03 Jun 2009

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Her One and Only part 3: Reconciling

#3 of Her one and only
(This chapter will be much shorter.)

Natasha pulled her bike out of the garage so Madeline had enough room to get into her own car. Though cramped, there was enough room for both vehicles within its walls, along with some extra storage in the front. With a final, passionate kiss and more words of love, she skirted away towards work.

Like most days, most of the time of Natasha's work schedule was spent doing nothing. A few calls here, some schedule checks there, some crusty old workers complaining about the old days, a horny new worker who didn't know she was a lesbian and finally built up the courage to try and ask her out, her boss whining about something... All this in a day's work.

She was eager to leave, and actually ducked out earlier than usual. She was eager to get home, even though their jobs keep them sane and out of boredom. She was eager to see Madeline, as every second with her lover is worth every hour at work.

Though they worked the same hours, Maddie's is only a two minute drive as compared to Natasha's 25 minute one. It didn't surprise her to see her car. It did, however, surprise her that it wasn't in the garage, and another was parked next to it. She walked to their apartment with her helmet in her arm and heard a heated argument emanating from the room. Paul.

Natasha opened the door to see the two in a heated argument. Paul was a cougar, standing at roughly 6'1" with a partially muscular frame, with long brown hair and facial fur around his maw. He paid no attention to the new addition to the conversation and kept his gaze locked on Madeline, who was looking at her for support. "Just listen to me, alright? I've been doing everything, I've ben-"

"I am listening to you, you just don't understand!" Madeline's gaze went back to Paul. "I am not interested, okay?"

A look of anger took to Paul's face, but he held back. "I've been taking all the anger management, I've apologized, I really have changed!"

"No, you haven't! This is just like college, except you're only partially wasted!"

"No! I've been sober for three months now! I haven't touched liquor since I've got out, and I still go to the alcoholics meetings!"

"Then what am I smelling on your breath? Mouthwash?"

"Do you need help leaving?" Natasha asked coldly.

Paul snapped at Natasha, "Fuck you, bitch! I don't need this from you, it's between me and Maddie!"

Maddie quieted down as she held back tears from painful memories. "See? You're the same old Paul, you just believe you have changed. You haven't. You are still the same asshole that beat me and fed him to his friends like some fuckin' toy!"

Paul, however, didn't change his tone. "I fucking changed my life! I took the classes, I've done everything to show you I'm sorry, and what do I get? NOTHING!"

Madeline's tone returned to an angry state. "Because you didn't change! You did all this just so you can get off of probation, not because you wanted to! And what do you know? As soon as they turn away from you, you're drinking again! You call to harass me, you follow me home, and now, you're fucking trespassing!"

"That's it, I'm calling the cops," Natasha said in an angry tone. She stormed around the two to get to the computer room, where they had their phone.

"No! Don't you fucking do that!" Paul yelled at her turned back.

"She's doing it, so you better get the fuck out of here!" Maddie yelled.

"That's great, just fucking great! I change my life, JUST for you, and you blow me off for this fucking dyke."

"DON'T YOU FUCKING CALL HER THAT!" Madeline shouted at him. Her paw came out and slapped him hard across the face.

In turn, Paul delivered a hard backhand that sent her spinning to the floor. Seeing her trying to struggle up bought him back to reality. "Sweetie, you alright? I'm sorry...Oh, shit." He realized that the cops were called and turned heel out of the door.

Natasha ran to the side of her lover. "Oh my god, Maddie! Are you alright?" She cuddled her lover close and looked down at her.

The side of her face was already swollen, and blood trickled from her nose. Though there were tears of pain welling in her eyes, she wouldn't allow herself to cry. "I'm fine...I knew that bastard didn't change..." She accepted the embrace from her lover. "The cops are coming, right?"

"Yeah...C'mon, let's get you all cleaned up." She stood her up and they walked to the sink. A frozen bag of peas went to the side of her face, and a damp towel wiped away the blood. "I swear if he tries to hurt you again...I will kill him."

Maddie chuckled at the idea. "I doubt his deadbeat friends would miss him. You might actually be doing them a favor."

When the cops arrived, they did the standard procedure. The first one they talked with was another female, a hound who looked to be in her mid twenties despite being in her mid-thirties. "Who did this to you?"

"My ex-boyfriend, Paul A. Gent. He was recently let off of probation, and has been harassing me for a while."

The other officer, a male Clydesdale that looked his age in his face, but still seemed spry and youthful. "What was he on probation for?" They were both out of uniform, but two younger officers behind them were.

"He went to prison for drunken disorderly conduct, assault and battery, attempted vehicular manslaughter, possession of a deadly weapon and illegal narcotics, driving under the influence...A couple others, I think, but it's all on his file. Long story short, he's an asshole."

This earned a chuckle from the officers. After a brief discussion about what all happened, they went to Natasha for questions. They received similar answers, with the change that she was more cold and serious. The two senior cops didn't seem shaken by the fact that they were lovers.

"Tell me that that fucker is going back to the pen, where he belongs," Natasha said in a cold tone.

"When we catch him, that's straight where we want him to go," the Clydesdale replied.

After a few more questions and some final pleasantries, the two were alone now. They simply cuddled together on the couch and watched a movie.

"Are you sure you're okay?" The tone of Natasha's voice relayed concern.

"I'll be fine," Maddie reassured. "They are putting the restraining order back on him. My face will be swollen a little, but I can blame it on the dentist or something."

Natasha held her lover closer, which Maddie seemed to accept.

"I love you..."

"I love you, too..."

Part 4: Emergency is coming soon...