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Ever Higher

Paul has a surprise for his wife Kelly, a small bit of magic that will give them both a new experience. Of course magic has it's own way of getting out of hand if you aren't very careful, and don't read the instructions first


Another commission, this time as part of a trade with MeanyBeany a few years back. This didn't quiet do what he wanted, but over all came out alright.

Ever Higher

By: Theo Winters

Written for Meanybeany

Paul was excited, nearly skipping up the driveway with his purchase in hand. It had taken him months to track down the shop where he found them, going mall to mall until he finally found the "Spells'R'Us" that he had heard some much about online.

It was worth it though! He had managed to get exactly what he had wanted, a pair of bracelets that would bring Kelly's fantasy to life. He would even get to join in it with her.

He burst into the house with a smile, "Kelly, are you here?" he called as he hurried through the living room, throwing his jacket over the chair as he rushed into the kitchen.

"What is it Paul?" she asked as she meet him in the kitchen, strutting a little as she looked over her husband. A pretty woman, a bit on the short side at five foot three, Kelly made up for her lack of height with a great body, full hips and enough bust to satisfy him. Had strait black hair hung around her neck and moved with her, framing her dainty face perfectly.

Pull smiled as he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into a deep kiss. "I got a surprise for you, something you've really wanted," he said when they came up for air.

"Oh, and what is that?" she asked with a smile as she looked up into his brown eyes.

He held up the plain bag, and motioned for her to take it.

Kelly looked a bit confused as she took the bag from him and looked inside. "Oh! What are these?" she asked as she pulled the bracelets out of the bag. Holding the braided gold bands in her fingers and turning them until she came to the clasp, she looked at them closely and squealed. "Pigeons! The detailing is wonderful!"

He nodded as he ran his fingers through her hair. "It's something very special. One for me, and one for you. It's a special kind of magic."

"Magic?" she asked as she opened the clasp one of the bracelets. "What kind of magic?"

He reached out and took the bracelets from her fingers. "You'll see, but you aren't supposed to be wearing anything when you put yours on, and it goes on your ankle."

She looked puzzled. "Nude? What is going on, Hon?"

He smiled and kissed her again. "You'll see," he said as he started to pull off her shirt. She let him do it, watching him with a strange smile as it slid over her head.

"Then you had better strip as well," Kelly said, willing to play this odd game of his as she reached behind her back and opened her bra with a deft twist. She then wiggled out of her skirt as she watched her husband drop his pants. She licked her lips at what she saw, but decided it was best to let him lead for the moment. She stepped out of her panties and gave her man a hug as removed the last of his clothing.

"You need to take off everything," he said as he reached up and started to remove her earrings. "The only thing you can be wearing in the bracelet on your leg."

She nodded and took the other earring off, then took off her wedding ring and the ring on her smallest toe. "Now what?" she asked as she looked up at him.

Paul handed her a bracelet with a wide smile. "Put this on, and make sure the pigeon on it is upright," he said, remembering the warning the strange man in the store had given him.

"Very well," she said and bent over at the waist until she was touching her toes. She wrapped the bracelet around her leg and fastened the strange clasp on it, making sure that the engraved bird was flying upright to the way she was standing.

Rising back up she stretched out her arms and gave her husband a smile. "So, what is so special about these? I know they have pigeons on them, and they are my favorite animal in the world, but why do I have to be nude?"

"You'll see," Paul said, smiling wider as he watched her perfect blue eyes start to change. The black pupils started to grow and soon pushed out the blue, then the white, leaving two perfectly black eyes that were so reflective that he could see himself in them.

"What's wrong?" she asked, rotating her head to the side, shifting a bit as her toes started to protest.

Paul smiled and reached around her and gave her a firm kiss. "Not a thing Kelly, everything is going exactly the way it should be," he told her with a smile.

She nodded again, returning the kiss as she pressed her body against his, but bouncing a bit due to her feeling felt very odd. She broke away from the kiss and looked down at her toes, and let out a gasp.

Then skin around her toes was turning a pale shade of orange as the nails grew longer. As she watched her smallest toes vanished into her foot.

Kelly let out a yelp and jumped back, looking down at her feet. "What's happening?" she asked, feeling a bit panicked.

He reached over to her, holding her close to him as he bent down and whispered into her ear. "It's magic, it's turning you into a pigeon."

She let out a gasp and turned her head back to look at him with her black eyes. "Really? It's going to make me a pigeon?" she squeaked.

"Yes," he said with a smile as he hugged her close. "Just take the bracelet off to turn back," he told her as she watched her remaining toes start to grow, the largest one starting to slide to the back of her foot.

