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The Comforting Words of A Reptile Stranger: Andreas Remembers and Reflects on his Life and Best Friend Rep at a Pub

Here is Part two of the Comforting Words of a Reptile Stranger Revised version. Please note the reason multiple is used in the story tags is because of the multiple characters I used in this story to tell of who Andres's parents were and who the family was and where they came from.

Also note: I used characters that Rep runs into that are not associated with Andreas in any way. All characters are made by me and are not to be used unless asked by permission of said author (Me)

Any use or pirating of this work without my consent means you go bye bye in a bad way if you get caught or I catch you so enjoy it and thank you for your understanding and support!



The Comforting Words of A Reptile Stranger: Andreas Remembers and Reflects on his Life and Best Friend Rep at a Pub




Andreas Bonnivellas sat in the Ye Olde Ale Hole pub drinking a huge mug of ale recounting the days the dragon had seen long since he had been forced to leave Winterburg because of those Deadknights. The Spanish dragon despised the fact he had to leave Winterburg and his best friend Rep behind.

It was either escape or die by being burned to death by those tyrant Deadknights. The Spanish dragon wondered why in the world the Deadknights turn out to be so nasty? "What did I ever do to them to deserve what my people and family got" the dragon said in his mind as the gruff old lizard behind the bar poured him another towering mug of ale.

"I can't believe Mephisto escaped capture and death for all the nasty things he did" Andreas thought to himself as his beer buzz started to take over and slowly make the world around him seem mellow.

Truth be told it was like that for several years when the Spanish dragon's family moved to Winterburg from their native San Maccaros which as the dragon recalled was one of the most beautiful cities on the Spanish coast.

The whole reason the dragon had to leave his native land was because of his father's job as a travelling merchant. His mother had died when he was just a hatchling of a major complication after his birth. It was really sad that she never got to see the beautiful dragon hatchling she and his father had created.

Her name was Chrystalfire and his father Grendal had met her in a Spanish missionary camp when she took meager rations working as a Spanish Missionary aide who helped funnel in escapees of the brutal wars in her native Olde Britian.

She was born to peasent parents who raised her and four other siblings, The eldest Darkknight was five when she was a hatchling while the youngest before her Ultimaxious was only barely a small hatchling when she was born.

The eldest of her siblings joined the Royal Navy of His Majesty King Donkulous and Her Majesty Janellica. Darkknight fought in several battles before being wounded and killed at the battle of Golum Hill in the mountains of Bugaria. Chystalfire loved her older brother and when his death was sent via mounted horse messanger to her she went into a huge dark depression nearly killing herself until her father Tyrannaopis stepped in and stopped the female dragon from doing something she would forever regret.

The youngest sibling Ultimaxious did not follow in his brother's footsteps and went on to become one of Olde Britian's best merchants. He made quite a name for himself and married a beautiful young iguana princess named of all things Babbijock which was not a female name but she changed it to Briannogolia when both were married. They had a huge family and moved from Olde Britian to somewhere deep of south from there to which extent Chystalfire never found out.

Her father Wereblood decided it was best to move the family to Spain to escape the hardships of Olde England and the constant tax collectors who would kill any peasant who did not pay the king's bounty to him. Chystalfire's mother Youlacca nearly got sent to prison for her refusal to pay tax to the king. If it wasn't for Grendal stepping in and beheading one of the tyrant tax collectors Youlacca most certainly would of ended up the latest tax collector defiance statistic.

After that little episode Wereblood decided it was best to leave now or end up in a slave dungeon or even worse have the rest of his family dead including him. They decided on San Maccaros because it had everything they had wanted and it also had a missionary that housed escapees like themselves and found them new homes or caves throughout Spain and Portugal.

Chystalfire by that time was still reeling from her eldest brother's passing and took a work position there working on very meager rations and pay. It was not the best but it would do until she could find a way to break her depression.

Her parents eventually left her in the missionary and never were seen again. They had to keep running or else the King of Olde Britian would find them and kill what remained of the family and both of them for their flight from his tax collections. The King of Olde England was a bad man towards people who defied his tax collectors. He once told his tax collectors to behead those who did not pay his tax collection or couldn't pay it.

