20 Jun 2009

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Posted 20 Jun 2009 23:30
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The Comforting Words of a Reptile Stranger Version 2

This is version number 2 of my first story called "The Comforting Words of a Reptile Stranger". It has new characters, a new theme, and I plan on making one last part to it so let me know what you think.
The Comforting Words of a Reptile Stranger Version 2




"Just another boring day in paradise" the iguana thought to himself as he walked down the cobblestone path of the medieval European city.

Truth be told Rep had a reason to be bored since he had recently came back from a long mission of beating up and killing the rival reptile tribe which was always trying to plunder and pillage the land.

Rep's city of Winterburg sat in the middle of one of medeval Germany's most hostile territories. The rival Deadknight reptile tribe was king in these here parts and their dragon leader Mephisto was feared by many for his tyrant ways and intimidating bullying of the local peasants and even some of Rep's own people.

You see Rep did not fear Mephisto in any sort of way and he thought the dragon was just a big bully who acted big in a group but when alone was a coward and follower. Rep knew the dragon's father a long time ago and his tribe called the Royal Reptilian Army of Winterburg was at one time great allies with the Deadknights for several hundred years.

However, deep within the Deadknights there was a dark shadowed dragon boy who was always getting in trouble for stealing and in one case got put in the rookery for almost a year for beating up one of The Royal Reptilian Army of Winterburg's reptile boys that there was a small bit of hatred growing within both parties.

The Deadknights could never be trusted and their leader Draconious who was Mephisto's father was at times bending the rules of his and Rep's tribe's rules they set years before the iguana came into the world.

Then one day several years later Rep's father Hellfire was taken hostage by the teen son Mephisto and several armed tribesman and savagely beaten and later killed by Mephisto's father Draconious. Draconious as a symbol of his defiance had the remains of Rep's father burned and his head was hand delivered to at that time a quite young Rep as a warning to not even think about disobeying the new rules set down by Draconious as soon as Hellflame was dead.

For several years Rep's people were turned into slaves or killed if they chose not to submit to the evil Draconious's bidding. Rep remembered watching his mother and two other siblings get savagely whipped by Mephisto for being the ones who broke the rules of the Deadknights.

Rep finally had seen enough and was old enough to understand what needed to be done to save his people and the city of Winterburg from certain destruction.

The young iguana hatched a plan to flee the city and form his own army for revenge on the evil Draconious and Mephisto for killing his father. Without a sound other than his breathing the young teen snuck out of the slave dungeon deep inside his father's now taken over keep and fled to the neighboring territory of Bavaria where he and a huge army of angered former Winterburg escapees and Bavarian armed troops set off from the city of Loudsdorf and marched the fifty miles to Winterburg.

The battle which ensued was bloody and violent but eventually all the Deadknights fled in defeat deep into the German hills with their new leader Mephisto taking the bloody and disgraced band of reptiles deep into the mountains and hills of Germany.

The only reptile who did not escape was Draconious who was put on trial and hung in the middle of Winterburg for all of his various crimes including the murder of Rep's father and later mother and siblings who were whipped to death and died in their own blood from the vicious life of being a slave for the Deadknights.

Draconious was the lucky one because he was fortunate to not have come across Rep who would of beheaded the tyrant dragon right where he stood and or hung him over a cliff if he had had his way.

Rep despised Mephisto for doing what he did to the iguana's family namely his mother and siblings. The iguana swore if he ever saw that disgusting tyrant of a slimey snake in the dirty bowls of hell again that he would do worse to him then his people did to his father Draconious.

The little coward had been on the run ever since and was trying to gain confidence by doing petty pillaging and plundering of the German countryside and sourrounding hills. The leader of The Royal Reptilian Army of Winterburg never slept very well as long as he knew that little varlet of a cowardly tyrant was still outhere making other tribes and peasants lives a living hell.

Even without the constant annoyance of Mephisto and his cowardly games Rep felt bored. Rep was bored because his city since the fall of Draconious and Mephisto had never really recovered back to what it once was before all this mayhem and war had broke out.

Rep recalled when the city of Winterburg was full of happy reptilians and huge merchant festivals and flea markets selling all the latest weaponry of the time and robust food which could feed a typical peasant family for years. As the 30 year old dragon continued to reflect he passed by an old burnt out building that used to be his best friend Andreas's house.

Rep had not seen nor heard of Andreas for at least ten years and he worried about the dragon even since he discovered he and his family had fled Winterburg to escape the Deadknight clan who had destroyed their home by setting it ablaze and destroying everything that was inside.

Andreas and his family fled and went to live in the safer territory of Spain where they originally were from. The reason Andreas came to Winterburg was because the Spanish dragon's father had work as one of those travelling merchants and came to Winterburg and feel in love with the area and moved his family there.