"Thank you!" she said, kissing him firmly before letting out a yelp as she started to rise. Together they looked back down to her feet, watching as the part between her toes and heel grew, stretching out to support her as her balance started to shift.

Paul held tightly to her as she started to lose her balance, slowly helping her sit down on the tile floor as her toes continued to grow longer. She shifted around a bit until she was setting on top of the unchanged part of her legs.

"How do you feel?" he asked her as her toes continued to stretch and move, the big toe now pointed away from the others as all four toes continued to grow into the proper foot for a bird.

Kelly smiled up at her husband. "I feel great; it's weird, but it doesn't hurt at all!" she said as she gave him a kiss.

He returned the kiss as he ran his hands over her back. By now her feet were almost completely gone, the light orange skin running up to where her ankles used to be.

She reached back and started to run her fingers over her changed limbs, a smile on her face as she felt the rough skin. She flexed her new toes, watching them move behind her. The bracelet rested near the base of her right foot, having sized itself to fit the changed limb.

"Think you can stand?" He asked her, and offered her his hand.

She took it is her, gripping it tightly as she pulled herself up onto her changed legs. Her long toes spread out as they took her weight and she swayed a bit as she got her balance.

Paul leaned in, and kissed her again now that she was the same height as he was. "My, you've grown," he said with a smile.

"Yes I have," she said with a smile as she shifted her legs a bit, feeling a tickling sensation around where her ankles once were. Bending down she let out a pleased giggle when she saw that small white feathers were starting to grow around the new skin.

She danced a bit then reached down to touch the feathers, stroking her fingers higher over her legs as she felt feathers start to poke out of the skin, rising up to touch her knees.

Her legs started to feel heavy, but not from the growing feathers. Her lower legs were starting to fill out until it they were just as thick as her thighs. By now the top of her new feet were wrapped by feathers as they continued to push out of her, filling out into a thick white coat.

Kelly brushed at the feathers as her fingers started to tingle. Looking closely at them she noticed that the nails were started to disappear into the tips and the skin had begun to stretch out.

"You look so sexy like this," Paul said as he ran his hands over her changing body, stroking the feathers as they started to rise to her crotch.

She smiled and turned to look at him with her black eyes. "Thank you, Hon," she said, let out a surprised gasp as she felt something move at the base of her spine.

Reaching back around she was surprised to find that something was pushing out over her rump. The bone was starting to grow, expanding outwards as feathers were sliding from the stretching skin.

"I'm growing a tail!" she said as she craned her head around to look at it. She hardly noticed that she turned it further then any human could have.

Paul reached back and stroked his fingers over the growing tail feathers. They were soft under his touch and felt very good against his skin.

She tried to move the new appendage, and was pleased to see that it responded, fanning up and down. The feathers of her tail were growing out gray compared to the white of the rest of her body.

"Your hands," her husband said as he stroked the feathers that started to cover her hips.

She held her hands up, smiling as she saw her fingers. They had started to stretch outwards, leaving her thumb its old size for the moment. She flexed them a bit, and smiled as they moved.

With a surprise she felt her hips tingling, and the inside of her body start to tingle as well. She shivered a bit as she felt her legs start to shift at the hip joint. "I need to sit down," she said as she felt her balance start to go.

Paul grabbed her around the waist and helped her off her large feet. He moved her back like she was going to sit down, but realized that her tail was in the way. Gently he lowered her down onto her back, watching as her legs started to turn outwards

She spread her arms back, bracing herself against the floor as she stretched one leg high into the air. Balling her long toes up as with a muffled pop her hip changed position, the joint moving to the side.

With a gasp she let her leg drop, doing the same with the other limb as that hip moved into place. She rested on the floor, panting softly with a smile on her face as her new feathers started up her belly, her belly button fading away.

She also realized that her crotch was simply smooth feathers, everything from her legs down now probably the equipment of a bird.

Kelly lay back on the tiles. She could no longer stretch her legs all the way out, but the angle she had to keep them felt comfortable to her. She brought her arms over her chest, looking at her long fingers as feathers started to tickle their way up her chest.

She craned her head up to watch them as they started to appear on her breasts. The soft flesh started to fade away as her nipples vanished. She was now more avian then she was a mammal.

"I need to stand up," she said, licking her lips as her tongue felt odd.

"Are you sure?" Paul asked, looking down at his transforming wife.

She nodded and gave him a smile. "Yes, Love, my legs can't change anymore," she told him, offering her hand. The hand was distorted, stretched out until the fingers were over a foot long.

He took her changed hand and helped her to her feet, holding her side as she shifted her changing body about until once more she was standing upright. She was also taller then him by a good foot.