Chystalfire had been working at the missionary for just a couple of month when she saw Grendal and fell in love with his charm and beautiful romantic personality. Sadly, Andreas was to be their only hatchling and when Andreas mother died his father Grendal took him under his wing and put him to work on his travelling merchant cart business.

The hours were long, the work was backbreaking, and to make matters worse they always were on the move going to new cities all across medieval Europe and Spain until they came to Winterburg, Ancient Germany where his father fell in love with the area and her beautiful mountain forests.

His father built the house from the ground up and used what skills he had acquired from his craftsman parents and the finished product was one of the most beautiful homes in all of Germany on that side of the Carpathian mountains.

Andreas's father Grendal was tired of the constant travel and his age of 1millienum was finally catching up to the old dragon. He wanted to stay in one spot permanently and Winterburg was it.

His son Andreas was forced to do an event he had never done in his life; find something to do and make some friends. The young hatchling boy was eager to explore this new city and the people in it. Andreas was quite small for his age and that meant he was a guaranteed target for the local bullies of the town. Being only eight years old the young hatchling boy had a huge life ahead of him with various new things now that he never had before.

Unfortunately for him being such a small hatchling he accidently got off the main walk in Downtown Winterburg during one of the festivals and ended up in a seedier part of the festival his father warned him to avoid at all costs due to the high pillaging and squatter peasants who cared nothing about anything but the filth they lavishly lived in.

Three of the town's worst bullies lived in what Winterburg citizens called Death's Darkest Hell and actually it was the real name of the area the small hatchling boy Andreas had wondered into. The three bullies Brat, Scrat, and Mullat were raised by pirate parents and they were forced to move from the waters of hell they came from because their parents were exiled to Germany for their crimes in the seas of plundering and looting boats as they came into the ports of Portugal or out of them. It was quite a massive problem until the Portugal Royal Coast Force got involved that was. All of the bullies' parents were captured and exiled because Portugal's jails and dungeons were overcrowded with pirates and other criminals serving out their miserable sentences until they died or were mercifully killed.

The bad news for Andreas was he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. As the young hatchling passed by the alley way where Brat, Scrat, and Mullat were hiding they saw the defenseless little hatching and thought it was appropriate that the little lost fool learned his lesson for trespassing on their turf.

The three ugly lizards snuck up from behind and grabbed the shocked and surprised hatchling by his neck. "You ought ti know that we din't appreciate ye type in our turf" Brat hissed. "Yeah we ought to teach this wee ittle waif a lesson" Scrat hissed. "He be tresspassin weren't he belong so lets ought to give this little princess bitch his jus' desserts" Mullat barked.

The beating the little hatching took was brutal to where each young kid took turns kicking and punching the defenseless dragon hatchling in the face and across the body.

"Stop yer squirmin wee waif" Brat hissed. "Yeah, It's more fun that way when wee waifs fight because that mean we punish thy more" Scrat agreed. "Take this you little princess's pink dress scarlent wee numbskull" Mullat hissed as he swung and clobbered Andreas across the jaw to where blood was gushing out.

It seemed like the dragon hatchling was going to die or be killed by these three roughneck pirate kid bullies. "Sniffle, Stop! Sniffle, when my father hears about this the three of you varlets will be scraping up garbage in the king's dungeons sniffle" Andreas cried as his brutal beating continued.

"Yeah and wha ye little poppy going to do about it if his little wee slimy worm of a vulture's rot isn't able to speak or walk" Scrat hissed as he and his band of bullies continued to pummel the bloody defenseless dragon hatchling to the ground.

At that very moment a young iguana of about ten years old was walking in the same disreputable part of town and ran over to see what all the commotion was about. He heard talking and screaming so he'd better go and investigate to see if somebody needed some help or backup from bullies.

It was then he saw the brutal beating and stepped in to help whomever this little hatchling was that needed his assistance.

"Yeah kick tha itlle snake" Brat laughed. "Show that wee idiotic little queen tha we'in mean business Scrat hissed and laughed. "Take this you little brat of the queens" Mullat hissed as he was about to deliver the final blow that would end the hatchling's suffering permanently.

It was then another set of claws grabbed his fist and broke it clean down to where the bone was sticking out.