Rep and Andreas had actually ran into each other by accident at a festival when the iguana saw some local bullies picking on the small dragon. Rep was quite tall for a kid his age of ten and so he got rid of the bullies and made sure the Spanish dragon got home safely.

They became great friends after that and periodically would invite each other over for sleepovers or slumber parties. Andreas had a beautiful home full of artifacts and furnature his father made, sold, and received from long time happy customers.

You'd swear you were in a medieval rich king's fortress by the way the house looked. When you walked into the place the floors were all wood and the rooms were decorated in the noticeable Spanish way of lots of glitz but always a warm feeling.

Andreas's bedroom the iguana reflected was full of handmade toys and or even a handmade stuffed iguana and bear his dad had to scrape all the money he had to make for the dragon's fifth year of life. Andreas's bed was big and quite comfortable but it was made by the hand of his father and it had warm mellow colors to give off the cherry color wood it so beautifully presented as you walked in.

You see, Andreas's family was not wealthy but they were all craftsmen and travelling merchants who knew how to build and use what little they could afford and turn it into something lavish.

But now, the house and his best friend were long gone thanks to those tyrant Deadknights and Mephisto. When Mephisto's clan messed with Rep's best friend and his family the thought and site of the burnt out house made Rep's blood boil. He hated Mephisto for what he was doing as it was but Rep wanted that tyrant's head on a silver platter if he ever did anything to his best friend and his family.


The iguana missed the younger dragon and thought about him as he tried to clear some tears and walk down to the local pub and drain a few drinks of ale to make him forget about what was hurting him or bothering him. Before Rep went on his way towards the pub he stopped and took out a diamond necklace Andreas had given him the year before the war broke out and his father was killed.

Engraved on the necklace were the letters BFF and a small carving of the Spanish dragon on it smiling. The necklace was a magnificent work of art the iguana wondered how in the world was Andreas able to pay for it?

Then the iguana remembered that several years ago the 21 year old at the time Spanish dragon had traded some food and money to have the necklace made when he was back in his native Spain on a merchant trip with his father.

As the iguana closed his eyes he remembered the Spanish dragon's very words the morning he gave the necklace to the iguana.

"Rep, From the bottom of my heart I want you to have this so if anything shall separate us I will keep one necklace and you keep the other" Andreas said. "If anything happens to me I want you to keep this with you wherever you go and wear it proudly in whatever you do" Andreas said. "I will never leave your side and if indeed it does happen you will always have me against your heart and in your soul for as long as you live" Andreas said as he gave the necklace to the iguana.

"I also had them make another diamond necklace with your picture on it of you smiling" Andreas said. "I will always keep you in my heart and soul no matter what happens" the Spanish dragon said. "You will never leave my heart and if anything happens to you I will always keep this with me until we meet again and are able to untie these two necklaces together as one again wither in heaven or when we cross paths again if it should ever happen" Andreas said. "You are my best friend forever and always Rep" Andreas said as he reached for a deep hug from the iguana.

Both exchanged the hugs and pleasantries and went about their days soon after always knowing that each other was with them in their hearts and souls.


Tears were filling the broken hearted iguana's eyes as he reflected on the memories. He had to leave or be a broken down blubbering mess for the rest of the night which was not good for a reptile in his position.

As he walked away towards the pub the iguana put the necklace on his neck and felt a very warm feeling deep within his heart of maybe one day uniting the two necklaces he and his best friend wore as one. He missed Andreas with all his heart but he knew somewhere deep in the back of his mind which he couldn't touch that one day he and his best friend Andreas would meet once again and continue being best friends forever.

Little did the iguana know that not only would his dream come true but something else more beautiful would arise from it as he walked towards the pub and went inside to drown out his sadness and thoughts for a few hours.


I'm going to be continuing this story in a couple of days so be on the lookout for part two very soon.


ReptileCynrik 4 years ago 0
Really, really nice! I love it. :) And... it's even CLEAN, hehehehe! Cool, so you will have a greater audience this time. ^..^ Meaning, all people or all ages may read and enjoy it. Superb!
This is really a complete different story, yeah. It's more fantasy like and might even fit more to "Reptile" as well. But I just like it and it's well written!
*hugs cuddles* THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!
SwiftWindSpirit 4 years ago 0
That was the point of why I wrote this.

I'm not about just sex and you know that better then anybody.

I will tell you there is going to be sex in this but I first want to get a base or a biography of each character before I go into the sexual stuff.

I want this series to be more of a series where both characters are deeply explored and you know who they are and not just know them as a couple of joe blows who have sex with each other.

My goal is to have all preferences enjoy and appreciate my work for what it is and who it attracts.

I've always wanted to explore my fantasy clean side and this series will show what I can do.

Thanks you so much for the comments Rep.

You are the best!