"Shouldn't you be getting smaller?" he asked, curious.

She shrugged, still smiling at him as the feathers reached up under her arms. At the same time her hands started to twist, turning against her wrists until her four long fingers were pointed strait down.

Kelly rocked her head to the side, feeling her neck pop as it started to stretched longer. The smile was still on her face, and in fact was growing wider as her hair started to pull back into her scalp

Paul watched in surprise as her face started to change, the angle of her forehead flatting as her smile seemed to reach back almost to her ears. The ears themselves started to sink into her skin.

He jumped back as her lips started to spread apart, her teeth pushing outwards as they formed into a smooth surface. She jumped as well, crossing her eyes as she watched it push out of her mouth, and realized it was her beak.

She reached up with excitement, feeling the growing beak with the changed hands as it pushed past her mouth. Her face starting to shift around to give it room. With a squawk she turned her head back to look at herself in the window, watching as her features vanish, leaving only the face of a bird.

"I love this!" she tried to say, but the words only came out as a strange noise. Opening her beak she flicking out her tongue, now long and narrow as it slid in her beak.

Paul reached up to touched her feathered back, "Kelly?"

She nodded, bending down to nuzzle him with her cheek as she felt strange feathers start to grow on her arms and hands. These were different from her normal feathers; they were more like her tail. Long flight feathers quickly arched from her arms and side to flow long and gracefully behind her. They were a dark gray color and contrasted with the white of the rest of her body.

Kelly spread her growing wings wide, standing tall as she felt the feathers grow out over her. In a few moments she let out a coo as she watching the last of the skin vanish, leaving her a near perfect, if seven foot tall, pigeon.

"Wow," Paul said at he looked as his transformed wife. "You look fantastic," he added as he ran his fingers over her belly feathers.

She bent her head down and flicked her tongue over his cheek.

He took her head it his hands and kissed her on her cheek. "I love you like this; it looks so natural on you," he told her as she wrapped her wings around him.

"I wonder why you're so big? You were suppose to become a normal pigeon, but like this you couldn't even fly," he said, frowning as he pulled away from her.

She shrugged her wings and folded them up at her side. She actually liked being large, it was fun to be bigger then her husband, and as a bird it just felt perfect to her.

"I wonder--" Paul started to say but was cut off as the phone rang. He rolled his eyes and looked at the clock on the wall. "It's probably the office, I have to get this. I'll be back as soon as I can!" He told her with a look of frustration, and rushed out of the room and towards the room he used as his home office.

Kelly shook her head and flexed her wings, trying to get a feel for them. She flexed out each one as she moved, the talons on her feet digging into the tile with every step she took.

She let out a squawk of surprise when her head brushed against something. Ducking down she tilted it to the side to see what it was, and was even more surprised to realize that it was the ceiling. She was still growing, and getting bigger by the moment.

Crouching down she tried to hold herself lower then the roof, but found that it was getting hard and harder with every passing moment. Soon she tucked her legs under herself and leaned against the refrigerator. She watched her body as it continued to grow, pushing longer and higher until finally it seemed to stop.

She looked over herself and was pleased with what she saw, and how big she had become. She was nearly fifteen feet from foot to beak, and her wingspan twice that. Her head actually rose higher then the appliance she was leaning against. She was just huge.

Turning to look at her self in the window, she was startled to see that her face had grow different. All her features were the same size as before, but her face had grown, making them look smaller.

"My god," Paul said as he came back in the room, gasping as he saw the size of his wife. "Something has clearly gone wrong," he said as he rushed over to her.

She shook her head and tapped one wing against her side.

He came to a stop a few feet away from her, looking over her massive form. He had to admit, even at her colossal size, she was a sight to behold, and still as beautiful as the day he had married her.

Reaching out with one hand he stroked one of her thick legs, feeling the feathers as they tickled at his palm. She responded by fanning out her wings slightly and rolling her head.

With a smile he looked over her body, starting at her beak and tracing all the way down her belly and along her legs. It was when his eyes fell onto the bracelet that he realized what had happened.

"It's upside down!" he said with a groan as he moved to her legs.

Kelly held her leg out and crannied her head to look at her leg. She squawked softly when he realized that he was right, she had put it on wrong. It had looked fine to her when she was bent over to put it on, but it had really been inverted. Apparently that made her grow bigger instead of smaller.

Paul touched the side of her thick leg, running his fingers over its rough texture. Each of the lower legs had to have been over a foot thick, and so large around he couldn't wrap his hands around them.

