18 Mar 2009

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Posted 18 Mar 2009 00:45
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Female Idhe Color

#63 of Halo

I colored her

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FidoOfDarkness 5 years ago 0
Bionic Arm? Was she the lone Elite that survived my devastating onslaught on Legendary in Truth and Reconciliation? ^_^
Sobana Blupaw 5 years ago 0
zomg she is hot
Arbiterjim 5 years ago 0
Thong eh?
Blade Kassan 4 years ago 0
Oh, hell yes.
That's all I can think of here.
Shooterman1914 4 years ago 0
Methados strikes again.

Hoggin the all the hotness in here, oh well. ha
LonelyFur 4 years ago 0
Finally a hot elite, so hard too find...
Wolfgunman 3 years ago 0
COOL ARM!, I hope the women don;t sound like the men. that would be wierd.
Scaly Tail 3 years ago 0
Sexy. I wonder what she could do with that arm to me?