with you! Until then, how about you and I grab some, breakfast in your case."

Raithian nodded and got into his car. Carver leapt in through the window on the passenger side, knocking a cup of soda over in the process. Raithian sighed. I'm probably going to regret this. He thought to himself as he backed out of the driveway.


6:30 p.m.: zero hour for Raithian and Carver. The lemur, who had put on his "party going" outfit, which was nothing more than a tie-dye T-Shirt and a pair of black swimming trunks, parked the car in front of a large Dutch Colonial house overlooking the beach. "WOOO!!!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, "Parteeeee!!! Party Hardeeeee!!!"

As he began to spring out of the driver's seat and onto the driveway, Raithian grabbed him by his bushy, black and white tail. "Dude! Will you calm the fuck down? We haven't even gotten inside yet!" Raithian, who was not exactly a festive person, didn't really want to do anything at the party. He just hoped to lose Carver and find someplace quiet where he could relax and maybe socialize.

Carver, however, was already too wound up to listen to him. He wriggled free and went running for the house, flailing his arms. Raithian took his time getting out of the car. "Christ," he muttered to no one in particular, "it's like trying to wrangle a puppy."

The alligator shuffled up the cobblestone walkway. The muffled beating of the loud music inside sent shockwaves through his body cavity. He ascended the porch and brushed himself off. He was glad he had decided not to dress up; no one else seemed to care what anybody wore here. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the highly polished brass doorbell.

The door opened almost immediately. A rather inebriated looking wolf answered the door. He didn't say anything; at least, nothing coherent. Raithian just pushed past him and entered the sitting room. The party Carver had spoken of was in full swing. Everyone in the room was thrashing to the deafening chords of Slayer. The alligator put his paws to his head and groaned. "Why did I come here?" he said aloud, as he couldn't even hear himself think.

He made his way through the beer bottles and pizza boxes lining the floor and found his way into the lounge, where it was at least a little quieter. Carver was waiting there for him with a beer in his hand. "Hey hey! Look who's here, Mr. Sharp! What took ya buddy?"

"Carve, I think this party is out of control," Raithian said to the lemur, wishing he had never given in. "let's get out of here?"

"What? The party's just begun!" Carver protested, "Besides, you haven't been laid yet. C'mon, let's find you a girl for the night."


"Dammit, Raith! I said you were getting laid tonight! You're not leaving until you sleep with at least one female!"

"Alright! Alright! Chill!" Raithian knew he had no other choice. Much as he wanted to be at home in the warm glow of his TV, he was stuck here.

Carver smiled and patted him on the back. "That's the spirit. Come along, I'll show you where all the swingin' chicks are."

Carver led Raithian out of the lounge and into the dining room, where a variety of people were hanging out. Many of them were girls; a lot of them wore the Greek symbols of the Delta Phi sorority. "Alright, hotshot. Pick one." Carver waved his arm across the room. "Anyone of these babes."

Raithian rolled his eyes, highly doubting any of the females would like him. "Alright, Carver I'll pick..." He lifts a claw and points at a random female, a reddish-brown dhole. "that one."

Carver smacked his arm. "No, you don't want her. That's Nghiem Hoa, the weirdVietnamese exchange student. She's not even in a sorority. Pick someone else."

Raithian sighed and glared at the lemur. "Why are you even wasting your time? You know these girls are probably all out of my league anyway."

"Bullshit! These girls are easy as pie. Here, I'll go warm a couple of them up for you and me. Ahh, perfect!" he points to some very attractive vixen twins. "Come over when I give you the signal." Carver strides right up to the foxes and casually leans against the table. After a few moments of inaudible conversation, one female threw her drink in his face as the other grabbed him and kneed him in the chest.

Raithian sighed and walked away, figuring losing his virginity here was hopeless. As he left the room, he failed to notice that the dhole Carver had recommended against was intently watching him.

He walked through the kitchen and opened the sliding-glass door. He stepped out onto the patio and looked down at the beach not too far from the house. He began making his way down the steep grassy slope.

To be continued...

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raithian 5 years ago 0
you sirrah, are an epic epic person ^^ thank thank ya hehehe
Empty Shadow 5 years ago 0
Figured I would mention one small thing.

In general I feel like you developed Carver more as a character than you have Raith. If the story didn't distinctly follow Raith I would assume Carver is the main character. But what Carver needs to come off as is a supplemental force used to persuade Raith to do something he isn't comfortable with. It is easy to favor Carver as a character when writing because he is more outgoing where as Raith is passive. Developing a passive character isn't an easy task.
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 5 years ago 0
Yes, Raith is passive, but that's the personality I'm aiming for. He will become more developed as time goes on, though. ^.=.^ Carver is supposed to be more of an influencing opposite force; a foil, if you will.
Jinash 3 years ago 0
I really love this particular story of yours for some reason <3 It's very good, and I love your choice of words. Please keep it up, I didn't see a flaw. n_n
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 3 years ago 0
Thanks! Though I incorrectly interpreted Raith's personality in this, as I didn't know him that well when I first wrote it.