She fluffed out her wings as he touched her, cooing softly as he stroked down the length of her leg. Her tail feathers ruffled a little as he reached out to run his fingers over each of her large toes and the sharp talons.

"You are so hot like this, even at this size," he said as he pressed his head up to her large thigh. She responded by wrapping her wing over his shoulder, and tickling his bare flesh with the feathers.

He stroked his hands over her thigh, pressing his fingers around the feathers to touch the skin underneath. She kicked slightly at the touch, but pressed her wing a bit closer to him.

"I love you," he said as he half closed his eyes, feeling her body rise and fall with each breath she took. Even with her massive size, and undoubtedly great weight, she breathed easily, almost effortlessly.

She let out a small chirp and ran the tips of her wings down over his back, using the edges of her feathers to tickle at the back of his legs.

With a laugh he kicked back a bit and pushed at her wing. "Hey, you know I'm ticklish!" he protested as she folded her wing back.

Kelly clicked her beak in an abbreviated laugh and nodded her head as she did it a second time.

He danced back and waggled his finger at his wife. "Now, now dear, careful where you put those," he said with a smirk.

She looked at him with her black eyes, and gave him a shrug of her wings as she clicked her beak. She then shifted her body around so she was a bit more comfortable in the cramped kitchen.

Taking a few steps back, he looked over his huge avian wife, the smile on his face fading a bit once he realized that she was almost too big for the house.

"I think we are going to have to get you down to the right size. I think if I pull the bracelet off, then put it back on right ways up, you should start shrinking," he said as he took a few steps towards her.

Kelly watched as she approached, her head cocking to the side as she looked down at the gold bracelet around her ankle. It has expanded to fit her changed form, and hug loose just above her toes, glittering in the kitchen light.

'But I like being big,' she wanted to protest, but only a small squawk came out of her beak. Instead she pulled her leg back out of Paul's reach as he touched the bracelet.

"Hon?" he asked, looking up at her as she crossed her large legs, covering the bracelet.

She shook her head, fluttering her wings out towards him.

"Don't you want to be the proper size?" He asked, looking a little surprised.

Once again she shook her head, then fanned her wings out, holding them as far apart as she could.

Paul looked at her, confused for the moment. "I don't understand; what do you want?" he asked her.

She clicked her beak at him and pulled her wings in tight to her side. Slowly she fanned them out, stretching them as far as they would go in the cramped room as she pressed her head up against the ceiling.

"Do you want to be... bigger?" he asked, looking up at her.

Kelly looked back down at him with her large black eyes, and nodded her head, fluffing out her tail feathers.

He gulped as he looked back up to her, then turned his head back to look at the second bracelet where he left it an hour before. His mind thought back to what the shop keeper had told him, that if one person wore both, the effects would be multiplied.

The thought of his wife being even bigger than before turned him on, towering over him and everything around him. He shifted a bit as a smile passed over his face. "Lets get you outside," he said as he picked up his discarded pants and pulled them on.

She let out a happy chirp as she watched him pick up the second bracelet and rush to the sliding glass doors. He open one, then looked back at her, frowning when he realized that she wouldn't fit.

"Wait right here," Paul told her as she hurried out of the room, then came back a minute later with his tool box. He quickly set to work to remove both side of the sliding door, leaving room for his wife to step out into the darkened night.

She pressed herself down to the kitchen floor. Tucking her wings to the side, she started to wiggle herself through the opening. It was slow going, she was nearly the same size as the hole, and once she was half way through she found she had a lack of purchase. After a few moments of her talons sliding over the floor to avail Paul ran back into the house and got behind her, pushing her the rest of the way outside.

Once she was free of the house she waddled her large body into the back yard and rose to her full height, her wings stretching out as she rolled her neck. She was very glad that they had a few acres of their own, with heavy trees between them and any neighbors. No one could see her.

Paul walked up to her, smiled up at her fifteen foot height, eager to see just how large she could become. "Are you ready?" he asked her.

She nodded her head and offered him her other leg.

He walked closer to her, running one hand over her belly feathers as he neared her foot. Crouching down he pulled out the second bracelet and held it to the orange limb. The golden chain started to expand around the thick leg, and once it was long enough to wrap around it he closed the clasp, making sure that it was also upside down.

Kelly felt a warmth over her leg, radiating out from the bracelet as it settled down against her foot. A matching warmth came from the other bracelet, rising up her legs until they joined at her waist.

She let out a coo and fanned her wings as the warmth filled her, rising over her body until it covered everything, even the tips of her largest feathers. She shuttered a bit, her feathers ruffling as she felt herself start to grow anew.

