25 Aug 2009

Faithful Companions 3D
Faithful CompanionsA World of TwoScuttle Salute

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Posted 25 Aug 2009 18:00
Last edited 24 Jul 2011 11:53
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A World of Two

#4 of Faithful Companions 3D

What it must be, to be able to fall into someone's eyes, and let the world just disappear...

Inspired by this image.

High-res version here.

Krystal model created by CharleyFox and rigged for Poser by Little_Dragon. Collie texture by FoxyFellowUK. Victoria 4.2 by DAZ3D.

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s p 4 years ago 0
a very sexy pose 5/5 dose this fit into the story?
Foxyfellowuk 4 years ago 0
Quite possibly. :-)
s p 4 years ago 0
something to look out for maybe. I can't wait for the next part of the story but you can't rush great work
Foxyfellowuk 4 years ago 0
I'm still gonna do my best to greatly reduce the waiting time. Four months is pretty excessive...
s p 4 years ago 0
well its worth the wait but if you it would be better if you could finish sooner