28 Mar 2009

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Posted 28 Mar 2009 19:39
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Idhe Character Sheet

#66 of Halo

This is a character sheet I made for Idhe, just some little info on him here and what he looks like (get ready for it) NAKED! Yep.

Also, this pic is very big so to get a good look you would need to download it.

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GM 136 5 years ago 0
Do you think he would be able to construct a custom S&W 500 Mag? That would be a fun gun to have.
AIpha 5 years ago 0
hmmm interseting... never would have seen him that way...
Blade Kassan 4 years ago 0
Damn, that eye is good. Not to mention the robotic arms and the D-Eagle.

Jesus man, I gotta stop giving you straight 5's.
HaludVortex 3 years ago 0
that is a very nice idea there... love the art... and his ass
Freya Swiftrunner 2 years ago 0
i'd like to give him a test