"OOOOOOOOWWWWWW!! AHHHH SHIIIIITTTT!!" Mullat roared as the reality of what just happened to his wrist hit him like a bull running through a brick wall. The claws then turned into one big fist and caught the bully in the jaw and right between the eyes.

The same sequence of events followed for the remaining two bullies except the leader who was to be dealt with separately. "You little ripping varlet shit you will pay for this" Brat said trying to get up and pick up what was left of his jaw.

"If I ever see the likes of you in these parts again harming hatchlings like this the only thing I'm going to send back to your parents is your head in a covered bag" Rep hissed. "If I ever see the likes of any of you in these here parts not only will I not be as lenient on you but the lot of you will be going home on the back of carts coming from the hospice down the road" Rep growled and hissed as he delivered one last massive punch and kick to the ugly lizard's gut and groin before picking up the bloody defeated leader and his two bully friends and placing them on carts and rolling them down the hill to the hospice front door which opened when the nurse inside opened the door after she heard a loud bang on it to find what was left of the three bullies in a pool of their own blood and disgrace.

The fuming iguana then turned his attention to the injured hatchling who was barely conscious and needed to see a doctor very quickly. The iguana knew the young hatchling was in bad shape injury wise due to the intense and vicious nature in which he was attacked. If there wasn't blood coming out somewhere it was a true miracle.

The iguana's anger turned to that deep worry and concern for the life of the young hatchling dragon whose head he held in his arm. He knew this poor hatchling needed some medical help and now!

Lucky for Rep he knew of a couple named Harleana and Hockmund were both travelling quacks who didn't believe in the harsh ways of the traditional medical practices of the time which were sometimes very painful and minus some kind of a knockout drug.

"uuuuurrrrrglle urrrgglle" was all the battered and near dead dragon hatchling Andreas could say as he was carried to the couple's shanty shack of a home home which was just on the edge of Death's Darkest Hell or at least one of the more decent parts of it anyway.

The last thing Andreas remembered before he blacked out was hearing his rescuer's voice and two others as he was brought into some room in some old place he had no clue about. The last words the hatchling heard before unconsciousness finally overtook him was the sound of "Oh you poor thing" and "He's going to make it. Barely".

Andreas had to undergo massive surgery to repair his busted up jaw and broken ribs plus not only those unfortunate things but also he was coughing up blood when Rep brought him into the travelling quacks Harleana and Hockmund's shanty medical shack.

"He's lucky you came along Rep" Dr Hockmund said as he rolled the swollen like a basketball dragon hatchling out of the surgical room. "These guys really screwed this kid up bad and it is truly a miracle he even made through surgery" Dr Hockmund said.

"How long is it going to be before he wakes up?" Rep wondered.

"Well my boy that depends on him"Dr Hockmund said. "The next 24 hours are key because a kid with injuries like his should be either be dead or brain dead" Dr Hockmund said bluntly. The fact this little guy doesn't have massive head injuries is a miracle considering it took me well over nine hours to put back together what was left of his jaw" Dr Hockmund said. "The worst these guys did to his brain was give it a concussion and massive headache" Dr Hockmund said. "The fact this little guy has only a moderate concussion is totally baffling to me" Dr Hockmund said. Just before he left the room and his wife Harleana walked in to take over what her husband had started, "You know Rep" Dr Hockmund said. "This kid amazes me and I hope he makes it" Dr Hockmund said as he walked through the doorway to his office and closed it behind him.

Tears started to fill the young iguana's eyes as the emotions of what had transpired and reality of what happened to the young hatchling finally hit him.

"Sniffle sniffle, this isn't fair sniffle sniffle" Rep whimpered. "Sniffle sniffle, WHAT DID HE DO TO DESRVE SUCH TREATMENT FROM THOSE LITTLE PRICKS sniffle sniffle" Rep cried out loud as tears finally overtook the young iguana.

Nurse Harleata ran over to the sobbing young reptile and said; "If it wasn't for you my dear boy this hatchling would not be here right now and he would be in the ground being buried by his family as another brutal statistic of Death's Darkest Hell" She cooed to try and calm down the sobbing iguana. "You are his angel in disguise and if he makes it he has you to thank for your bravery and good deed of standing up to Death's Darkest Hell's meanest bullies and teaching those wee little waifs a lesson in their own just desserts" Nurse Harleana cooed as she stroked the head of the young iguana and gave him a deep warm hug as only somebody who was a former mother could do.

