16 Apr 2009

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Posted 16 Apr 2009 09:11
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Suffer not the mutant to live.

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Trahl 5 years ago 0
Two girls? The Femanon have not revealed themselves in such numbers for millenia!
Nash_Clight 5 years ago 0
An interesting start.
SilentReaderDragon 5 years ago 0
Ya.......... the Imperium is sorta messed that way. I wonder what the situation would have been had the Emperor been alive to render his judgment. Also, are any of the Inquisitors utilizing Psykers to find the presence of Chaos forces at work? Or are they the type that will kill a man for having 6 fingers? And yes, i am a Warhammer 40K player/fanatic. I play the Space Marines, Dragon Warriors Chapter (none codex chapter) Oooops..... I am rambling. Anyway, great work, and i am definitely looking forward to more.
whipblade 5 years ago 0
Wow, great start of an intresting story! ^_^ And the art n' detail wow! Amazing XD
Tyr Do`shan 5 years ago 0
Oh they are SO dead.
Griphass Blakpavn 5 years ago 0
yeah!! that's good job! ^^

Next please next! :)
Bloodscale 4 years ago 0
usually they don't start an exterminatus before they are REALLY sure that the kind of mutation is a chaos gift and not one of the emperor, like the psychers. Virusses are expensive....
CantSeemToDelete 4 years ago 0
RedFox6 3 years ago 0
Actually, 40K does, (or did), have furries in it. They are called Beastmen, and they originally worked for the Imperial Guard. They were purged for being 'unclean', and now mostly work for Chaos. 'Course, that's mainly because the Imperium keeps trying to kill them off, and they don't really have any other options if they want to survive.