07 Feb 2009

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Posted 07 Feb 2009 03:54
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Movie Music!

#2 of Composition Portfolio Auditon

This is another piece for my portfolio for college auditions! My big audition is tomorrow, so wish me luck! ^^

This piece sounds like it came out of a movie, or so I've been told ^^;

Comments, creative and constructive criticism welcome!

General Husky 5 years ago 0
sounds like it belongs to a game.
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
Oh, yes it's a nice composition with so few instruments. Warm strings for the background, the main voice played by a very dominant, powerfuol piano and a solo violin rounds it.
In 1:10 it sounds a little bit like russion folk - very emotional and strong.
I think, just the beginning is "typical" movie sound. Also the end! :D
Starting 1:55 it sounds a little bit like "HooK". Then, we have a more moderate, almost "moll" sounds. Very deep and intense.
Overall, it's a bright mixture of different styles and eras. ^..^
Keep it up, and all the best!!!!!
ReptileCynrik 5 years ago 0
And the reoccuring main theme surely IS very catchy, too! XD Hehehe... I've also heard some Randy Edelman and David Arnold influence.
The audience will be pleased!
Koedi 5 years ago 0
Thankies for your kind comments! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm not too sure who Randy Edelman or David Arnold or, but I will most definitely look into researching these two! ^^