"I must leave very soon to go onto another emergency call" Nurse Harleana said. "You can stay here with him as long as you like until we get back from this emergency mission" Nurse Harleana said as the young iguana's tear filled yellow eyes started to ease up a little. Nurse Harleana got up when she was sure the weeping iguana had stopped crying and blasted out the front door to a waiting carriage driven by her husband Dr Hockmund and off they went to the next emergency message in a neighboring rural area several miles away from Winterburg.

The young iguana walked up to the bed and squeezed the paw of the out cold lizard with tears again filling his eyes.

"I will be here with you for as long as it takes until you wake up or feel my grip" Rep said. "You are a fighter and you've proven that" Rep cried. "Please don't die on me my beautiful friend" Rep cried out softly as tears were streaming down his face. "Don't let what these guys did to you stop you from fighting back and living" Rep sobbed. "Please don't leave me, I need you to let me know if you are listening to me" Rep sobbed. "Please don't die beautiful young stranger, please don't die" Rep sobbed as a wet spot was forming on the sheets of the bed from his tears.

It was then that another miracle happened and as soon as Rep had said those very words he felt a light squeeze on his paw. "Rep immediately stopped his deep sobbing and turned it into happy sobbing when he looked up and saw the battered and bruised dragon hatchling cracking a faint smile as if to say I heard you my angel of a rescuer and I will not die and keep fighting for you because you are more than a rescuer now.. You are my best friend forever.

The iguana knew the dragon was going to make it and finally the emotions of the events of the day overtook the young emotionally exhausted iguana and sleep overtook him as he kneeled there by the bedside of his new friend with his hand and the young hatchling dragon's hand still locked together in a grip of forever friendship.


When the dragon hatchling finally regained consciousness several days later he got his first chance to see and meet his new best friend and rescuer. "I'm Andreas" the dragon hatchling said in a still weak voice. "I'm Rep" the iguana said as both got a great look at each other for the first time.

"I just wanted to tell you thank you my dear friend Rep for saving my hide from those bullies" Andreas said. "I don't remember much about what happened other then what my dad and the doctor were talking to me about" Andreas said. "I just wanted to say thank you again for saving me and standing by me when I most needed it Rep" Andreas said. "You are always going to be my bestest friend in the whole wide world" Andreas proclaimed.

The only thing Rep could do was smile and say; "From this day on you and me are bestest buddies no matter what" Rep agreed. "When you gonna sleepover at my house" Rep said.

"When I gets outta here I guess" Andreas admitted and for some reason the young hatchling knew he wasn't going anywhere until the pain and swelling of his near death ordeal was over with. At least he knew he had a best friend to forever be his to play with, have sleepovers, and do things all young hatchlings their age at the time did. Both of them knew this friendship would last forever and from then on neither one left the other's side and they lived their childhood years out as the bestest friends in Winterburg.


Several years passed as the friendship grew stronger and stronger between Andreas and Rep. Andreas often invited the iguana on several merchant trips he and his father took. The iguana got to see new towns and other parts of the world he never did get to see.

When Andreas took him to his native San Maccaros in Spain the iguana was overwhelmed by how beautiful the city was and it was a marvel to him to see huge Spanish style churches and missionaries littering the streets full of merchants and several thousand furs and scalies of all types buying and selling goods to the merchants who were selling them to the peasants who wished to buy them.

Rep even got to see where Andreas was hatched and lived for the first eight years of his life. By this point the Spanish dragon had gotten quite big and quite handsome if you asked Rep in private. The Spanish dragon was no longer that runt who nearly died at the hands of those three bullies. He had grown to an impressive 7 feet tall and his muscle tone plus intimidating type appearance would make even the toughest of the bullies in the area cringe.

The Spanish dragon had grown small horns which curved beautifully outward from the side of his head and created a sort of straight separated line from the middle of his head to the back of it. His front horns were kind of curved upward much like a demon's horns but were much smaller and actually resembled small devil's horns. His red skin and sky blue eyes made everybody who saw him either turn and look twice or want to wish they could be with such a beautiful creature.