Flapping her wings she rose up on her legs, stretching her neck as she lifted into the night sky. On the ground her husband moved back to watch her as she grew, her body expanding rapidly. She had already doubled her height in just a minute, and showed no signs of stopping.

Her wings seem to stretch out, nearly bigger then the backyard as she clawed gently at the ground, cutting wide furrows in the grass. Her features were growing slower then the rest of her, causing her face to shrink on her neck as her head expanded.

She bend her head down, realizing that she now towered over their two story home. If she wanted to, she could destroy the building just by sitting on it, and she was still growing.

Over the shrinking trees she could see the roof of their nearest neighbors. She could make them out inside the building, but in the dark of night they didn't see her, at least not yet.

Paul sat back on the ground, watching as she continued to grow, passing at least a hundred feet tall. He wasn't sure how big she actually was since, at that size, there was simply nothing to compare her with.

Each one of her feet were huge, the toes over two feet wide now as the spread out on the soft ground. Each leg was the size of a large tree and so big he couldn't wrap his arms around them.

"You are magnificent," he said, looking up at her feathered underside.

Above him Kelly cocked her head to the side, ruffling her feathers as she heard her husband's words. She rose to her full height, spread her wings wide and lifted one leg as she took a pose for her husband, cooing happily as she rose into the night air.

The faint sound of applause rose from under her, and she bent down to look at Paul, wishing she could smile at him with her beak.

By now her legs were as tall as the house and each of the bracelets that wrapped around her feet were nearly a foot thick. The engraved pigeon on each clasp was a bit wider then that, each one flying upside down against her orange limbs.

Craning his head upwards he estimated that she had to be almost three hundred feet tall, and more beautiful then anything he had ever seen before.

His attention was drawn back to her legs as he heard a duo of loud cracks, going off like gunshots. His eyes fell upon the bracelets, and watched in surprised as the clasps opened as they both fell from her legs.

As each one landed on the torn up ground, they seemed to shatter, the gold falling away like dust. In a moment all that remained of them were the open clasps.

Kelly bent over, her tail feathers fanning out as she looked down at her legs, the back at him. She let out a soft squawk as she tilted her head to the side.

He stood on his tiptoes, and straining his arm as high as he could was able to stroke her beak. Her face was small on the top of her huge neck, giving her an odd, but yet pleasing look. "I guess the fun is over, you'll turn back to normal now that the bracelets are gone."

She nodded her head and sank down, tucking her legs under her as she sat on the ground. She looked sad, the feathers around her neck ruffling as she tucked her wings to her side.

Paul walked up to her and leaned up against the feathers of her belly. "It was fun while it lasted," he said as he pressed himself against her soft body and waited for her to turn back.

It was ten minutes later when he realized that she hadn't stared to change. Pushing back from her he looked up, pleased to see the content look on her avian face.

"Hon?" he called up to her.

She turned her head so she was looking down at him with one of her black eyes.

"I don't think you're changing back," he said with a frown.

Kelly lifted her head a bit and looked at her body, then back at the house and the nearby trees. With a strange feeling she realized that he was right, she was the same size as she had been when the bracelets broke.

Paul sat up and looked at the claps, still in the grass only a few feet away. "You should have turned back when I took them off, but they broke instead. The old man at the shop told me not to break them," he said with a deep frown.

She squawked at this, realizing exactly what he meant. She was stuck like that, a giant pigeon, and she wasn't going to be able to change back.

"I'll try to find the shop again tomorrow, maybe they have a way to change you back," he said as he paced in front of her. From the tone of his voice she suspected that he didn't believe that would happen.

After a moment of thought she found that she didn't mind. She loved her new body and her new size. It she couldn't go back to being a human she was more then happy to be a giant pigeon.

With a shake of her head she bent down and nudged her husband's side. He looked up at her, then reached out to touch the side of her beak. "You... don't mind?" he asked.

She nodded and flicked her tongue out to lick the side of his face.

Paul reached up to touch her, thinking about what he would do. They couldn't stay at the house, sooner or later someone would notice her, and they would have questions. They would have to leave, go some place where no one would see her, or ask about her.

He leaned forward and kissed the side of her beak. However odd it was, they were both happy, and he know they would stay together for a long time to come.


This story was written and copyright 2001-2009 by Theo Winters, reposting and archiving are allowed as long as this copyright notice and the author's name are not removed. This story can not be published without permission of the author. Violators will be eaten.

Conehalo 4 years ago 0
I love avian stories and also macro stories. You write good, and the story is a sweet one.

Wanted to spicen the marriage up didn't they! And then with some. Rating a 4/5.

Are you going to continue this one? That would bev very interesting :) in how others would react XD