30 Apr 2009

Faithful Companions 3D
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Posted 30 Apr 2009 07:01
Last edited 30 Sep 2012 16:22
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Faithful Companions

#2 of Faithful Companions 3D

Callie, Becky and Serena all set for a day at the beach.

High-res version here.

Krystal model created by CharleyFox and rigged for Poser by Little_Dragon. Collie texture by FoxyFellowUK. Victoria 4.2 & Preteen Vicki by DAZ3D.

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s p 4 years ago 0
very good I like the way you have done this a lot of people won't bother making any pictures to go with a story well done 5/5 and are you making a part 4 to the story
Foxyfellowuk 4 years ago 0
I suspect that's because most writers can't draw, this one included. :-p

And there will be - consider this something of a sneak preview. :D
s p 4 years ago 0
I look forward to it
darkclawgreatone_nas 4 years ago 0
a part 4 was certainly insinuated, i know ill be looking for it,
Foxyfellowuk 4 years ago 0
And now confirmed - under construction right now. I'll try not to make you all wait too long. As mentioned above, this is a taster of what it'll entail...
TzauZerRyfaz 3 years ago 0
Wow, A rair moment of humans and Furries actually getting along.