The garments and medieval merchant clothes he wore showed off his impressive physique and muscle tone from years of being a travelling merchant. Rep secretly had a crush on the Spanish dragon since they were teens and old enough to start feeling those types of things.

Rep valued the friendship more then what his groin was telling him. He probably figured the Spanish dragon was going to run off with a dragoness or something like that because the dragonesses always fawned over the impressive attractive scaled red skinned Spanish dragon.

Andreas felt the same way about it but he too had secret feelings for Rep ever since he had saved his life those mere thirteen years ago. Now 21 which was considered to still be a hatchling in dragon standards anyway thought that he needed to pay Rep back for saving his life and never leaving his side.

When Rep was off in a Spanish novel merchant tent looking at books about Spain and her kingdom the Spanish dragon snuck out of the tent and went to one of San Maccaros's most well known diamond jewelers which used to be not too far from his old home there near town and asked the jeweler to have two necklaces made for him and Rep out of pure diamonds with BFF etched on them and two pictures of both he and Rep forged on them.

The jeweler said he could have the necklaces made for the day Andreas and his father had to leave to go back to Germany for another merchant festival being held in their home city of Winterburg.

The following morning while Rep was still fast asleep in his sleeping tent Andreas snuck out and went to the jeweler and picked up the two necklaces and stored them in a rucksack he kept tied around as a belt for his merchant's pants. Andreas's dragon tail wagged in total excitement as he paid the jeweler merchant some goods and a small sack of Spanish Rupees to feed the jeweler's family for a long while. Andreas stuck both necklaces inside his rucksack and headed back to his father's merchant cart and camp they had set up for their living quarters.

By the time he got back his father was awake and preparing the merchant cart for departure back to Winterburg. Andreas went into Rep's sleeping tent and awoke the iguana to help with breaking sown the camp and putting it inside the merchant cart.

The merchant cart was built from scratch by Andreas's father Grendal and could hold everything they needed to survive life on the road as a travelling merchant. Being a travelling merchant meant you had to bring everything with you including your camp. You had to either build a huge cart that could hold all your belongings or sleep on the ground. It was not an easy life but it did pay off with Rep being able to enjoy what Andreas and his father did for a living except when it came to hauling the cart that was.

Unfortunately a travelling merchant meant one other thing if you bring a cart with everything you need in it you'd better be strong enough to lift it and pull it yourself. That's right.. The cart had wheels but it was man power to pull it and the iguana seriously marveled and had to keep his secret feelings to himself when he saw Andreas lift the three ton cart like it was nothing and walk with it. Watching Andreas huge muscular arms haul the cart was enough to make Rep swoon and blush a deep red when his friend looked behind his back to see if the shorter reptile was ok.

One more thing that made Rep swoon was watching the dragon's tail and muscled behind the whole way back! Both Andreas and his father Grendal took turns hauling the cart during the trip and the place of rest for both of them was a sitting area on top of the cart's roof that was accessible by step ladder and was big enough to hold two massive dragons and a third passenger easily.

Rep knew Andreas was strong but after going on merchant trips with he and his father he really could not deny that Andreas was a muscled stud even if he never admitted it openly.

When Andreas had the rare breaks and let his father take over hauling the cart for awhile the two friends often talked about their lives and were also looking out for those blasted robbers and tribes who were always trying to steal from travelling merchants as they walked by their little hiding places.

Of course when they saw it was Andreas and Grendal then thought better of it which for them was the best move they ever made in their lives. Andreas and Grendal had gotten a reputation on the travelling merchant trails of being the ones to avoid at all costs for robbers and tribes. One band of robbers in particular had tried to rob Grendal and Andreas a year ago and paid with their limbs and lives being cut short.

Ever since the incident with the bullies in Death's Darkest Hell of Winterburg Andreas had taken several fighting and war tactic lessons from his father Grendal which were paying off now. When the two dragons were not in Winterburg they carried massive swords which could behead the toughest of reptile warrior hide if need be.

The two dragons looked tough but in reality they were just travelling merchants who wanted peace like the rest of the medieval world. Little did they know that almost one year later to the day they'd be fleeing Winterburg to save their lives from the evil Draconious and Mephisto's Deadknight tribe.


