19 Mar 2009

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Posted 19 Mar 2009 08:53
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The gangs all here

#64 of Halo

I just thought I'd draw all my characters in one pic, and here it is.

The elite on the left is Utfu.
The elite on the right is Iefu.
The elite in the middle is Idhe.
The elite in back is unnamed right now, I'll name her later.

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catsithx 5 years ago 0
King of the elites. Hail to the king baby
Methados 5 years ago 0
Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride!
FidoOfDarkness 5 years ago 0
I smell an orgy...
Moose_Jam 5 years ago 0
I think they brought the scented massage oils. :D
FidoOfDarkness 5 years ago 0
~Sniffs the air, and shakes his head.~

Nope...I smell Sangheili pussy and cock...maybe some lavendar soap mixed in as a means of cleaning themselves? ^_^
GM 136 5 years ago 0
I can't help but suggest that you have Iefu put half her hand down Idhe's combat fatigues. Small but sexy detail.
GeneralScales 5 years ago 0
I always wondered what happened after halo 3's ending. I mean i always thought the humans and elites would form some kind of a new covenant,republic or federation of some sort and the elite wearing jeans made my lol' at how stoopid my idea was.
AIpha 5 years ago 0
shit man what happened? are elite pics goin out of fashion? hope not' coz your dishing em out fast then .... then... a fast thing? damn i cant think of any good anologies...
StickDragon 5 years ago 0
Lol lucky elite bastard. XD

Go get em.
Scaly Tail 3 years ago 0
I want to be the center guy. Alien chicks are sexy.