By this point Andreas was getting pretty buzzed from his second big mug of ale and ordered one last big mug of ale to make the world around him go from just noise to noises more of what you'd find in a dream.

The Spanish dragon had sadly lost his father to old age and when the owner of a travelling merchant business dies then nobody related to them can overtake the family merchant business which angered the dragon and the snake lawyer was lucky he walked out of Andreas's Spanish home with nothing more than messed up clothes, torn up documents, and one huge shiner on his eye.

The Spanish dragon decided he was through with the travelling merchant business and burnt his father's merchant cart to the ground. He also set his own small home ablaze and burnt it to the ground as well.

Andreas was sick of running and wanted to return to Winterburg to seek out his best friend he was forced to leave behind because of his father's insistence on running and escaping certain death.

The Spanish dragon recounted the day he saw his house go up in flames as he and his father Grendal were fleeing Germany. Andreas had never cried so hard in his life because he did not know if his best friend Rep had survived. He knew Rep was a commanding officer of the Royal Reptilian Army of Winterburg or Andreas thought that was what it was called.

The Spanish dragon wanted so bad to fight alongside his best friend and destroy Mephisto and Draconious for their vicious crimes but his father would hear none of it. He knew Andreas was the only thing that was going to keep his travelling merchant business alive so he and the young 21 year old teen dragon fled Germany for good and returned to San Maccaros.

That and his father was getting too old to haul the heavy cart and his age and body were finally starting to take their toll on the old dragon. Andreas knew he had to do what was best for his father and his business he sucked up his pride and fled with his father mere minutes before their house was burnt to the ground by the tyrant Deadknight tribe.

For the next ten years Andreas fought with depression, drinking, and a deep sad spot in his heart for what he did to his friend. Losing his father just exacerbated the Spanish dragon's problems to where now if he didn't have a drink he would most certainly kill the first reptile that said anything wrong to him especially about his friend or father. The old gruff lizard bartender took one look at the tipsy Spanish dragon and said "That'll be enough fer ye tonight"
Andreas in no mood to put up with some old washed up lizard man's words grabbed the bartender by the collar of his shirt and pulled out his sword and said, "Care to say those words again" Andreas hissed as he took the massive sword and put it up against the now shaking lizard's throat. "You don't get to tell me when I shant or shindn't have a drink" Andreas hissed. "Now, either you pour me one more ale or I pour it myself with your blood mixed in as a new flavor" Andreas hissed looking the old bartender right in the face with a look in his now dark blue eyes that said he wasn't joking at all.

The bartender nodded an obvious yes and the Spanish dragon threw him against some bottles which shattered as the lizard's back slammed into them. The now shaken and possibly a bruised ego lizard gave the Spanish dragon the biggest mug of ale he had ever seen. It had to be a solid two gallons deep.

"The more, the better" the Spanish dragon thought as he took a deep swig from the huge mug and sat back to resume his reflecting of him and Rep before all this hell of war and things had consumed and changed their lives forever.


When Andreas and Rep got back to Winterburg the following morning the Spanish dragon thought it would be the perfect time to give Rep the necklace with his picture and BFF engraved on it.

The iguana never saw it coming and was not only brought to tears but gave the Spanish dragon one of the deepest hugs he could remember.

"Thank you my lovely dear friend Andreas" Rep said as he wiped away tears. "I will keep you in my heart and soul forever until the day the both of us can be angels holding hands going up to heaven" Rep said in a crackled tear filled voice.

"I gave you this necklace because I wanted to not only thank you for being my rescuer; but I also wanted to give this to you as a symbol of the forever bond we two will always share as friends" Andreas said. You've done more than just save my life Rep" Andreas cooed. "You've given me the hope and happiness I never have felt before in my life until I met you" Andreas said. "You are like a brother to me Rep and I never want us to part without the both of us having a beautiful jewel of each other protecting us and guiding us through the rest of our lives" Andreas said.

"You are my bestest friend ever Rep" Andreas said causing a chuckle from Rep to come out. "Keep this necklace as a symbol of our friendship and love for you as the greatest reptile I've ever had the opportunity to call friend" Andreas said.

Andreas pulled the other necklace out with Rep's picture and BFF etched across which sent a deep love over the iguana. "I will always have this picture of you on my heart and soul no matter what I do or what I go through" Andreas said. "I love with all my heart Rep and you will always be my best friend forever" Andreas said as both held the necklaces up in the air and reached forward for a hug and deep kiss with both necklaces simulating the same thing high up in the air gripped around both their paws as they touched and forever bonded the friendship for as long as time and their own lives went on and was lived.

But both knew they had to get going to whatever their day's activities and duties called on them to do. One last hug and small kiss and both Andreas and Rep disappeared into Winterburg to face whatever the day would throw at them.


After draining the two gallon massive mug of ale the Spanish dragon was feeling really tipsy now and passed out on the bar he drank from not realizing his long lost best friend was coming through the pub's front door to sit beside him and have a couple mugs of ale to drown out all the sorrows and pains of a lost Spanish dragon best friend.


End of part two and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Will make another part very soon but for now enjoy these two intro type parts!


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ReptileCynrik 4 years ago 0
Aye, really nicely done again! :D Your writing skills didn't change from the prior versions (just that we have NO rude words or bad language now, har har)... so, it's once again a nice, well done piece of writing.
Yes, we can really feel the atmosphere... the reader is a PART of the scene! ;) Quite excelllent!
Just one minor thing:
If you have titles - like the one for the pub - I'd advise you to write this in "quotation marks", okay? :D
The rest is splendid.

I really like the necklace idea... 2 parts of it... if comeing together, it's whole again...... yepp. Funny thing, I've had almost the same thing with one of my former girlfriends. ^..^
A very sweet thing to remember the other one... and to look forward for a new meeting. If that is not a reason to come back!!! ;)

*Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* Thanks for the story.
ReptileCynrik 4 years ago 0
Er.... oh, my mistake. The necklace... that's "just" a normal, but beautiful one, with letters and a small picture carved into it! :D
Pardon me. But I just had to think about MY necklace... it was a "broken heart". I mean, it was half a heart. And my girlfriend had the other half! And when we've met, we could put it together to make the broken heart WHOLE again! ^..^ Isn't that sweet????? :*
Well, I just had to think about that... while reading. Just a nice, sweet memory. ^..^

One last thing: The "bully language" of these three suckers is really funny!!!!!!! :D
SwiftWindSpirit 4 years ago 0
Since you did a double on this I'll answer them both.

My head is seriously floating from the comment about how the reader gets involved into the story.. That was the whole point of this and I really got on a writing roll this time.

I never knew you had a necklace given to you by a former girlfriend which was a broken heart. I wanted to use a diamond necklace because this friendship needed to be forever forged in diamonds which is the strongest known rock in the world.

I really go deep with friendships because I've had to deal with a lot of personal things with my own best friend and through it all we are still friends.

I feel sorry for your girlfriend if she dumped you. It just means you get to be mine until you find another mate :p j/k.

The bullies I wanted to make funny because bullies are not bright and they think they are big in a group but cower when they are alone. Since this is medieval times I wanted to make the bullies sound as gruff and mean as possible with little education.

What I'm trying to say is if this was medieval Germany there is a good chance words were different from what they are today. Notice how I used some old English and maybe a little bit of Irish or Scottish in the words?

I'm really happy you enjoyed this.. This story is one of the best I have written so far and I'm really pleased by what i've done here.

When you saved this I knew I had made a true gem for you to enjoy. You cut out some of the adult stuff and violence you might even be able to read this to your students. That's a long stretch I know.

Thank you again for your comments Rep and it's going to be a couple days before I start on the part where both Andreas and Rep meet each other for the first time in several years in the pub.

Also before I get out of your hair,

I wanted Andreas to be tough and mean because he really did care about his father and especially Rep. When he had to flee it really turned him into a nasty dangerous drunk depressed dragon because he was so affected and scarred by what he thought he did to his best friend.

But anyway..

I'm glad you enjoyed this Rep and thanks again for the favorite and comments. I'm really pleased about what I've done here!

Bye friend Rep!

Kisssss and bear hug.. Grrr!!

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It's good to see there are still some readers who like my older stuff.